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  1. So you mean a slowcooker or crockpot? I have been thinking about that. Are they easy to master? No, an instant pot is an electric pressure cooker that has a bunch of useful settings, including slow cooker, rice, soup, chili, multigran, yogurt, saute, rice... couple of others depending on the model. They're relatively easy to use. Slow cookers are stupidly easy to use but of a more limited use. I got by with a really basic one that had 4 settings: High, Low, Warm, Off. I'd put stuff into it, turn it on low, go to work for 13 hours, and come home to a super yummy meal (usually stew or chili). IPs are more expensive, running around $100 (but you can usually get them on sale for cheaper) while a slow cooker will run you... $25? More if you get a fancy one. You don't need a fancy one probably.
  2. An instant pot would probably be really useful!
  3. Didn't read much until I hit 6th grade, then read voraciously until... really a couple years ago when I started working on my CPA. Haven't gotten back into it, which makes me sad.
  4. COFFEE!! Hamsterling managed to turn what was a relatively small poop into a surprisingly large mess... *sigh* STOP KICKING!! UGH Ugh... COFFEE!!
  5. Usually it'd be black slacks and a button down shirt for work. Now? Jeans and a tee shirt or just my PJs, depending on whether I'm going out for more than to let the corgi do her business out by the curb.
  6. COFFEE!! Looking forward to RVE this weekend. I picked up Sunless Sea free on Epic games this week, and have already sunk several hours (and ships) playing it. Such a good game. Hard too...
  7. It really was a great movie, but, yeah... It took my wife some effort to convince me to go see it.
  8. There is never enough time, if it's important, do it now.
  9. Friday we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I watched it when it first came out.. or maybe first came out on DVD... loved it then, loved it again. Saturday we watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel... which... was okay? Really it was fine, but watching it immediately after the first, it just fell flat.
  10. For new releases, do the RVE minis count?
  11. I still need to finish my taxes... ugh. Mostly that just means figuring out how to upload the forms... or I guess print and mail them, which is probably what I'll do for the federal with the big check I need to send them. Hamsterling has been somewhat uncooperative this weekend. Not taking long naps means I have very little time for my stuff, and I need to wrap up my RCL stuff and get the pictures all taken. I have gotten the light box set up, so there's that at least. *** Okay, didn't click, post, so pics taken and submitted. Time for more coffee.
  12. COFFEE!! The Hamsterling was up early, so he's napping early. Time for WandaVision!
  13. @MusicalFeline Yikes! Glad it wasn't worse... burst pipes are not fun. Okay, Hamsterling is stirring... Good long nap though!
  14. Both of those make me gag. Too much. It's overwhelming... Even walking past them makes me move as quickly as possible away from them as I can.
  15. More a rough morning, but yeah, it wasn't the best night's sleep.
  16. Wet dewey forest trail in the spring morning, tinted with the wood smoke that carries the smell (and sound) of crisping bacon and brewing coffee.
  17. At least for NYC, I recommend that no one drive here. Take the train or a bus into the city, then use the subway to get around. Or walk.
  18. The wood glue pulled a little more paint off, but once dry, it's solid, and the paint resists scratching! Now to repaint it to fix the chopped paint and kill the glossy... Plus all the other detailing work to do.
  19. Umm.... I mean, I like bubble tea too, but.... not on pizza!!!! Tell us how it goes...? I'm also very curious. I'd certainly try it, but I'm not sure I'd pay for the... privilege.
  20. It's interesting... I'm actually not super enthusiastic about Bones 5 (or 6 for that matter) at the moment. Which is weird, cause I'm still looking forward to a lot of the minis, but... Maybe after we move, and have a slightly bigger space? Just feeling really cramped right now.
  21. New Jersey. Place I have no interest in visiting is... North Korea. No worries!
  22. *pulls robes hurriedly out of the dirty-ish laundry pile* Wednesday, February 24: Of all the places you've traveled, what was your least favorite? (and why?) Where is one place you have no interest in ever visiting?
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