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  1. The blending is superb, especially on the sword. Have you tried zenithal lighting techniques? I bet it'd be spectacular with that blending skill.
  2. Haha, I started that thread and you guys beat me to it. If this is still happening I'm definitely interested in hooking in instead of starting up a new one. I'm sure getting critical mass for this is hard enough already.
  3. "It seems fine so far. Beats a sore back from humping cargo any day." Daw replies.
  4. "Sounds simple enough Darius. I should be able to handle it."
  5. "So, basically my first gig is going to be smuggling Dust? heck of a way to ease a new employee into the life, Boss. At least I won't have to worry about the illegality of it, if it is a sting. Oh, and rest assured Boss, I can well imagine that leaking anything about this could well sign our death warrent."
  6. Daw leans back, hands behind his head. "Naah, I didn't realize Frank would make my job so easy by coming and telling me what I wanted to know. Never piloted a shuttle - can waltz in a power-lifter, but have never flown." Daw gets serious for a second. "Plus, it may stop me from bumping into Frank again. His threats don't scare me, but the thought that he might tell me something I'm not supposed to know..."
  7. Daw sits down heavily, stretching his legs out in front of him. The heat of his anger has faded, leaving him feeling tired and strained. "Well, I took a few days off work, so I could get sorted here. I haven't taken any time off since I came on station, so I guess I deserve it. I also talked to my foreman. It seems that the interest in the g-suit theft is being kept strictly routine. No-one who's not involved knows that there's anything more serious going on. Daw pulls his legs back underneath him and sits up in the chair. "I did get a visit from my ol' buddy Frank. It seems he is involved. In fact, from the look of it, he's so deep into the drek that his mouth is full. The thing is, this wasn't some crime of opportunity. Frank's afraid, but not of security. He's afraid of the people he's working for, and what they'll do if they think that security will track them through him. "Now, to me, this seems awfully cloak and dagger for a couple of expensive g-suits. So, the real story is somewhere else, somewhere not in the docks."
  8. Well, Daw thinks to himself, I got what I came here for. Daw keeps sipping at his drink. He doesn't want people to think he's got somewhere to go, so he waits another 30 minutes, goes to the head and sets his watch to beep on the hour. He waits until his watch goes off, then leaves, paying his bill. He's going to head for the new boss' office.
  9. Personally, I would go with an empty vallejo bottle for thinning water, a mason jar (or maybe, nonspillable coffee mug, with "Don't Drink" in big letters) with a lid. I would go with a disposable pallet, like parchment paper that can be tossed instead of being washed. You can fit about 60 vallejo paints in the top of a 12inch toolbox. then, put the rest of your tools in the bottom.
  10. As the initial fear of Frank fades it is quickly replaced by a burning anger. It is Frank that's responsible for security questioning him, threatening his job. Not to mention the crack about his daughter, although Daw doubts (hopes) that Frank can touch his daughter. "Hey, relax buddy. Like I said, I don't have a problem if you had a reason to bolt. I told you what I told the cops. I told them I barely know you and that you work in the docks. That's all I told them. What the heck else COULD I tell them?"
  11. Daw barely keeps his face straight. "You have nothing to worry about. Security was after me, figured I was trying to sell some stolen g-suits. I mentioned your name when I came to in the infirmary, and that twigged them on to you. Now I figure, you must have abandoned me in that bar when security showed up." "Now, either you got stupid and scared and ran. Or you had a reason to run. Either way, you got someone that wants you bad. Me, for running out on me, or security, for whatever the heck you ran for. The thing is Frank, security doesn't know where you are, but I do." Daw leans forwarding, trying to be a little intimidating. "Now, I want to know why you ran Frank, and it better be a good reason."
  12. Coyote


    Yeah, being a GM most of the time, I can't believe I forgot the: "What the heck are they doing feeling?" when players start doing things which seem incredibly stupid to the GM, but entirely normal for the players. Reminds me of a game of Heavy Gear I ran. My players were some mercenaries, supposed to guard a shipment. It was them, and these two snipers. The snipers were twins, and obviously a little unbalanced. Anyway, so they're under seige and on the snipers goes down. One player, although he's missed maybe once or twice so far, figures - yeah, a bolt action sniper rifle will be much more effective then my assault rifle at the short-to-medium range this firefight is occuring at (common gamer misuse of a sniper rifle, along the lines of Counter Strike) So, he proceeds to strip the sniper rifle off the body of one of the snipers, in full view of the grieving twin. Then he didn't understand why the twin was so upset and wouldn't let him take the weapon. The session went south from there, as he felt I was unfairly rail roading the players by not letting him have a sniper rifle. Let me guess buddy, if you saw your mom gunned down before your eyes, and someone you barely knew wanted to take her wedding ring because it would be useful, you'd just let it.
  13. Daw shrugs and heads out of the docks. Since he's cleared for a few days to relax he might as well keep up appearances and head to the bar most of the Dockers frequent. Maybe he can overhear any interesting conversations.
  14. "Yeah, I don't want to take a pay cut because some moron wanted some new duds. Still, Security seemed especially rabid about this. Didn't think they cared about us that much."
  15. "Thanks, I really need it. Say, what was up with that theft? Why's security so worked up over a few g-suits?"
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