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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows when the Kickstarter 2 paints will be available to the general public.
  2. Marvin, I use denatured alcohol to strip and have had no problems with it, even on vinyl and resin. You may have to scrub some to get the crevices.
  3. I know #31 is out. It was in my swag bag my son got me for Father's Day (Great early gift from a great young man). But, I really would like to get a PDF copy of #30 for my digital collection. Where can I get it since it is not in the Resources section on the Reaper Mini homepage? TIA!!
  4. I am curious as to when the new paints from the Bones I Kickstarter will be available for sale to the "general population". TIA
  5. It's mentionned in their Kickstarter page FAQ. Are these models produced in the US? During our last Kickstarter we unveiled our plan to begin production of Bones in the US. Currently we have our first machine and molds with more molds on the way. Were learning the fundamentals of injection plastic production. While we are off to a good start, were not up to speed yet. We still lack both the expertise and the number of machines it would take to fulfill this project. To put this into perspective, with only one machine it would take approximately 650 days (running 24 hours a day) to produce our last Kickstarter. That is almost two years! This is further compounded by the fact that our machine is not large enough to produce large models like Kaladrax. Production in the USA is a high priority goal! Thanks, Cranky! I should have scrolled down further. :-/
  6. I've been checking around and haven't found where the kickstarter #2 is going to be cast. Is the work going to be done in China again?
  7. Does anyone know when the PDF version of the catalog will be posted in the resources section? TIA
  8. LOL nice try Cash truthful, i have all the colors except for the KS release colors, but i dont have the time to do "real" swatches
  9. Thanks, LastKnight I'll give it a look over and post back
  10. If someone will scan and send the Reaper handout, I'll do a check to make sure the chart linked here matches.
  11. Probably not. CMYK is a very narrow color gamut (much narrower than sRGB) and based on what you can get with four specific translucent colors. When you have more pigments you can usually get a larger gamut. Either Adobe RGB or Prophoto RGB would be better, with a printer that can reproduce as much of that gamut as possible. Since neither of those can be reproduced in a browser, sRGB is probably as good as it gets for online use. Thanks! I hadn't taken that into count.
  12. I am sure the swatches online are as close as can be for displaying on our RGB screens; however, CMYK swatches would be more accurate. I'm still game if Reaper is. I can work the sets in photoshop and export to a usable format.
  13. Thanks, Harrek! Or, Reaper could be send me the graphic bits & pieces and I would greatly put the charts and lists together. (Yes, I truly have a paint fetish ) Seriously, I volutnteer to do the task. I just need the "real" swatches and I can put them together based on the online catalog listinngs.
  14. Please oh Reaper deities, please bring back #29 and bestow #30 upon us!
  15. What's the skinny CW #30 being posted in PDF? I really dig the portability of having the PDF. Thanks!
  16. Jasper, I do have a spreadsheet like you want. It's in Excel. PM me the email address you want me to send it to.
  17. Revision 1 is attached in PDF. In Rev 1, the paint code numbers were added for the Kickstarter paints (Thanks, Fanguad, for pointing me to the post). Otherwise, only other updates was to the Legend. It should print fine on 8 1/2 x 11, even though it was still built for 11 x 17. My test print looks good in both sizes. As with before if you want the PowerPoint, PM me the email address where you want it sent. Clay (MikeGolfJ3) Reaper Paint Swatch Poster with MSP, HD, HGB, & KS Paints (Rev 1).pdf
  18. Fanguad, Thanks! I should be able to add those over the weekend and post an updated "poster chart".
  19. max, thanks! i printed it on 11x17 and then realized how huge it was going to be, but oh well if you have the wall space LOL This was exactly what I was looking for, excellent chart! I even really like how the kick starter paints are in place also as I wait for delivery of mine. Considering taking this up to the office supply store and getting a large version printed and laminated perhaps. I was worried they would not shrink down well, but they are fine also on 8 1/2 x 11 paper from my color laser printer. Much thanks! Ouch, and just realized I can print this out on my 24" wide photo printer for a great poster....silly me. harrek, thanks! i tested it out on 8 1/2x11 and it was still legible so i was happy with posting it. i would like to see it on poster sized 24" paper. i bet that would be handy. if you need the powerpoint to better make the 24" poster, let me know. I will update the chart when the KS paints get number codes.
  20. Pass one of the build is attached in PDF. I kept to the theme/layout AngerMuffin used for the most part. There are four pages in 11" x 17" tabloid paper format for full-size. The paper size can be shrink to "fit to page" for smaller sized paper printing . If you would like the PowerPoint file, PM me and i'll email it to you. The biggest thing needed to get to a final product is to better match the color hues to each other. I will make a second pass at doing so as time permits, but a volunteer to help would be great. Maybe one of the Reaper gurus can step in to assist and provide guidance in color hue alignment. Thanks to Reaper for so many beautiful and well flowing colors! Thanks to AngerMuffin for the first poster! Reaper Paint Swatch Poster with MSP, HD, HGB, & KS Paints.pdf
  21. I am rebuilding the chart angermuffin made and posted. It is being rebuilt in PowerPoint for 11"x17" tabloid paper. I am also including the Heavy Gear Blitz paints as I have recently bought the boxed set of them (Yes, I'm a paint whore; No, I don't need/want intervention; Just more colors to buy). I am including the Kickstarter paints as I will be buying them as soon as they are publicly available (Yes, I missed the Kickstarter; Long story). As soon as it is completed, I will post where to download it. So far, it is three pages.
  22. I bought an OttLite last year and like the clarity it provides. They can be a little pricey, but Michael's sells them and if you use the weekly coupon you can get a good amount off. http://www.ottlite.com/c-38-shop-by-category.aspx
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