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  1. If you are interested in making your own washes, check out Les Bursley's Resources section's wash recipes: http://www.awesomepaintjob.com/index.cfm/resources.recipes. If you are more inclined to purchase them, go to Secret Weapon Miniatures. They sell washes made to Les' recipe in 30 different colors: http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=54. I am not a paid spokesman, but I do use them and love their flow and coverage.
  2. Thanks & yes it was the KS offering.
  3. when is it expected the Chronoscope MSP set will be available for purchase? thanks
  4. Besides having a dedicated location where I "hobby", I recently purchased a Masterson wet palette. I can go for days with having the paints I am using at the ready without much trouble. The paint does need a little rejuvenation, which I do with "magic wash" or "gunk". So, now I am ready to go even when I only have 30 minutes to sit-down and paint.
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