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    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I lied, apparently I'll be going out to dinner with Mrs Hamster's friends.
  2. How are those 2 things related?
  3. Beautiful night. Fantastic burger 4/5 wonderful beers (the 5th was *only* good) And I passed the Auditing portion of the CPA exam with an 81%!! (beer and burger were pre-score release)
  4. Coffee... D&D last night was fun, right up till the end when the DM decided that the NPC was going to hit, even though the roll was a miss. I had a chat with her about that and player agency after game.
  5. It was good!! A very satisfying conclusion to the story. Its very much a Joan of Arc style story, but set in a Warhammer like world.
  6. Nice mug. I want coffee in it right now, but by lunch time? Currently on the subway to work... Half tempted to pull my thermos out and have some coffee. Actually got some painting in last night. Just about finished up the row boat and raft from Bones 4, lined some classic horror monsters, and flocked some werewolf bases. Also ended up putting some blade steel on some robots because the tiny drop I was attempting to get ended up splorting out a small puddle. I really should write up WIP threads...
  7. Yeah... that ship calls to me. And as I'm definitely getting the Brinewind Expansion and Extras... it'd be a shame not to get it... And as I'm painting the raft and rowboat tonight... As for what I'm most looking forward to? The dinosaurs! Both Fantasy and Diamyo, those sexy dragons, the wraiths, bronze golem and hydra, nearly everything in Fan Favorites... So much good stuff.
  8. Crowley

    Happy Birthday Kheprera

    Happy belated! Here's to the next one!
  9. Ohhh, forgot to mention, I got to meet my first cousin once removed yesterday. He's super sweet. His name is Bruce.
  10. https://towerofthearchmage.blogspot.com/2019/11/new-monster-vomit-zombie.html?m=1 Yes. I took apart my ReaperCon entry. I wanted the minis and didn't have anywhere to store it. Do it! You'll do it better, and like it more. I'll try just about anything twice.
  11. Coffee... Got a bunch done last night, but no painting. Tonight my list is much smaller, and I will paint! I... Should probably decide what I'll be painting before I sit down to paint.
  12. Heh... I'll raise you with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA_v0YMPN9c
  13. Well that really does stink all around. Sorry about that. I've hit 3 deer, and totaled 2 cars in the process. The first one got up after about 5 minutes, and ran off. The second one was a glancing blow in the highway, the third one was head on, and a local cop finished it off. Rats are smarter. GEM This is true. Rats are really smart.
  14. *slides mug of coffee over to you* Sounds like you need this. Currently finishing lunch, trying to get netsuite to let me run a report, and rocking out to some jimmy buffett.
  15. Crowley

    Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet

    She has a very sensitive stomach, and eats everything. She has to wear the mask when we go outside or I inevitably end up dealing with diarrhea (or a trip to the vet).
  16. Crowley

    Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet

    Alice didn't want to go out into the cold last night.
  17. Adventurers gather round! Lady Eiric and her intrepid adventurers have released the ancient evil Ka’Nefer into the ancient dungeon known as Stonehell. Ka’Nefer, Chosen of the Black Sun (an evil deity if ever there was one) has taken over the upper levels of the dungeon, and undead crawl forth terrorizing the local area. Various maps have circulated in town, and one points to where the menace was released… After gorging yourselves on pizza, dare you snag one of those maps and succeed where Lady Eiric, Karl the dwarf, Kili and Koltic the (un)holy and their troop have failed? This old school dungeon delve will be run using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia rules (also known as BECMI D&D). Free rules are available under the name Labyrinth Lord (which are about 97% inline with the RC). Characters will be provided, but if you want to roll up your own, bring a 5th level character, rolling 3d6 for ability scores (you can assign them where you like), with whatever non-magic equipment you like. I’ll hand out magic items at the table. Any questions? Tagging in @Dragoneye @TripleH @Green Eyed Monster @rawlkeer @Jeepnewbie but there's always room for another sacrifice meatshield adventurer at my table!
  18. Crowley

    Happy Birthday Jabberwocky

    Hope you had a great one!
  19. Crowley

    Happy Birthday MissMelons

    Happy Belated!!
  20. I'm so glad I've got my old school game still going. Need to find another player or two. Went from 5 down to 2. Playing online doesn't make it easy... Coffee!! Home fries just came out of the oven, and as soon as Mrs. Hamster gets up, I'll be making the rest of breakfast.