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  1. I'm waiting for it to get here. Already so done with summer. COLD BEER!!
  2. If I recall correctly our first get together for the Frostgrave was a group terrain making day. I know I made a fair number of terrain items, though @Chris Palmer provided the majority of the stuff. I'm definitely in the "host" side of things, even when we're playing D&D and I'm not the DM. It got to the point when the DMs would message me and say "how many gargoyles do you have? How many more do you think you could get ready by next week?"
  3. Well, I just painted up an old plastic necromunda Orlock trooper. And I do love GW's Battlefleet Gothic minis. And the old (early 2000's) Chainmail minis.
  4. So sorry @haldir Off to visit family in Long Island. Usually a one transfer trip is a three transfer trip due to track work.
  5. Heck no! Might take a pic of it to investigate later, but nope. Too dangerous to scan random QR codes Still no. Turkey, but either way, what are they doing wandering around in Brooklyn?? I have a dog and a baby. There is no sleeping in... There is only cooooofffffeeeeee!
  6. Too late for coffee, a little too early for beer... Ugh, i guess I'll just drink water. TUIF!
  7. Salad, cheese on bread, and a cool drink. Ice cream to finish the meal.
  8. Oh, yeah, this has been a conversation I've had with myself far more frequently than I ever imagined. How is it only Monday... BEER!!
  9. Yeah, but they had food! Plenty of it!
  10. Yup. I caught 3 mice, stuck them in an aquarium with some newspaper, food and water until I could bring them out to the field nearby. When I went back to check on them, 2 were dead, one injured. The 2 dead ones had their brains eaten out.
  11. Either the cannibal mice or the bat. The bat was a more exciting process, the mice were definitely more interesting.
  12. Happy Sunday. It's hot, which makes hamsters feel grumpy and lazy. Still have stuff to do though, so... It's going to remain hot, which is going to make work even more fun than usual, I'm sure. May have to turn on the AC. Had some disappointing pastries for breakfast. At least my coffee was good. Time for MORE COFFEE!!
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