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  1. About a year ago my friend suggested that I play D&D with him, and of course I laughed and said no xD. Well, soon after I ended up owing him a favor, and his decided compensation was for me to play a night of D&D. Ofc, I ended up loving it, just like he said. Now I've gotten into a campaign with a group of Pathfinder players, and their miniatures are just amazing to me. I said I would like to paint one of my own. They recommended Reaper to me, and it seems that I've found a new hobby that I'm going to rather enjoy.
  2. Yeah, Dodson, it's quite apparent he's been at it awhile and is rampant with talent! Thank you for the pointers on paints, brushes and info. That's just the type of starting point I was hoping for. I wouldn't have thought of the army men idea either, @Dixon. Thank you as well, and I appreciate the welcome, guys.
  3. New. Like, brand new. Point me in a direction?

  4. Wow! That's all I can think of at the moment! After reading the whole step-by-step in the Works In Progress section, I certainly have had my eyes opened to miniature painting! Been playing Pathfinder for a little while now, after just learning D&D, and my friend and I decided we would like to paint our own miniatures (been borrowing a couple). (We ordered a couple this week) I always thought it would be a fun and hands on hobby, but I had no idea how in depth it is!!! Wowwwww. I'm now torn between apprehension of such an undertaking as learning to paint these, and excitement about how really amazing it is and can be... Now I really want to try this! (this is my first post btw xD) I don't even know where to start!
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