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  1. Get em!! Did a little painting. Need to finish the bases of my Stargrave gnolls... Sleep beckons...
  2. I would enjoy not needing as much sleep...
  3. Mike Disney today. Looks like he's working on the pumpkin beholder. My phone is a OnePlus phone, but apparently it won't work on their new 5G system, so Apple is sending me a free samsung phone? We'll see if it's worth keeping. COFFEE!!
  4. I don't get how any teacher or other childcare worker manages to be healthy. The hamsterling has been in daycare for just 3 months and I've had at least 2 colds. My boss was out most of last week as she had a death in the family. She was supposed to be back today, working virtually from somewhere in western Africa, but instead it looks like she's taking this week off too, and most of next week, and will be back for 1 day before I'm off till after labor day. I'm gonna have to do some things that she usually likes to review before I send them on. She's just gonna have to deal with it. I've been dealing with the extra workload with her gone, and let me tell you what a pain in the bottom it is. We're all already overworked and understaffed, and with one guy leaving and her being out for 3 weeks... Ugh. UGH!! Didn't feel like painting tonight, so I assembled some Stargrave Mercs. I think I'm gonna go hit them with some spray primer before I call it a night.
  5. I've had 2 colds since the Hamsterling started going to daycare. 18 months with barely a sniffle, and now.... ugh.
  6. Happy Seppuku, which sadly closed up shop last year.
  7. COFFEE!! Yesterday I speed painted the dire cabbage and did some greenstuff work. Mostly I needed to gap fill the weird bones monster I made, and also the hound from the Reaper Expo, but because you never mix up the right amount of GS I also did some work on my space gnolls, giving one shoulder armor, another a rock to stand on, and the third a power cable for his mask. Then with the last bit, I stamped a base. Today will be my first shift working at the coop again. Gonna suck up the whole afternoon... MORE COFFEE!
  8. What If...? ep1 was fun. Nice... I don't wanna call it filler, but kinda filler as we wait for the next big thing. Lower Decks, season 2, ep 1 - The beginning of what might be a whole year of new weekly Star Trek. A great start to the season. Really love this show. It's such a love letter to everything Trek.
  9. COFFEE!!! Okay, so... it's been like a month since I was last here... Alice's bladder stones needed surgery, which was last week. 8 stones the size of peas were removed. She's feeling a ton better. We all got colds, which wasn't fun. Aside from that work has been a beast. August hasn't been too hot, except this week. I've got vacation coming up at the end of the month. Hope all is well. I've missed hanging out.
  10. Weekend challenge: My hiking pants.
  11. Got a ticket to see Black Widow on Saturday. Looking forward to my first movie in a year and a half, but also nervous about it.
  12. Only one episode left of Loki and... It's gonna be a long wait till Wednesday!
  13. Cornbread, a nice stout, couple of slices of some good cheddar.
  14. Hasn't hit the 90's yet in NYC, but it'll be close today. And it'll feel above that... And I'm already done with summer. The foam floor tiles I got for the hamsterling have numbers and letters in them that come out... Unfortunately they don't stick in very well, so they're constantly falling out, which is a pain given how much use they get. So, off to the hardware store for some contact cement, and the first batch are currently drying. We'll see how well this works before I go and do all of them. Posted everything for RCL, planned out most of next months stuff... debating painting or working on my blog next while everyone else naps. Blog, I think... COFFEE!
  15. Watched Luca on Disney+. Solid pixar flick. Not great, and I have some nits to pick, but cute.
  16. Nathavar from DDS2. Excellent sculpt, good size, and the one of the first dragons I painted. Earned a bronze at ReaperCon. Hoping to get silver with one of the Bones V dragons in a year or two.
  17. morning all! Hope everyone is staying cool. Skipped a bunch of pages again, and again biting my tongue on topics that.... Yeah, anyway... gonna go drink some more COFFEE and do some prep for tomorrow's game.
  18. Rabbit food for dinner... The Hamsterling is enjoying (making a mess with) green beans and yogurt. Need to take pics tonight for the RCL... And do some more painting... This calls for beer.
  19. I'm waiting for it to get here. Already so done with summer. COLD BEER!!
  20. If I recall correctly our first get together for the Frostgrave was a group terrain making day. I know I made a fair number of terrain items, though @Chris Palmer provided the majority of the stuff. I'm definitely in the "host" side of things, even when we're playing D&D and I'm not the DM. It got to the point when the DMs would message me and say "how many gargoyles do you have? How many more do you think you could get ready by next week?"
  21. Well, I just painted up an old plastic necromunda Orlock trooper. And I do love GW's Battlefleet Gothic minis. And the old (early 2000's) Chainmail minis.
  22. So sorry @haldir Off to visit family in Long Island. Usually a one transfer trip is a three transfer trip due to track work.
  23. Heck no! Might take a pic of it to investigate later, but nope. Too dangerous to scan random QR codes Still no. Turkey, but either way, what are they doing wandering around in Brooklyn?? I have a dog and a baby. There is no sleeping in... There is only cooooofffffeeeeee!
  24. Too late for coffee, a little too early for beer... Ugh, i guess I'll just drink water. TUIF!
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