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  1. Salad, cheese on bread, and a cool drink. Ice cream to finish the meal.
  2. Oh, yeah, this has been a conversation I've had with myself far more frequently than I ever imagined. How is it only Monday... BEER!!
  3. Yeah, but they had food! Plenty of it!
  4. Yup. I caught 3 mice, stuck them in an aquarium with some newspaper, food and water until I could bring them out to the field nearby. When I went back to check on them, 2 were dead, one injured. The 2 dead ones had their brains eaten out.
  5. Either the cannibal mice or the bat. The bat was a more exciting process, the mice were definitely more interesting.
  6. Happy Sunday. It's hot, which makes hamsters feel grumpy and lazy. Still have stuff to do though, so... It's going to remain hot, which is going to make work even more fun than usual, I'm sure. May have to turn on the AC. Had some disappointing pastries for breakfast. At least my coffee was good. Time for MORE COFFEE!!
  7. Oh, I'd totally go if I could, but it's just NOT in the cards for this year. Hopefully next year. I miss you all. Well, most of you. Definitely some of you. Okay, for sure, like 2 or 3 of you are tolerable. ... ... You know what? I'll let you all guess which line(s) should be purple. COFFEE
  8. I'm in the same boat. I've barely painted any of the stuff from LAST ReaperCon... Actually i'm not sure I've painted anything from the last ReaperCon. I've painted a few things from the Expo at least, and the RCL has increased my output. I'm desperately behind on updating my spreadsheet... Anyway, I clicked "mark all as read" and I'm not even going to try to catch up. I'm sorry for any sucky times you've been going through. I'm thrilled at your successes! Happy Pride! COFFEE!!
  9. There are some really cool trash bashes out there! And I've definitely been inspired by The Tabletop Engineer. He's got some great stuff.
  10. NY they're opening to all adults 30+ starting tomorrow, and everyone 16+ starting April 6th.
  11. Oh for.... FINE. Didn't realize the initial post qualified too.... really??
  12. Eggplant. My dad used to get these frozen eggplant parm dishes when I was a kid and it just came out as this gross soggy slimy mess and all the cheese couldn't make me like it. As an adult, I was introduced to properly made eggplant, and oh boy, what a difference!
  13. Does it have hookups for a washer/dryer unit? Not having had an in home washer/dryer this last year, I’d advise you to keep looking. The laundry only gets worse as they get bigger. We'll find out for sure, but I don't think so. Then again, in unit laundry is pretty rare.
  14. Coffee!! Seeing another apartment this afternoon. This is the one I'm most excited about. It's big. Listed at 1,500 square feet. The downsides to it are no in unit or building laundry, and it's a second floor walkup. In the meantime, time to do laundry, and maybe some blogging while the Hamsterling naps. More coffee!!
  15. Okay, breakfast (waffles) and lunch (leftovers) consumed, half a pot of coffee down, grocery shopping for the week complete, and apartment viewing for the afternoon lined up. Hamsterling is currently down for a nap... I should probably take advantage of the time and get at least the state taxes filled out. COFFEE!!
  16. DARK MODE FTW!!! WOOHOO!! Now if I hadn't just lost my hat... the wind ripped if off my head, and blew it up onto some scaffolding... I left my info with the front desk, but... I'm not super hopeful. And it won't be easily replaced as it was a special edition hat given out only at the season 2 live premier of Star Trek Discovery.
  17. Limited palette and NMM... I'm overall rather pleased with it!
  18. The sun is out. The temperature is climbing... The boy is... restless... *SIGH* Gonna be a day. COFFEE!!!
  19. While I don't mind the pink, I do kinda wish that we could tweak the colors ourselves.... or at least get a dark mode. Ah well, good enough.
  20. More time separates Tyrannosaurus Rex from Stegosaurus than T. Rex from humans today.
  21. What's holding you back? For me it was painting all the lace. Okay, I kinda like the new look, except for the fact that it still wastes a bunch of space on the right side of the screen. COFFEE
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