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  1. Utterly fantastic! So let me get this straight, your friend turned down a chance to own this set simply because had a spare copy? Even if he had painted it, this is hard to understand (although I realize I might be missing a part of the story). 😆
  2. Thanks all, glad you like it! 😃 Glued first, then based, then a ton of slicing mold lines with X-acto, then painted. First figure I've brushed primed, and just stuck an old brush in the crevices where it had pulled away. I can't remember whether I did putty work on joins before or after a basecoat. It might have been after, thinking it would stick better to the paint. With the 3" base to hold on to it was fine to tilt it upside down to get anywhere. I would never paint before assembly because otherwise I would never get anywhere, so I'd encourage you to just go for it! 😄👍
  3. Was happy to finish one of my favorite Bones figures recently and check another monster off the Monster Manual checklist. \
  4. That is smart! May be trying this, thanks for sharing!
  5. That's a fantastic and convincing green with real depth! I have a WIP Blightfang to get back to and may go for something like this.
  6. Nice! More witchcraft on the tabletop, yeah!
  7. Excellent, and he bases are a success! Just paint the base edges before posting next time, else they have a clear look of "not quite done."
  8. I like her a lot, and thanks for posting, your figures are welcome sights!
  9. She looks great! I look forward to painting this one some day.
  10. Wonderful. The marble is excellent, but it needs a gloss coat to be convincing. Brush on Future or gloss varnish, or tape the sides and spray with a spray gloss.
  11. Jettison those regrets, my friend, they are picture perfect! I like these models a lot but tend to find things to criticize in the way GW and some others have painted them. Yours are the business.
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