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  1. I like how mobile this army is with not just blink but fast units and a good spread of damage types. The 4 unit cards are also good for keeping an opponent on their toes with the phase cats being able to move in and out of combat to not only attack, but to pull back for regen if needed. Good army.
  2. It is crazy how young Mr. Boseman succumbed to this. My condolences to his family whom must be in shock at this moment.
  3. He is stupidly effective. He also becomes a fire magnet, one thing to do is have troop 1 and the Stone Spirit set up in an overwatch kind of deal with the Spirit burrowed and pushed ahead as a threat and Snorri covered from some heavy rush attacks by the units from 1. Snorri can use the Earthquake spell as a specialty action then shoot either something that avoided stun or just something dangerous at range. Back to Margara if you do want to use her there are a few neat tricks. 1. Teleport something that is going to destroy things in among the enemy, units like Thorgram for some nasty mighty attacks, Snorri (preferably with hammer) for some powerful assasination attempts, or the Stone Spirit for a giant wrecking ball ready to crush everything. 2. Teleport someone very early in the deck or when you are sure you will be the next unit to go (mostly due to spy) that will then Summon the Spirit, like Annasha whom is herself a Melee monster. 3. Barrage. Seriously you need to use this on one of the good ranged units of your force, doubly so if that unit has the Mighty Hammer. Nobody likes the possibility of 4 or 6 damage to an entire group of units. One note though: Nobody likes it when this happens to them so only do this sparingly to friends. It is pretty much a cheapshot. 4. Margara has the spell fiery hammer. This is a great spam spell that can destroy your opponents plans by effectively removing a figure from play for an entire turn as their one turn due to stun will probably be to put themselves out. All of these things must be planned for though. Margara is not a plug in anywhere type of unit. She is finicky and requires planning to use well, as her best abilities work for another units benefit, while also being a very squishy caster. Hope all that helps.
  4. Sorry the world has gone crazy was a bit slow replying One thing I had not noticed before your 3rd troop is over sized, easily fixed with a shuffle from 3 to 2. I wouldn't worry too much about the DV overall while an 8 is easier to hit than a 10 your average 4 mav soldier is going to still hit half the time. I would say the strength of your force is the number of ranged units you have which need to be protected to be effective for as long as possible. So in that vein lets adjust some things real fast for an army without Magara. Keep in mind troop 3 is to protect Klaus so he can begin to wreck Havoc with the hammer(always remember earthquake has a 5 inch stun to ground units which makes Klaus a nightmare able to deal sick damage with mighty arrows or assassination. Troop 2 has Ivar that can cast an amazing heal and DR1 spell that can make things so much better for you. Army: (1000 points) Troop 1 1 Herryk Aesir, High Cleric (144) 1 Familiar (15) 1 Kara Foehunter (U) (56) 2 Piercer (31) 3 Halberdier (18) 1 Mancatcher (18) Troop 2 1 Tohil Steadyhand (32) 1 Ivar Silverfist (U) (71) 1 Familiar (15) 2 Piercer (31) 2 Halberdier (18) Troop 3 1 Valana, Forgemaiden (28) 1 Klaus Copperthumb (U) (46) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 2 Piercer (31) 2 Halberdier (18) 2 Mancatcher (18) Troop 4 1 Stone Spirit (U) (177) Or this army that is slightly less versatile but has quite possibly the best ranged unit/item combination of Snorri/Hammer/Mithril armor that you can find in warlord short of Xeldorian/goodies. Your Mileage may vary with this army. Army: (996 points) Troop 1 1 Herryk Aesir, High Cleric (144) 1 Familiar (15) 2 Piercer (31) 2 Mancatcher (18) 3 Halberdier (18) Troop 2 1 Tohil Steadyhand (32) 1 Kara Foehunter (U) (56) 2 Piercer (31) 2 Halberdier (18) Troop 3 1 Valana, Forgemaiden (28) 2 Piercer (31) 1 Mancatcher (18) 2 Halberdier (18) Troop 4 1 Stone Spirit (U) (177) Troop 5 1 Snorri Oathbreaker (U) (103) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 1 Mithril Armor (25)
  5. I would have to agree with the Margara advice. She is a fire magnet of extreme magnitude. I have had 1 game ever where she was not killed, and in that game whe did well but maybe not as good as I could hope. Also Stone Spirit is awesome and even when he gets focused on always does some damage. Have you thought about making a support troop for him with miners? I love that you make good use of some various ranged units the faction has. I have always thought it is a bit odd just how much the dwarves were loaded down with ranged units.
  6. Happy Birthday dude!!!

  7. So is reaper taking this kickstarter serious or not? No updates on time, no images for the Goroloth unlock. They seem to be stunting their own kickstarter with their inattention. I am not impressed. Hopefully in the end they can figure out how this works so we have plenty to actually bid for. So far I am underwhelmed at the lack of communication Reaper has shown on this, which considering how bad the last couple ended mired in poor communication but had good communication while the kickstarter ran. We want to have kickstarter posts in advance on your actual kickstarter. If I have to look online for a video I have no time to watch to even find out what may be in this I will leave it at my initial $1 and just increase it last day if I remember or in PM if I don't. It is not like I have even seen more than 3, (maybe 4 if the mammoth gets a good scale reference) things I am interested in pledging for but I know the pre-kickstarter images had a ton of things from underwater creatures, to Greek mythology stuff, but right now so do not know what Goroloth even looks like!!! WTF!!
  8. I like to calculate what is probably a fair price for the core set and so without counting the Kobolds (which I do not because things of negligible value to me are worth just about nothing), and after my unscientific project I have calculated that the set is worth about $110 right out of the gate, and that is with no scale included for size for things like the giant, or the creatures like Maashaf. $110 is a fairly decent starting point for the kickstarter and I am curious. Now the actual value of stuff I want is much less but we will see, so 18 free kobolds I can give to my daughter to paint is not so bad. but I do not want more of them in this. Seriously stop trying to pad the numbers with goblins and Kobolds. That makes me think the set is being devalued. I would Much rather things like fence post toppers, or small insects be included. Those are nice little things that I can value more. But, that is not to say everyone will think like I do so I will just watch what is coming out and decide then.
  9. To be honest I like this dragon a huge amount. The body, the pose the mount on that log his face and scales. All of him. I will get him even if I get nothing else, of course I am getting a bunch of those golems too, so maybe the list just starts with this guy. In painting him I like the greens and yellows on him but I think I would love a pattern like this guy:
  10. I have to say I like the Amber Dragon alot more than Gauth, that alone is a nice addition
  11. I think this will be my plan as well and I do not even have the Brexit issue to worry about. The way the Renders, changing Argent size(which I still think was worth getting), and the flat out horrible communication issues where US backers had literally no idea when shipping was even going to start, and many of the delays while reasonable were so mysterious or mis-communicated that the frustration was pretty bad.
  12. I like this army a fair amount to be honest. In fact I had made it when thinking of what you were doing. For the purposes of your thoughts I think it will help a lot to have the extra wolves in your first troop. Their speed will help you manage the fights better by allowing different angles of attack. One of the things that makes me sad about the expansion factions is they are narrow in scope. One thing they do and that is very good but more general army lists not so much.
  13. I hate you all... How can I afford this.... and This and this and this? and a Freaking Airship? On top of all the Battletech, and Bones 5. I need to sell plasma I think.
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