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  1. Weekend Quest! What was the first miniature to really grab your attention. The one that made you fall in love with the hobby. Did you ever actually buy and paint it? Do you still have it? Do you still love it?
  2. Question for September 24th What's your favorite rock? And why?
  3. Question for September 23rd What's something you've been putting off doing? What will finally push you to get it done?
  4. Question for Wednesday September 22 The Autumnal Equinox A day in balance. What do you do for yourself when you need to find a bit of balance?
  5. The smell of water from a sun warmed hose. The feel of the still air like a hot wet blanket. Hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Fireflies in the twilight.
  6. Question for Tuesday Sept 21 Today is the last day of summer. When you think of the season, what is the essence of what summer means to you?
  7. Question for Monday (ugh) September 20th What is a question you will always answer "Yes!" to? Bonus Question: Did you engage in any piratical activities yesterday?
  8. Both of these make me very happy this weekend.
  9. Weekend Quest Share something you're enjoying this weekend, and why it makes you happy.
  10. You must specify, as there have been a number of Enterprise's!
  11. Question for September 17th What's your favorite space ship?
  12. I think last night might be my most memorable introduction of myself. I was painting after getting the boy down, and I heard the new downstairs neighbors out on the patio having a dinner party. No biggie. A little bit later the tone of the chatter changed, and something caught my ear. Someone was doing a voice. I stepped out onto my balcony and looked down. The food was all put away, and everyone had their screens out. I couldn't make out most of what was being said, but then... "Make a sleight of hands check" followed by the clatter of dice. They were playing D&D!
  13. Question for Sept 16: What is the most memorable way you've introduced yourself/been introduced/introduced someone else?
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