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    77279 - Narthrax, dragon.

    That's a fantastic and convincing green with real depth! I have a WIP Blightfang to get back to and may go for something like this.
  2. Spooktalker

    and finally - The Coven of Witches

    Nice! More witchcraft on the tabletop, yeah!
  3. Spooktalker

    Kobolds from Bones 4

    Both styles look great!
  4. Spooktalker

    Bones 4 Ghouls & Ghast

    Excellent, and he bases are a success! Just paint the base edges before posting next time, else they have a clear look of "not quite done."
  5. Spooktalker

    02060 Onastaa

    I like her a lot, and thanks for posting, your figures are welcome sights!
  6. Spooktalker

    02574 Female Dark Elf

    She looks great! I look forward to painting this one some day.
  7. Spooktalker

    8 Moar Bones Speedpaints

    These are very nice!
  8. Spooktalker

    Graveyard Scenics

    Wonderful. The marble is excellent, but it needs a gloss coat to be convincing. Brush on Future or gloss varnish, or tape the sides and spray with a spray gloss.
  9. Spooktalker

    Bones 4 snake people!

    Very nice.
  10. Spooktalker

    Crawlock from warhammer AoS

    Jettison those regrets, my friend, they are picture perfect! I like these models a lot but tend to find things to criticize in the way GW and some others have painted them. Yours are the business.
  11. Spooktalker

    Lidless Eye: A Wizard did it (Bones 4)

    Great work!
  12. Spooktalker

    77158, Arrius, Skeletal Warrior and 77046, Bat Swarm

    I think they are especially good. I like the richness of the dark reds and bone, and the strong, dark definition all around.
  13. Spooktalker

    77504 Death Star Lilies

    Love it.
  14. Spooktalker

    Witch Hunter, 02861

    Looks good, nice work on the fierce expression.
  15. Spooktalker

    Bones 4 Townfolk

    Those will do the job you've set out for them nicely.
  16. Spooktalker

    Grenadier Great Griffon

    Wow, what a pleasure seeing one of these painted, and painted so well. I love Grenadier figures all the way back to the beginning. I can tell a lot of creative thought went into the design and the treatment, and result is fantastic, a true one-of-a-kind!
  17. Spooktalker

    Ral Partha Female Archer by Julie Guthrie

    Wonderful paintjob on a great figure! I have this one WIP myself, and have named her and given her a place in my D&D campaign as an NPC, which I don't do that often as I'm painting.
  18. Spooktalker

    Lidless Eye: Reaper Bones 4 Stone Giants

    Nice painting! I want to like the sculpts, but, to be honest, there is a remarkable lack of detail. I see quite a lot of missed opportunities for definition in the musculature, accessories, and especially the face. Was ready to be impressed with the latest iteration of bones manufacturing. See, for example, the toes, the eyes and brows, the way the rectangular objects attach to the loincloth on the one with the stone raised above his head, the thighs and arm muscles.
  19. Spooktalker

    44003 - Ziba, Female Efreeti

    That is superb! Great skin color and malevolent expression.
  20. Spooktalker

    Flame snake - 03676

    Nicely done.
  21. Spooktalker

    Mimics (Wizkids)

    Awesome! I hadn't seen the barrel mimic before.
  22. Spooktalker

    77377: Toad Demon

    I like it quite a bit!
  23. Spooktalker

    CM88705, Gnoll Trooper

    Very nice! I have some of these Chainmail gnolls based up in my queue. Pretty sure they are Ben Siens sculpts. Last month I picked up Reaper's 02467: Gnoll Marauders, which are definitely Siens,' to add to the pack, and they are a match in size and style.
  24. Spooktalker

    Ghouls #03716

    Quite excellent! These sculpts have an understated quality about them that appeals to me.
  25. Spooktalker

    Ral Partha Asian Dragon by Glitterwolf

    You've painted this Tom Meier classic quite nicely! I like the colors. I have one of these primed and ready to paint.