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  1. Rolling dice Baking from scratch (creating whole universes does get tiring....)
  2. I actually get the day this time! Amazingly...
  3. COFFEE!! Work gave us the day off to protest, reflect, learn, or to otherwise spend the day dealing with.... *waves at generally everything* *sigh*
  4. Successfully achieved Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Cherry Garcia and Karamel Sutra pints. My bride picked up some haagen dazs green tea and strawberry flavors. Attended a memorial for George Floyd today. It was remarkably well attended for being in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday.
  5. Bah, the store I made it to before everything closed for the elfing useless curfew didn't have B&J. I'll get some tomorrow.
  6. Locally, minis, and gaming stuff. I'm often a sounding board for some of my fellow DMs. General labor/fixing things. Beer suggestions Shoulder to cry on Not nearly often enough: Star Trek questions.
  7. I've had a headache most of the day. Being super lazy for dinner. On the other hand, also making cheesecake bites. Might try to go get some Ben & Jerry's before curfew. Tonight might be more Avatar, or maybe some painting... We'll see how I feel after food.
  8. I went protesting. Getting a masters degree while working full time.
  9. There is. Same. Anyway, off to take a walk with a whole bunch of strangers. Like Pingo says, there's work to be done.
  10. I need to walk the dogs. All I can hear from my window is a police helicopter overhead and sirens up by the park a block away. I don't really want to go outside right now. The NYPD isn't exactly acting friendly these days (not that they ever did).
  11. This has happened me me a couple of times with my neighbors.
  12. Love in a Puff - romcom set in Hong Kong, interestingly with an older female lead, and younger male. The Lovebirds - They didn't commit the murder, but they're gonna go down for it if they can't solve it before the cops find them. Both on netflix, and both enjoyable.
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