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  1. COFFEE!! The Hamsterling was up early, so he's napping early. Time for WandaVision!
  2. @MusicalFeline Yikes! Glad it wasn't worse... burst pipes are not fun. Okay, Hamsterling is stirring... Good long nap though!
  3. Both of those make me gag. Too much. It's overwhelming... Even walking past them makes me move as quickly as possible away from them as I can.
  4. More a rough morning, but yeah, it wasn't the best night's sleep.
  5. Wet dewey forest trail in the spring morning, tinted with the wood smoke that carries the smell (and sound) of crisping bacon and brewing coffee.
  6. At least for NYC, I recommend that no one drive here. Take the train or a bus into the city, then use the subway to get around. Or walk.
  7. The wood glue pulled a little more paint off, but once dry, it's solid, and the paint resists scratching! Now to repaint it to fix the chopped paint and kill the glossy... Plus all the other detailing work to do.
  8. Umm.... I mean, I like bubble tea too, but.... not on pizza!!!! Tell us how it goes...? I'm also very curious. I'd certainly try it, but I'm not sure I'd pay for the... privilege.
  9. It's interesting... I'm actually not super enthusiastic about Bones 5 (or 6 for that matter) at the moment. Which is weird, cause I'm still looking forward to a lot of the minis, but... Maybe after we move, and have a slightly bigger space? Just feeling really cramped right now.
  10. New Jersey. Place I have no interest in visiting is... North Korea. No worries!
  11. *pulls robes hurriedly out of the dirty-ish laundry pile* Wednesday, February 24: Of all the places you've traveled, what was your least favorite? (and why?) Where is one place you have no interest in ever visiting?
  12. One place I forgot to mention, and I feel a fool for not thinking of it right away... Denton, TX
  13. *sigh Coffee... Hamsterling decided to skip his first nap this morning, and spend the entire time crying. He's finally down. I pray this nap lasts more than 20ish minutes.
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