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  1. Hello, You used to have the option to buy certain parts from metal miniatures that came in pieces. Such as certain wings, shields etc. I do not see the "bone yard" option anymore on the website. Is it still possible? Thanks! Charles Alexander aka Xanderhook
  2. Hey everyone, I am returning to the hobby after a few years off and while trying to organize my paints to see what I need to replace, i noticed that the Reaper MSP HD series of paints is no longer on the website. I LOVE that line. Was it replaced with something else? Good to be back, Charles Alexander aka Xanderhook
  3. Absolutely LOVE the minis!!! The dragon wrapping the gift is awesome. great job once again Reaper!
  4. Hurray for Metal!!!! I want this guy too. It has been a long wait.
  5. Hahaha, actually, that would be one of those Reaper Secrets that would be interesting to know. :)
  6. I like this mini! Cannot wait to get it and the rest of the stuff in the banquet bags!! See you all at Reapercon (those who can make it)
  7. Dear Reaper, I have been wondering about something related to Sophie. Since she is the mascot of Reaper, shouldn't she have specs or something that you know to expect when you see her? Most companies have very specific specifications with their mascot for drawings or images etc. For instance, a succubus, usually has bat or demon like wings and dresses very seductively as is her nature. Sophie seems to have sortof changed rather drastically here and there recently. I am not trying to say anything about this years western version or last years, it's just that you get used to seeing certain things in common with Sophie and then those things change. I personally prefer the demon-like wings, and being a bit more flirty. This is completely my opinion and a question i have been wanting to ask since last year. Thank you, Xanderhook
  8. Hey everyone. It's REAPERCON TIME!!!! Just wanted to share the same helpful advice i got in years past that is so true. Don;t overload your schedule with classes. It sounds like a great idea initially, but there is so much going on, so many classes and so little time between them that it turns into information overload and you will forget over half the info before you leave. Pace yourself. Usually 2 classes a day max is good. Remember, there is always next year to grab classes you miss this year. That being said, i am sure first timers will blow this warning off,, then at the end of the con be wondering why they spent so much money for all those classes they cannot remember. But then i can say at least that I tried to help. :) Game on, Paint on and hope to see everyone there this year!! Xanderhook
  9. My kingdom for more Gnome casters in robes. Actually, more Gnomes period.
  10. I forgot and am too lazy to look, whats the date set for next years RCon? (2014) For some reason, i have written down April 17-20th but have a ? at the end of that line.
  11. Looking at the list of artists they say are working with them, it may be possible that they are going to use the same or a similar model. Who knows.
  12. It just took me off guard because other companies have done just that, stolen miniature ideas for their kickstarter without asking permission. That's why i wanted to mention it here, make sure Reaper knew about it.
  13. Thats what it looks like. they show a concept art picture.. same pose, look, weapon... everything.
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