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  1. This, but new sculpts. And some matching werewolves that aren't as big as the current ones.
  2. More podcasts than videos.... Welcome to Nightvale, and a handful of D&D actual play and analysis podcasts. I listened to them while mowing the lawn and since I don't have a lawn anymore, I haven't found a good time to listen to them.
  3. At least they let you pump your own gasoline into your car. I'd refuse to live in NJ based solely on that alone. Just on the fact that it's New Jersey means that I don't want to live there. It was funny the first time I was there, and stopped for gas, the attendant didn't get to me in time, and I started pumping the gas on my own. He walked up to me and said something like "I'll get that for you." I was confused. This had never happened to me before. I glanced up at the sign, looking for "Full Service" didn't see it, and said "No thanks, I got it." He stood there, confused, looking at me. I was increasingly uncomfortable with him hovering. I finished pumping, nodded at him, and drove away.
  4. Pretty much anywhere is better than NYC for taxes.
  5. Thankfully I rarely get robocalls. Mostly I get calls from recruiters trying to get me for jobs in NJ for some reason. Like, dudes, I live in Brooklyn... If it takes more than an hour to get there, I ain't going! Food consumed. Coffee had. Feeling more alive. Might try to hobby while the kid naps.
  6. Question for the 21st of October: Are there any Youtube/Twitch channels that you used to watch, but find you have outgrown/lost interest in? Hobby or non-hobby, your pick.
  7. My guess is there will be a box of humanoids with a variety of heads. Hopefully a mix of male and female types, or if they're going to do one, go with female first. A box of mix and match robots would be great, especially if they're designed to play well with the other sets.
  8. Oh, I have no illusions about reaching an audience or anything... I'm just proud of myself for keeping it going for so long. Yeah... Hamsterling is still under weight. Going back again next week.
  9. Well, I've been blogging for over a decade. Schedules come and go, but as long as you keep at it, you'll find that suddenly you've written hundreds, then thousands of posts. Currently over 2500 posts on my blog... wow...
  10. It's hard to name just one, and even narrowing it down is hard... @malefactus continues to be an amazingly talented, whimsical, and twisted inspiration. Anne Foerster definitely. I really enjoy her twitch streams, and her patreon is a great value. Black Magic Craft on youtube is wonderful.
  11. So far, I've managed to watch: Ghostbusters Ghostbusters 2 Nightmare Before Christmas Blade Addams Family Values Addams Family (the recent cartoon) Beetlejuice Still up to watch: The Mummy Transylvania 6-5000 Hocus Pocus ??
  12. Up a lot last night, mostly due to the hamsterling, but also Lucy had another seizure early this morning. She's better, but... but. Have another pediatrician visit this afternoon. Gonna try to squeeze in a nap late this morning. Gotta eat something though. Stomach is growling at me. COFFEE
  13. Question for 10/20/2020 Who is someone in the community that inspires you?
  14. I have 8? ships from that game. I know I have too many BFG ships already, but MAN I want some of those ships...
  15. You should have put this behind a spoiler, with a content warning... GOOD COFFEE!!
  16. Question for Monday October 19th As the weather turns colder, the leaves more colorful, and little ghouls and goblins think of candy, more and more soups and stews are being made. What was the last soup you made/had, and what are your plans for the next that you'll enjoy?
  17. Yeah, exactly this. And I say that looking at my 14.5 year old Lucy, who is slowly dying of cancer, knowing the end is very near. Honestly at this point it's a matter of how quickly I can come to grips with needing to make the call to schedule it with the vet.
  18. I tend to get a little sore and grumpy for the hours following my flu shot. Doesn't last into the following day. I have a small pie pumpkin in the IP... it'll become pumpkin turnovers... if the puff pastry in the freezer is still good.
  19. Surprise 10/18 Random Encounter! Last night, @buglips*the*goblin crawled into your domicile and raided something from your stash. What did he take? Will you try to get it back?
  20. After over two millennia of vegetarian tradition, they were bound to find a ton of good recipes. It helps that their cuisine is rich with a wide variety of flavorful herbs and spices. Indeed. The real problem with eating vegetarian is those people/places that think it means nothing but salad or the like. I'm also generally wary of vegetarian meats, and vegan cheese. Most of them are terrible. I need to find a bigger base for the hag I'm working on, and then a matching base for the other hag. I'd really prefer them to match each other, especially since they're different sculpts of the same character. COFFEE!! Wait... sorry, no, BREAST MILK FOR THE BABY!
  21. There are so many, but here's what I've got saved on my computer.
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