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  1. Awesome! I've gotta get these guys sometime. They look like they'd make some great "space goblin" proxies for Starfinder (only of course they'd be space ... robo ... KOBOLDS). Robolds?
  2. Nice! I'll have to look into these. Woodland Scenics bendy trees with flocking are cute and all, but they tend to "shed" over time and with use. These look like they'd work nicely to get the idea across of LARGE "fantasy trees" without messing up the table so much with little bits of flaked-off flocking.
  3. I'm floored by all the wonderful details here. After seeing this, I REALLY want to see this "Post Apocalyptic Suburbia" you speak of. 😄
  4. Zowie! I mean, if I was tasked with painting a shadow dragon, my default mode would be, "Well, I guess prime it black and do some highlights on it or something to bring the details out," but this one is so *vibrant* -- and still reads visually as "shadow" thanks to the dominant and (mostly) cool palette. Beautiful work!
  5. 'Tis brillig, and these slithy toves are gyring and gimbling something FIERCE! Reaper #77198 ("Barrow Rats" -- the big ones), and #77016 ("Rats" -- the small ones), with some epoxy putty to give them corkscrew noses and some base texture for the big ones. (Shown on Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" terrain -- "Rolling Fields" theme.) In the center of this wabe (around a sundial, the grassy plot that goes a way before it, and a way behind it) is the requisite sundial -- in this case, an oddball piece I got from Miniature Market's "Tiny Terrain" line, modified by adding a gnom
  6. Run from me, run from me, fast as you can! You can't escape me, I'm the GINGERDEAD MAN! 😄
  7. Wait ... what? Seriously for REAL? Oh, who'm I kidding? If there's any pun that could conceivably be used as the premise of a horror movie, it's probably been done by now. 😄
  8. Reaper Miniatures #02870 "Familiar Pack VI" undead gingerbread man, modified with some putty to now be a very ANGRY animated cookie who's on a rampage. "There can ONLY BE ONE!" I figured I could use this as a character for Wonderland No More, as I've occasionally used the example of an animate gingerbread cookie as one of the more oddball player-character types you could drum up who doesn't fit into a conventional "fantasy race" profile. I've already painted up one of the undead cookies (originally depicted as if holding his OWN head), but then got another Familiar Pack set, and
  9. That's quite all right. 😄 I figure most people who ever see anything I post are just going to look at the pictures and go on their merry way, but I go ahead and babble on in "maximum verbosity" mode because ... uh ... well, I'm a chatterbox, is why! I really miss the "Game Bazaar" setup. It's the only game store I knew of that did such a thing, and I have no idea how successful it really was -- only that it was a once-a-year thing they did for a few years in a row, until the store owner sold out his stake to someone else, and the whole place got renamed and a lot of the old activities got
  10. Downright inspirational! I especially love the freehand touches, such as the "SNAX" box, the custom van, and the conversion of the "circus bear" (with the addition of a cute little cone hat and a frill -- BRILLIANT!). And having it take place in a creepy circus is only too perfect. The set pieces are a lot of fun. 🙂
  11. Wonderful miniature and I LOVE the saturated paint job! That's definitely the sort of miniature that, if I had one, I would have to find an EXCUSE to put it on the table in some RPG scenario, however weird and strained -- but even more so if it had such a fantastic paint job. I find it interesting how you painted the support rod a sky blue. So often, when I have to contend with such a thing, I'll paint it black or perhaps a dark grey, but it would never occur to me to paint it any particular *color*. To my surprise, I think it actually works, visually, nicely contrasting with th
  12. I really like that warm red gradient on the mantle. Fading to a darker red near the yellow trim really helps the latter to "pop" visually, even though both are fairly saturated colors.
  13. Wow, the first glance I saw of that, I immediately got a "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" (with the serial numbers filed off) vibe. That totally works!
  14. One really fun thing about post-apocalyptic terrain-building is that I can so easily find things to do with leftover bits that would normally be trash. Why? Because, if nothing else, PILES OF TRASH are totally setting-appropriate. 😄 Most of the time, this means stuff like gluing together panels and doors and random reinforcements to make "scrap barricades," but there's a certain limitation in that it's meant to serve some sort of *purpose* (keep bullets, scavengers, monsters OUT), so there are certain *types* of "bits" that will get used more often than others. While trying to
  15. In Fallout: New Vegas, "Dinky" is holding a big sign that reads "MOTEL" but also has a giant thermometer. (Not a REAL thermometer. I'm unclear from the game model, but I suppose it was just a bit of sign that lit up at night, probably some sort of reference to a record temperature at some point in the Mojave ... though the red line on the thermometer didn't seem to be high enough to get too excited about, so I'm not sure what was up with that.) I made the sign as a separate piece held in place by the dino's claws. The main sign piece is foam-core, the Googie "arrow" is foam core layered
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