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  1. For those who haven't done it, you roast the pumpkin usually to make pumpkin puree that you'll then use for... Something else. Basically the same stuff you'll get from canned pumpkin. Now if you want to try this, make sure to use a sugar pumpkin. Those are the small ones. The big carving pumpkins don't have enough sugar or flavor, and the texture isn't as good. I used this year's pumpkin to make turnovers, muffins, and.. pumpkinies? Pumpkin brownies without coco. They do have dark chocolate chips in them.
  2. Question for Monday, October 26th: Today is National Pumpkin Day. Have you obtained your pumpkin for carving? Have you carved it yet? Have you ever roasted a pumpkin? What's your favorite pumpkin (or pumpkin spiced) food/drink?
  3. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for them both.
  4. Up this afternoon: Rocky Horror Picture Show! I'm so embarrassed to have left that off the list...
  5. That would make me happy... no idea when it'll next happen for me.
  6. Ah!! I wasn't looking far back enough! I wonder how I got him though... must have been in a trade somewhere... Thank you!
  7. He's small, not even an inch tall. There is a distinct lack of skulls... I don't remember where he came from, but I think I acquired him 15-20 years back. He did have a tab, but I cut it off. Nothing helpful on the book, sadly.
  8. I have this little dude that I painted up tonight. I'm 99% sure he's a 40k inquisitorial servator, but I don't remember what figures he came with, whether it was demon hunters or witch hunters or... Anyone recognize him?
  9. Or the Firefly, or the Raza from Dark Matter... I'm looking forward to having an excuse to pull out more of the Chronoscope minis, and the various other sci-fi minis I've collected over the years.
  10. I've shortened the length of the trimmers since this all began too. It does make showering go even quicker, and I was keeping it pretty short before. Mrs Hamster calls in my "House Arrest/Prison" cut. Just woke from a 3 hour nap. That'll probably be a bit too long, as I'm trying to get to bed around 10... Guess I'll have some time to paint tonight.
  11. Which makes it all the more important to be able to answer. This *has* been a rough year, but there have also been good things.
  12. I'm not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. These last 2 weeks with the Hamsterling have been amazing. It'll be especially hard as there isn't any actual "going" to work. I'll just be sitting at the dining room table. Going to go early vote today. Poll opens at 10. Until then, coffee (obviously), crousant egg bacon and cheese sandwich, hamsterling, and Murkillor. And, to repeat myself: COFFEE!!
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