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  1. After playing a 1000 point game and then a 1200 point game over the course of the weekend I was thinking 1200 points would be better for a tournament. It seemed to allow for a little more flexibility and "ooomph" in a fighting company. Has anyone tried this? Feedback? Suggestions?
  2. Anybody got pics? I'd like to put one together but not being the most creative type I like to be inspired by what others have done...
  3. Sweet! Sounds like we'll have a good time! And I get my safety bonus check today! We'll see what I need to buy after a game or two....
  4. We'll be playing Warlord at Phoenix Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday, 5/13 at 2PM. New or Veteran We'll have loaner armies if you don't have any. We've also got a couple armies ranging from 2k to 1,500. Do you have what it takes to face the Hill Giant? Mwaahahahahahahahahaha.......
  5. Um...awesome! Great timing. By the time I'm finished with the Merc Starter box (which I just got) it will be May and I'll have my hobby allowance ready to buy more! Coincidence? I think not.... Reaper must be in my head....or it's the Illimunati... SJ is in Texas too.....another coincidence?
  6. Yeah, well, I have to show him he can't push the old man's lead around.... Besides, guess who's next on his Hill Giant Hit List!
  7. Awesome! Now I feel better about taking him on with all this good advice... Thanks!
  8. Ok, so silly me got my son a Hill Giant. I did this without looking at the data card first. Now I have to face this MAV 8, DV 12 on the game table. Needless to say he is going to take up some serious resources to stop. Oh, did I mention Swing Through and Tough/5? Anyone face this monstrosity yet and live to talk about it?
  9. I like to keep a troop of all 1 type most of the time. Though tossing in some models with reach behind some grunts may be a good idea....problem with that though is if your opponent gets into melee and swarms your models with reach they may not be able to provide support. So I think the key is if you do something like that you have to time their attack right and their formation etc. etc. I for one prefer a SWARM attack where I try to get all my models in base to base... "Support? We don't need no stinkin' support!"
  10. I've started using pennies for basing my micro armor stuff....works well. They're cheap and plentiful!
  11. IMHO I say make the model your own by doing whatever colors you want. Thus I painted Judas w/blonde hair and a blue cape.... otherwise you might as well play historical miniature games where all the uniforms are the same colors and you get to paint hundreds of them....
  12. My wife won't let me road trip..... Hmmmmmmm.....is my marriage more important than Warlord?
  13. #1 I support the felt from the fabric store. It's cheap, easy to store and you can have many different colors. I have green and brown and black and blue....I guess you could do white too! #2 I don't think measuring affects a game too much. You call your shot, measure, if you were wrong you wasted an action right? I guess if you want to be a "measurement nazi" it could drag on. Like if your opponent has to check all your measurements etc. Otherwise it should flow pretty smoothly... I think my new tactic will be to shave the bases....that way my opponent can't guesstimate the distance I moved etc....
  14. Yeah....but it was close! At least my grave horror lived during that second game.... Here's a couple of pix. Unfortunatley I had run out of space on my memory card for the second game. I need more memory and/or a new camera! ahhhh......I was happy to finish him so he could take to the table... Nice shot of McGhiever's work (the Ogre).... I hate these guys (only cuz they are soooo good)! Shield maidens rock! Too bad I'm married... The tower of doom! That's the combined Reven/Necropolis force facing the slimy Reptus! Best view of the battlefield... Those Orc Archers that refused to die! On McGehiver's awesome bridge.... Closest I have to a player action shot...I always forget to take these but I like them!
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