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  1. I can accept that. Thanks for the info.
  2. Yeah while the lighthouse art is awesome and I may buy it I would have to say most of these aweful "fan" add ons for the last few years are trash. I don't know what a flumph is and do not care. It's inclusion is from what seems to be a bunch of people having a tantrum somewhere I guess? That is not a good reason to incorporate things. I feel a headache coming on. Anyway I like the gods and adventurers from hair but that terrain is just as bad as I feared it would be. The scarab people are interesting though leaving me more intrigued by this set than I thought. The dungeon denizens is essentially a fan favorites expansion which means it is a mix of oddball stuff and some interesting things. Sadly it is a hard no from me. Other than the bathalian and wyverns I either already have a pile of these or just would toss it in a box of junk for my daughter to destroy.
  3. Now that is the sort of thing that is unique to Reaper Kickstarters. Let's hope a lot of people jump in seeing that light house.
  4. I really am looking forward to seen them!
  5. That may be the case but it also means they will have to be prepared to take the hit on this Kickstarter, and what it could mean for all the follow ons. After all if they have a substantially smaller turnout this time it could weaken future KS's as well. Reputation matters. Reaper has garnered a reputation for Large Unique sets and individual figures. If they begin a regression they may keep shrinking afterword. It is often just how things work in any industry.
  6. I am of the opinion that the core sets were not that great since the price increase. While there is quite a few figures many of them are useless trash enemies for a campaign and waiting two years for junk I can have printed in the mall on demand is just not really all that interesting. I don't think the very plain mini's this years core set has is all that interesting as pretty much the standard mage, fighter, rogue, cleric has been one of the most commonly made mini ideas of the last few decades. I also think it being post-covid has essentially nothing to do with the success of this Kickstarter, as most places that sold the figures individually from other sources are now out of business. In fact the other myriad list of reasons this Kickstarter is flagging are much more of an issue; *The extended time of fulfillment. (Understandable) *The increased cost (Understandable) *The lack of large figures (very sad, this is one place where I get those large figures) *The lack of wave shipping. (Understandable yet mishandled) The things I do not like about this are few yet important to me: *I love really big neat things, *I want more unique figures like the Were-Bear, not things like giant ants which are often able to be found as childrens toys, *I do not like the big $50 sets with so much large bits of Terrain, this makes it seem like an expensive encounter without the personality of one, or of a small collection of playable mini's and terrain that is possibly not as useful as the small encounter sets from previous Bones launches. *I want more races like the Were-Bear, the two-headed troll, the salamander people. Those are just plain new and fantastic. More zombies, skeletons, humans, elves, dwarves (my favorite by the way) are just not going to cut it anymore. *Going from the last one more cultures with figures from that culture like the olympus expansion from Bones 5. That was fantastic. Anyway. I think we all just want more and better options, not just more of the same we have already gotten.
  7. So is anyone else worried that with just over a week left we are still below day 2 of Bones V? I am kind of blown away by that.
  8. How about a mini for "Let Me Solo Her" This is pretty much straight awesomeness.
  9. All of your examples above are of correct ways skulls are used throughout various cultures. The undead sarcophagus is not a correct use. It is like if Dracula had made statues of his coffin with a skull on it to represent himself. Yes he is undead. Yes he uses a coffin. Is he ideally represented by a coffin? No. Using the Egyptian theme gives you a very nice setting that has Gods, Undead, Monsters, and enormous monuments that all work toward a goal. If that goal is that the Pharaohs were undead that is cool but having all of the art showing them as undead seems a bit spot on loosing the factor Horror actually plays on that. I mean can you imagine how weird it would be to be an egyptologist and finding a sarcophagus with a skeleton on the exterior, containing a mummy with a skull death mask, that when taken off shows that yes there is a dead person there. A little too obvious to me. Now imagine discovering a sarcophagus with the image of Horus on the exterior, then a Death mask with the same on top of a skeleton. Same end result of a skeleton, but now you have the mystery of why the face of a god on the outside. Having the outside being the same representation as the inside is pretty much someone playing Captain Obvious a little too hard. Everybody knows what you will typically find in a sarcophagus, there is no mystery in that.
  10. I love the ancient Egyptian theme. I think there is a ton of cool things about their story, from the massive pyramids and statues, to the beautiful sarcophagus' of these people beyond time. Even their written language is evocative just to look at. What I don't get is trying to force the undead motif into a setting that already is linked to undead like that. If the sarcophagus there was broken and inside is this mammoth skeleton that is one thing but having the skeleton presented outside is just showing that yes this is a dead person place. There is no mystery and I feel there should be.
  11. Yeah the Skeleton on a sarcophagus is a little odd. Why is a relief of a skeleton on that? Isn't that supposed to be a representation of when they were alive? It seems like for a skeleton to have a sarcophagus like that it would just be a bed. Like is this undead Pharoah's napping place? I would have liked it to be more for something like a god or goddess representation, like for Set, Anubis, Bastet, or Isis. If they are going for a cool setting instead of a historically accurate one use the gods and goddesses as a template. Jackal headed Anubis is cool, Crocadile headed Set is cool, Cat Headed Bastet is cool, Hawk headed Horus is awesome. Mummies are not cool. Mummies in all forms of media are pretty much a joke. The one good mummy movie was good not because of the mummy but because Brendan Frasier shooting mummies in the face was cool. Lean into what makes Ancient Egypt awesome: The story of Osiris being cut into pieces and Isis finding them and stitching them back up like some fantastic Dr. Frankenstein. The Sphinx being an eternal guardian of the dead. The Scarabs that are beautiful and yet have a terrifying reputation. Those are cool. Statues of Mummies? Lame.
  12. Yesss! Talin Mini's and a kind of Monster Manual of her works. That would be Fantastic!
  13. Shimmerscale absolutely looks like something my wife will like so I will probably get that expansion after all. So two expansions at $50 each and that concept art and the Anubis figure really makes me hope for a third soon.
  14. I really do want this to do well, if for no other reason than I really like several of the smaller mini's and the dwarves even if I seem to have them already in metal. I actually really like the undead expansion, so far I am getting that for sure. The core set though is Very basic with the lone real eye catching exception just released being the Nightmare. Of course we have had so many pegasus type figures anyway by now I am not sure how impressive some will find it. The last 3 core sets all had their draws, the huge number of minis in 3 early, the dragon Gauth in 4, and the Grendel Giant undead in 5. These releases had more early on for the core set and it worries me that there is no eye catching thing in this one early on.
  15. Soo this is doing Ok for me so far but hearing they will not part out the core set really sets back my thoughts on this as I am going to have to see much more value out of this to even think about the whole core set. As it is this is mostly retreads of already released bones figures and many Generic pieces along with some great bones figures that I have had in metal for quite a while. I like what the core set has but so far it lacks that IT figure that puts people on the fence from jumping over into buy. I really do hope this does not hurt how far this Kickstarter goes. I really want to see the Dragons, and other cool stuff I am just a sucker to buy.
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