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  1. Absolutely! Heck, if you've got some half orc rules you want to use, you can probably do that too. Justa tiny little bit, yes. This is actually my #dungeon23 dungeon, not Stonehell anyway.
  2. I'm sure I can accommodate you. You'll find me near the coffee pot at breakfast every day!
  3. The world ended. Fire burned the sky, and demons poured forth from the mountains to sweep across the face of the world, destroying the monuments and empires of mankind. But nothing lasts forever, not even the end of the world. Everything was changed from that point on. New peoples with ancient empires appeared where once there was open farmland, and old nations fractured and split as what once was common became impossible to repair. Creatures of myth now walk swim and fly across the face of the world. In the town of Dragon's Maw, so named for the ever steaming rocky gorge the town sits next to, the town's main well has gone dry. Workers were sent down to investigate and repair it. They didn't return. The townsfolk are nervous, and old wives tales about "The Demon Core" that lurks below seem a little more real. With nerves running high, and water supplies running low, a call has gone out for some would-be heroes to face whatever danger lurks below the town. This old school dungeon delve will be run using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia rules (also known as BECMI D&D). Free rules are available under the name Labyrinth Lord (which are about 97% inline with the RC). Characters will be provided, but if you want to roll up your own, bring at least one 1st level character, rolling 3d6 for ability scores (you can assign them where you like), with whatever non-magic equipment you like. I plan on running most, if not all, evenings after official festivities have concluded. Hope to see you there!
  4. Good evening all! Hope all is well with everyone. Life is keeping me busy. New job, new house, new car, and the hamsterling is almost 2 years old!! Toddlers take up a LOT of time... And good godzilla does he pick up germs regularly. Hand Food and Mouth disease twice now, colds regularly... and he brought Covid home about a month and a half ago. DO NOT GET COVID, it sucks... even a mild case is miserable. Anyway, doubt I'll be on too regularly, but know I miss you all. Well, almost all... Most of you, certainly. Okay, maybe half of you. Well... Really a select few. But you know who you are, and the rest of you, well... you could be worse. 😏 COFFEE!!
  5. Life (the hamsterling) has kept me very busy of late. On top of that I'm working on switching jobs, as my current employer is making us come back to the office, and with an unvaccinated hamsterling at home, and needing to take the subway an hour each way... well, it just doesn't feel safe or necessary. On top of the fact that I've wasted so much of my life commuting already, I just can't seem to make myself want to do it ever again. So, job hunting. Oh, and we're buying a house, so that's sucked up any remaining time I've had. But I'm going to have a dedicated space for my hobby stuff again! Hope everyone is well. COFFEE!!!!
  6. No No n/a Cocktails. Beer, something dark and not hoppy. If that's not an option, a good whiskey. Most cocktails Currently between books. Thinking about downloading Dickens's Christmas Carol. I don't think I've ever actually read it.
  7. I don;t. Used to at work, but haven't been to the office except for one day in the last... (20?) months. Not at sea. Hurricanes, nor'easters, derechos Me Sunset, and I've seen both from the air. Uff.... I once scheduled a big important meeting, and forgot to let half the people who needed to be there when it was. The covid test came back negative! Oh yeah... All of them. I'd miss Messenger.
  8. Love all of it. Thankfully I don't have to spend any time indoors in a retail setting listening to the same 10 songs over and over. As for the stores, not much that I've seen, but I also don't do much shopping in those big box stores anyway. No tree, but thinking about a wreath. We'll be out of town for the holiday itself.
  9. Yeah, got the Pfizer one on Monday evening. Tuesday was eh. Today my arm is a little sore.
  10. Eh? Maybe? The whole cesspool of plague and disease and death isn't really attractive. On the other hand, I'd consider one of the transatlantic ones maybe. Oh good, in that case.... a tour around New York harbor, including stops at Ellis and Liberty islands.
  11. Stargrave. I'd just like everyone to stay healthy. Nothing currently, but when I had one, it had an assortment of paints that were based upon whatever minis I had picked to work on. Plus a couple of brushes. I usually tried to do all the prep before adding it to the case. Thanks for some great questions!
  12. It really depends on why I'm painting. If it's some grunt for the table I want plastic. Light, resilient to chipping, and I'm less likely to obsess over the tiny details. If I'm painting for Reapercon or painting up someone's PC, then I'll want something metal or resin, or maybe Bones USA.
  13. Yes! It was cold, but worth it. Snuggling with Alice, watching Jojo play and explore, kissing my wife. Well, they'd be 2 different rooms. Wouldn't want the hobby stuff to mess up any of the gaming stuff. Spills, sprays, etc... The game room would have more art & decorations. Quasi-medieval theme. Big table that would work for wargaming or RPGs, Comfy chairs. Good sound systems in both areas, some really dynamic lighting controls. Computer set up in the hobby area. Both rooms would have extensive shelving and storage space. Actually the gaming area might have a closet rather than in room storage... Yeah.
  14. Owning a house, with a yard. My Lucymonster Decorating for the holidays (all in storage)
  15. Having moved earlier this year... Maybe some of my wife's Chinese condiments?
  16. RCL, RVE, BoGW The cider I got with lunch yesterday. Down East Winter Cider. Was perfect.
  17. The death of the bloodsuckers! Pumkin beers and apple cider, followed by eggnog later in the season I don't know that I feel guilt for any of the things that bring me pleasure. I've decided to own them, and enjoy them, and anyone who tries to guilt me about them can go elf themselves. Less likely to take the Hamsterling to the playground after daycare as it's both cold and also DARK My family, my beasts, my books & minis, and my pillow.
  18. I dry brushed these guys this morning. That's all I expect to get to do hobby wise this weekend.
  19. Less than an hour till I have to go work my expo shift. Then tomorrow is the marathon. I did a little hobbying this morning by giving my Bones V Cyber Reavers (Not T-800's) a heavy dry brush of Warpaint's Armor (dark steel). I have to be at the marathon at 730, which means leaving at 6:30, which means being up at 5:30... UGH. At least the clocks shift back? But that also means the hamsterling will be up an hour earlier. COFFEE!!
  20. Hobby related, I think I'd like to get one more big mini done. Haven't settled on which one yet. D&D related, if like to get the party out of the lost level of the dungeon and back into the main dungeon. There's so much cool stuff just ahead of them... Every chance I get. Love the NYC subway. Wish it was better, and that every urban center was as well equipped. Currently could go for a grilled cheese. Something hot! Pandemic Ugh. My ex's family loved them, and they are one of the few foods I refuse to gag down.
  21. HA!! No, I'm running the marathon as in making sure it goes well, not running the 26.2 miles.
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