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  1. I had 2 of the three including the Hut (my wife wanted it). Also my 8 orders seems excessive for just 19.2 lbs. As far as shipping right now my package rolled out of Oklahoma at about 6 am for a Tuesday arrival. Woo hoo 1k pages!
  2. I got my tracking number delivery on Tuesday. 19.20 lbs. I locked 7:45pm 9/10.
  3. Yet another cut due to last minute lack of funds had planned on getting 3 sets of these. Thanks for sharing them with us!
  4. I am jealous. I ran out of money and had to scrap any plans of Dinosaurs from this Kickstarter. Will have to go with Retail and find some ballista to mount on them later. You need to post picks of your Thundering Horde when you get them so people like me can drool.
  5. I do not think this is irrational. This is how it was marketed. You were told you would be among the first because of how early you joined the KS. What is annoyingly prevalent is "recent" updates say something and then is simply wrong just days later. Thursday they suggested start was today, but the reality is we just have to hope this week they will start but the information is so scant we just have meditate and repeat "they are close". Good vibes everyone!
  6. I think this is the most true thing I have heard about this KS for months. Here you go!
  7. I have heard others could not find a flight pole with the dragon turtle does yours have one?
  8. Have there been any Mossbeard pics yet? Ohh next to the wraiths, and the Giant Eagle, and Narglauth. Just LotR me. That would be great.
  9. I am of two worlds on how this Shipping issue is working out. 1. I am glad we are getting to see stuff in backers hands within a reasonable amount of time after the shipping estimate. This is a great thing. We can get a taste of what we have coming, we can feel a rush of excitement, and we will be able hear about problems and even solutions to problems before we open up our stuff to find an issue we do not know how to fix. All good. But. 2. Reaper has serious issues with communication right at the delivery portion of these projects. Just when I want to give them credit for a job well done, like the Ice Giant figures, or with getting to the fulfillment sooner than we thought possible, they lay an egg on somebody. Why should it even be an issue if the first delivered mini's go to Canada? Well it becomes one when you have every wave of Canada arrive before ANY wave to the U.S. Why is that a problem? Well this bones was billed as first to back first to ship. This did not happen. Now 75% of orders made by B4 backers are now watching a minority get orders early, while the rest are being told to not worry they too will be getting their shipments only a week to two weeks later. Timing is everything and following the botched announcements of the past couple of months, this will leave a small festering wound. It should not have. We could all be happy about arriving packages but instead we have to wonder how this will pan out. Is someone in wave 12 with all three of the delayed Container Items going to get all their stuff before someone in Wave 1 with None will get theirs? The answer is yes, and by potentially about 2 weeks for some Wave 1 backers, but that is not the worst. Will someone from Wave 12 in Canada get their order 2 months before wave 5 U.S.? Possibly. Possibly even farther out. How did we find this out. When they had already taken every step to do this. Bad communication got some peoples hopes up, and now several hammer blows later people are going to be left in the lurch with nothing to do but wait.... and wait.... and wait. Before anyone says it is just sour grapes on my part I was wave 1 and locked pretty early, but am going to wait till my friend gets his to even open mine. Unless he is left in the lurch, then we will just do 2 unboxings. I am not worried. I am not really a fast painter at all and about half of these are going straight to my Wife, and 8 year old daughter. We will be excited for this fulfillment. But I am tired of Reaper getting one step from the finish only to turn to take a selfie, trip, fall on their face, and crap their pants. Nobody will remember the first 99.9% when the Finish was such a stupid waste. All of this would have been better had it all been communicated what was going on and the measures taken to correct the issue were closer to fair across the board. It is always the little things that trip you up. I hope this all works out for Reaper smoothly from here on out, I enjoy these projects immensely and want there to be many more.
  10. I have to give Reaper a lot of credit. Last bones KS they kind of fumbled at the end with China being the big holdup. This time? They got us all filled with piss and vinegar and then just pulled off a fantastic sneak play to get their deliveries out not even a month past expected. Now we have used all that anger and turned it to energy to perform Happy dances. Love it! I am hoping some of wave 1 is in backers hands before the month is out. If it is I would call that right on time, which may just be a first for KS for me.
  11. Looter

    RIP Stan Lee

    I am sad that a great man has passed from our world. But I am glad that he was able to help change our very culture in a kind of magical way. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  12. Looter

    Pokemon Go

    Have you guys gone to thesilphroad.com and looked up some local area groups to play with?
  13. Looter

    Pokemon Go

    Unless it happens to be my wife and then it is all Vulpix all day.... That is just a tad frustrating. I think she has hatched a grand total of 8 now. Anyone can add me but I have quite a few friends now and may not get to you too often. Also how is finding raid parties and groups in every one else's area here?