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  1. I apologize for being sickly! Please believe me when I say that I direly miss having Tawny blow things up, which by my book, is not nearly often enough.
  2. Man, this is looking incredibly cool. My two favorite parts are the beetle (of course), and interestingly, the tree. I can definitely see how it's going to match your original inspiration, and now I want to make a tree monster based off of the same kind of tree. Man, these forums are too freaking inspiring. I'm never going to have any free time ever again. o.o
  3. Not a problem! ^^ I actually plan on buying one or two of these when it does come out. I might have to attempt to sculpt my own eye monster in the mean time!
  4. Well, I've discovered that I can spend a little time sculpting if I sit on a bunch of pillows, so I was able to get some more done! I almost had to find a way to work on these when some new "friends" came in the mail.... I got my silicon tipped sculpting tools! I'm incredibly excited. Around where I live, these things were fifty dollars, and I found these on amazon for 16. Unfortunately, they were shipping from the UK, so it was supposed to take about a month to get here. Surprise surprise, on my hubby's birthday they arrived! So, I got to work... Made some armatures with cobblestone bases attached. I figured out that I could put the armatures in the bases and then bake them, so I have something to hold on to when I'm sculpting the minis themselves. It makes it easier than having to take a sculpey mini in and out of cork, risking distorting it all the while. I also still can't find my drill bits, so I've been doing what I can with the minis that don't have armatures in them. So, here they are again! This is a morel lady-shroom. This guy is just a generic fantasy mushroom kind of thing. I really like how the underside of his cap came out, so he's one of my favorites at this point. Warty one is capless for now. I tried to build up the skin around the warts, but now I'm not sure about it. It'll probably look better painted. I might make his cap warty too, like the mushroom men in Lastman's first link. =p Another interesting, randomly done cap that I liked. I sculpted the one below this first, and my husband called that one "cute," which wasn't really what I was going for. After sculpting this one, my husband didn't think the mushroom people were very cute any more. =p I really like the cap on this one too! I was just playing around with what mushroom caps could look like. I decided part of the way through doing these minis that maybe I shouldn't try to make 10 different archers, warriors, mages, etc. I could make three or four and just make molds of them (eventually), so I didn't waste all of my creativity, or make mush-peeps that look too similar to each other. So, this archer lady turned into what I'm hoping will be an old, magey, mushroom hag. And, the puff ball lady-shroom! She has a hole in her head, with some webbing texturing that you can't see to make it look like she has/had spores coming out. I'm thinking that she might be a little crazy, what with having this open head cavity. And that's about it! I'm also making some armatures for three more chocobo models (I have one made and painted already), and I'm trying to make some chicobos, and a chocobo nest (although I'm having trouble with the nesting material... maybe flocking?). Aaaand, I'm getting kind of ambitious, and wanting to make a capra demon from dark souls, a giant filth monster from Secret World, and some golems, new random townsfolk, and too many other ideas to count. Maybe I should slow down!
  5. Admittedly, this is what actually got me wanting to sculpt. When I was younger, my older brother used to play war hammer, and that was my first taste of mini painting. Unfortunately, I didn't understand that there was pinning, and putting together models, so when I bought my own things, I didn't get too far on them. When I did get interested in them again a while back (thank you Citrine), I hadn't even thought about sculpting until I saw this guy's WIP. It's really awesome to see him finished now. :)
  6. Well, this may unfortunately have to be put on a little hold. I can't find my little drill bit heads for one thing, so pinning has become difficult. I could theoretically use some of my other tools to try and do pinning, but I'm having a bit of trouble with getting an even hole, and it takes a while. I feel like I have to be extra careful, because I'm worried that if I'm not, I'll break the mini in half. So you would think that I would just move on to the next set of mushroom men with the armature inside, while waiting to either find or buy new drills, but unfortunately today I received an injury. It's nothing too serious, but it did require stitches, and... lets just say it makes it difficult for me to sit in certain positions, including the one where I'm hunched over a desk, working with clay. It's kind of frustrating, because while I'm waiting this month to heal, I'm supposed to rest, meaning I would have plenty of time to sculpt if I could just sit normally. BAH. In the meantime, does anyone have any tips or tricks that I do with pinning the mini while I am waiting to get new drill bits?
  7. Well, it's at least a relief that I would eventually be able to get really detailed with this as I get better. I really like using sculpey products, although you're right about it being easy to screw up, Dr. B. My method for these guys (which I will be changing shortly) was to make their bodies and then bake them, so I could push their caps onto their heads and shape them without deforming their faces. The spikey, gourd shaped mush-man was one that I couldn't do that with though, because he wasn't getting a cap--he was getting spines, to make him look like a ramaria. So I shaped him, left him soft, baked some spines, and then pushed those hardened spines into his body. I was going to bake him with the next batch, then fill the gaps where I'd placed the spines to make it more seamless, but while I've been waiting to bake him, I've accidentally caught him with my fingernails a few times. They're fragile =( I'm thinking that I might just make these mushroom people into weaponless mush-men and women, and only add weapons to the ones with skeletons (or armatures, as you put it). Is pinning the same in sculpey as it is in metal?
  8. Undead! And my husband is a pirate. I've always told him he needs to grow his goatee longer so I can braid it, so hopefully this will finally sell him on it.
  9. Thanks! While I'm waiting for any idea on how to attach the arms and legs to these guys, I'm doodling some concept work and working on wire skeletons for the next batch. I'm kind of curious if anyone has been able to get really detailed with sculpey, or if a level of detail is only possible when working with greenstuff.
  10. Hello everyone! This is my second post here after some time, mainly because I was stressing myself out trying to make all of my sculpts and painting perfect, and there was no way to do that in a quick enough way to be able to play with them in DnD games. So my kind husband finally talked me down from doing everything perfectly, so I could go back to enjoying myself. And the fruits of this are my mushroom people army I'm making! So, this is the start of it. You can see I had started with regular sculpey with one of the mush-ladies, but then I got some super sculpey. There's about ten minis here with their bases, all unfinished. I did some bases with cobble stone, just practicing different techniques, and some with smooth stone, and one with pebbles. I have some ideas for what they'll wear, clothing wise, but for now I'm just fleshing out their bodies, and figuring out what to do with their caps, legs, arms and weapons. These ten guys here are all intended to be archers. So here's the line up! Whew! So, angry, unhappy, mean mushroom peoples! I am having a bit of trouble however with adding the legs and arms to the minis. I figured that, since the mushroom people just had lumpy shapes, I didn't need to put wire skeletons inside of them. So I made the bodies, baked them, and now the non-dry clay is having trouble sticking to the baked clay. Any suggestions for what I can do to fix this problem, or are these minis just ruined for now?
  11. Planning and drawing something interesting...

  12. Hi all! So, now that I've gotten a working SD card reader, I can post some pictures of things that I've sculpted and painted. However, after looking all over these forums, I feel as though my painting might be a little... plain. I'm not sure. So I'm here seeking some advice as to what other things I could do to make the minis I've made look a little better. Bear in mind, I've only painted a few more minis than what you'll actually see here, and since I've taken these pictures, I have noticed certain things that probably need to be fixed, but I'm not entirely sure on the over all paint jobs. Please be gentle! These are my first sculpts. I was working with a terrible volcanic-ash clay that just... didn't go together as smoothly as I would have liked. So, blobs were born! I tried to paint them using the same color scheme. They're going to eventually be painted with a gloss coat to make them slimy looking, but while I'm waiting to buy that, I figure I might get some advice on what to do with these guys now. Another sculpt with the ash-clay. It's an elephant squirt from Bastion! In some of my other pictures, I noticed that the black colors didn't seep into all the crevices of the clay, so when I take a picture using a flash, I see lots of little white specks that are lit up. Kind of a bummer. This is one of my favorites, and one of the first things I made out of sculpey. I'm going to base an army off of him because he's so neat. I feel like his body is a bit too plain though, and I'd like for it to have a bit more depth. I'm just not sure how to accomplish that. A giant, bloody leech thing. I think I need to do a few more coats of white on the teeth, or maybe make them yellowed? He's also made out of sculpey, but his teeth are made out of greenstuff. I think it's pretty much safe to say that most of the rest of my sculpts will be made out of super sculpey, as I'm trying to finish up using the last of my regular sculpey. This guy is definitely not done being painted. I was trying out a tutorial for making a humanoid thing in a cloak, and tried to make a face for it, but it didn't go well at all. I'd made the cloak to big, and the face didn't look quite right, and when he wasn't going together, I decided to just stick a bunch of tentacles in his cloak, and make it look like he was some kind of monster masquerading as a person, and the horrible face is only a crudely crafted mask. I wanted the tentacles to be purple with pink suckers, but the paint dried much darker than I intended. That's about it so far! I have a few other monsters that are completely unpainted, so I might post those up and ask for tips later. Any help that any of you probably much-more-intelligent-than-I-at-painting people can give me is greatly appreciated!
  13. Oh man, it was definitely a good thing I asked before I did anything then. I'll keep my nail-polish for my nails then, and I'll look into that Winsor Newton brand, Dixon. And thank you too for the tip MonkeySloth--I'll play around with mixtures and do some tests before I coat my blob guy. Thank you both!
  14. Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so I figured I'd open things up with asking for some advice. A while ago I sculpted a blob monster out of some... honestly really bad clay. It was some kind of volcanic ash mixture that was very crumbly, and felt like thick, mashed up papier mache, but it ended up working decently well for minis when you didn't have to put too much detail into it. I have since painted it green, and I was thinking about looking into some kind of clear gloss coat to make the monster look slimy, but before I even got around to searching for it, I realized I had nail-polish. Would that work if I carefully painted it onto my mini? Or would it probably crack and possibly ruin my mini, meaning I'd need to make a whole new blob guy from scratch? I'm assuming I wouldn't use a normal paint brush for the task, but I'm really just curious if I can, since this is the only mini I have that needs a slimy look at the moment. Or should I just quit being cheap and go buy some gloss? =p Thank you, any and all, for the advice you can provide!
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