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  1. Greetings. After playing a few games of warlord some of our gaming club wants to have a try at creating new units to test out. Obviously unofficial but it's really just for fun anyway. The main problem however is working out a general point cost area these units (S.A being the main difficulty). Like for example here's a ranger chief one of our gamers would like to try out (He's designing a ranger esque faction). Say he would be worth 35pts without any S.A how much should he be then once the S.A start piling on. Prehaps add 3-5pts per S.A? Not trying to be perfect obviously but we do want an overall general point range. Ranger Chieftain Ranger Captain Affiliation: Foresters/Good Cost: ??? Rank: Captain (3-8/1) Base: Std Race: Human DT 0 1 2 MOV 6 5 5 DIS 8 7 7 DV 9 8 8 MD 12 11 10 S.A.: Dodge/1, Ranger/8, Stealth MAV 5 4 3 #MA 2 S.A.: Reach RAV 6 5 4 #RA 2 Rng (16/24)S.A.: Rapid Shot Cheers.
  2. The 30mm squares where gotten from the litko website. They have a huge amount of variety when it comes to base sizes. Yeah we base them on the normal 25mm and then magnetize it to a 30mm base. cheers.
  3. Greetings everyone. Me and my gaming comunity prefer to base our reaper mini's of 30mm size bases over 25mm as it just makes this easier when positioning into combat and all. We magnetize them so we can use the normal base size if in a tournament of course. Now the question I have is what would the apporpriate base sizes for mofels like cavalry and monsters be? Cavalry is 25x50 standard so should that be scaled to 30x60 when using 30mm as the standard?
  4. Greetings everyone. Me and my friend have just started getting into warlord but we are put off abit by the use of square bases. As such we plan on using round bases for our models since we find these more aesthetically appealing. Will this cause many rule problems though? cheers.
  5. Greetings everyone I just received my copy of warlod and reading through I found I quite liked the style of gameplay and mechanics. The only problem is all the factions are made for the reaper miniature line (where alot are named characters) and I want to use generic fantasy armies, like basic Humans, Undead, Goblins, elves etc. Could I say use the Crusader list for eg and convert it to a generic human list. I.e the list just has generic Wizards, Captains, spear soldiers, sword soldiers, milita etc.
  6. Greetings everyone. I am new to Warlords and I have yet to receive my rulebook. I was wondering if there were rules in the book for different types of weapons. I.e spear armed models work better against cavalry or Two-handed weapons do more damage etc. cheers.
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