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  1. I actually think this Bones fulfillment has gone better than the last two for one simple reason... Communication. We have word their may be hold ups, we are being told there is a container still out and what it has. This is a vast improvement of the KS that had the missing container appear and then silence for like a month. We are all adults just tell us the issues and I think things will be way better. Not perfect. Just better.
  2. I actually think it would be quite funny that the AU will have first claim on their mini haul. I have no dog in the argument to be honest, as I don't even try to get first wave anymore. It was fun when I thought it mattered but since then I just lock when I think I can get enough mini's to find it worth it. Everything else will just come as it may. I do want someone to do an amazing paint job on something awesome before US shipping starts though. That would be quite funny. Of course I am a bit of a troll and find it amusing when people are upset about nothing.
  3. To be honest they probably will not do that. I have to assume the anger that popped up when every Canadian backer receiving their shipments before wave 1 in the US had even gotten under way had to be a little embarrassing for Reaper. Doing it two years in a row on two separate continents? Yeah that would look pretty bush league.
  4. This fight was awesome! The Arachnid Warriors when used this way absolutely did incredible work in keeping tough models from sticking around and even from retaliatory strikes. First strike/Pike was helpful but if you land with just one attack you probably still lose most of these fights.
  5. There are actually a lot of things on this I like, but to be honest who does not want to put down a army of Nekkid Dwarf Berzerkers just to watch your opponent squirm. I mean do you paint them up with light blue highlights on some parts?
  6. There is the great site by Dark Horse https://warlord.miniaturegameworks.com/ It has them listed. The Storm Elemental is pretty much the same as the Incarnation of Flame with the Overlords, and really the changes it receives are probably too much with its dodge and the group I played with switched it to Deflect/1 instead to not have it be fairly untouchable in normal combat.
  7. I like how mobile this army is with not just blink but fast units and a good spread of damage types. The 4 unit cards are also good for keeping an opponent on their toes with the phase cats being able to move in and out of combat to not only attack, but to pull back for regen if needed. Good army.
  8. It is crazy how young Mr. Boseman succumbed to this. My condolences to his family whom must be in shock at this moment.
  9. He is stupidly effective. He also becomes a fire magnet, one thing to do is have troop 1 and the Stone Spirit set up in an overwatch kind of deal with the Spirit burrowed and pushed ahead as a threat and Snorri covered from some heavy rush attacks by the units from 1. Snorri can use the Earthquake spell as a specialty action then shoot either something that avoided stun or just something dangerous at range. Back to Margara if you do want to use her there are a few neat tricks. 1. Teleport something that is going to destroy things in among the enemy, units like Thorgram fo
  10. Sorry the world has gone crazy was a bit slow replying One thing I had not noticed before your 3rd troop is over sized, easily fixed with a shuffle from 3 to 2. I wouldn't worry too much about the DV overall while an 8 is easier to hit than a 10 your average 4 mav soldier is going to still hit half the time. I would say the strength of your force is the number of ranged units you have which need to be protected to be effective for as long as possible. So in that vein lets adjust some things real fast for an army without Magara. Keep in mind troop 3 is to protect Klau
  11. I would have to agree with the Margara advice. She is a fire magnet of extreme magnitude. I have had 1 game ever where she was not killed, and in that game whe did well but maybe not as good as I could hope. Also Stone Spirit is awesome and even when he gets focused on always does some damage. Have you thought about making a support troop for him with miners? I love that you make good use of some various ranged units the faction has. I have always thought it is a bit odd just how much the dwarves were loaded down with ranged units.
  12. Happy Birthday dude!!!

  13. So is reaper taking this kickstarter serious or not? No updates on time, no images for the Goroloth unlock. They seem to be stunting their own kickstarter with their inattention. I am not impressed. Hopefully in the end they can figure out how this works so we have plenty to actually bid for. So far I am underwhelmed at the lack of communication Reaper has shown on this, which considering how bad the last couple ended mired in poor communication but had good communication while the kickstarter ran. We want to have kickstarter posts in advance on your actual kicksta
  14. I like to calculate what is probably a fair price for the core set and so without counting the Kobolds (which I do not because things of negligible value to me are worth just about nothing), and after my unscientific project I have calculated that the set is worth about $110 right out of the gate, and that is with no scale included for size for things like the giant, or the creatures like Maashaf. $110 is a fairly decent starting point for the kickstarter and I am curious. Now the actual value of stuff I want is much less but we will see, so 18 free kobolds I can give to my daughter to p
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