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  1. I think last night might be my most memorable introduction of myself. I was painting after getting the boy down, and I heard the new downstairs neighbors out on the patio having a dinner party. No biggie. A little bit later the tone of the chatter changed, and something caught my ear. Someone was doing a voice. I stepped out onto my balcony and looked down. The food was all put away, and everyone had their screens out. I couldn't make out most of what was being said, but then... "Make a sleight of hands check" followed by the clatter of dice. They were playing D&D! I went inside, and dithered a moment about how to get their attention. I grabbed a d20 and went back out on the balcony. When there was a lull, I said "Hi neighbors" and tossed the d20 down toward them. Down 3 stories toward them. "What the.... Did he just toss a dice down?" "Yeah, and it's a nat 20!" (I swear to all the gods I'm not making this up) "Hey, you play D&D?!?" "Yeah I do!" I replied. "Can he join us? Do you want to come play?" Obviously, I could, and did. And that's how I met my new neighbors and their friends last night. The view from the 5th floor Right before I tossed the d20. And a few minutes later at the table!
  2. Question for Sept 16: What is the most memorable way you've introduced yourself/been introduced/introduced someone else?
  3. Late question for September 15 What's got you distracted today?
  4. I was thinking they'd show up in the now, no messing with the timeline, but feel free to interpret however! 😃
  5. Question for September 14: If you could spend the day with any historical figure, who would it be, and what would you do?
  6. Posting this early cause I know how Monday mornings can be. Question for Sept. 13th For the adults: When did you feel like you were a 'grown-up'? For the non-adults: When do you think you'll feel like a 'grown-up'?
  7. I'm loving Lower Decks!! And very much looking forward to all the new Trek coming up! 🥰
  8. I made potato chocolate cake from scratch, because of this. https://youtube.com/shorts/YuKQ46g4mN0?feature=share I went a little heavy on the cloves, but otherwise it's great! Having a slice with my morning coffee.
  9. Quest for Saturday and Sunday, Sept 11+12 Try something new this weekend, and tell us how it went.
  10. Question for September 10: What's your favorite mini that you own? Painted or not. Pics welcome, links only if it's to the Reaper store.
  11. I'm not sure if the fractured rib or the oil burn on my wrist was worse. Both were deeply unpleasant.
  12. Question for September 9th: What was the worst physical injury you've suffered?
  13. Watching Star Trek Day streaming RIGHT NOW!
  14. Happy Star Trek Day! 🖖 Feeling the post con funk, and I wasn't even there... Coffee!!
  15. Question for Wednesday September 8th: Today is Star Trek day! I've been a fan for basically my whole life, and my love has never wained for it, in spite of some questionable choices/episodes. What's something from your childhood that you still love?
  16. Because I know tomorrow morning is gonna be a mess... Question for Tuesday, September 7th: A wizard is casting a spell to summon you. What are 5 items they're using in the summoning circle as focuses to get you?
  17. Question for September 6: Labor day! The history of the labor movement in the USA is interesting, to say the least, as is the reason we don't celebrate it on international workers day (May 1st). Are you/have you ever been as member of a union? Have you ever participated in a strike? If you have today off, how are you celebrating?
  18. The fact that I'm not there (and we have company this weekend) is certainly making me feel less chatty. COFFEE!!
  19. Question/Quest for September 4 & 5: You have your own personal chef for the weekend. What are they making for you? Share a picture of some food you're actually having!
  20. Going to see Shang-Chi and the (not legend of the five) 10 rings in about 4 hours.
  21. Question for September 3: What is something the place that's you're from (originally, currently, or something in between) is known for? Is it fair/accurate?
  22. That's some.... eclectic lighting. Conga Rats!! I would justify it by calling it the Hamsterling's future inheritance. I'm not sure that's how that works.... But I like how you think!
  23. I'm strongly considering picking up the Old-School Essentials books... not that I need yet another old school D&D rules set... But that hasn't really ever stopped me before.
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