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  1. That is smart! May be trying this, thanks for sharing!
  2. That's a fantastic and convincing green with real depth! I have a WIP Blightfang to get back to and may go for something like this.
  3. Nice! More witchcraft on the tabletop, yeah!
  4. Excellent, and he bases are a success! Just paint the base edges before posting next time, else they have a clear look of "not quite done."
  5. I like her a lot, and thanks for posting, your figures are welcome sights!
  6. She looks great! I look forward to painting this one some day.
  7. Wonderful. The marble is excellent, but it needs a gloss coat to be convincing. Brush on Future or gloss varnish, or tape the sides and spray with a spray gloss.
  8. Jettison those regrets, my friend, they are picture perfect! I like these models a lot but tend to find things to criticize in the way GW and some others have painted them. Yours are the business.
  9. I think they are especially good. I like the richness of the dark reds and bone, and the strong, dark definition all around.
  10. Looks good, nice work on the fierce expression.
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