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  1. I've got a lot of Bones 1 that still needs love and attention, so I'm ok with the Bones 2 delay :) (Especially as that is delaying the ordering of Bones 2 stuff from the store as well...)
  2. Hmm 1 mini a week hey... I guess I have the first half of the year covered already...
  3. So I set myself the goal of 20 miniatures a month for this year again, last time I made it half way through the year before other things stopped me painting. We'll see how I go this time around. Still January got off to a good start with 33 models completed: Models are from a range of companies and some I posted here during the month: 77185: Large Earth Elemental Nomad Zero 77164 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard But there is also the troll brothers, one has blue details the other purple: 3 of the Tre Manor Bones orc archers hiding in amongst their GW cousins to finish up the unit of 10 for Kings of War: And 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger If you want to see better pictures of the non-reaper miniatures they are on my miniatures blog here:http://obsidiancrane.com/2015/02/january-2015-finished/
  4. Well I have a lot more to get painted up. :)
  5. One of the few animals I have put much effort into painting. The mouse familiar.
  6. Well seeing I've been working on a bunch of my Inifnity models over the holidays, here is one that is part of this month's painting quota. I spent a long time looking for colour schemes for my Nomads, starting with military and police uniforms before branching out into anime/manga stuff. In the end I went to Masamune Shirow's art for inspiration. In the end I decided I liked the look of the green schemes in this picture (SFW, but searching Shirow in general probably isn't), and while I was originally going to use a more olive green scheme my relevant colours were on loan. So I pulled out the Pale Green and got started... The base is from the Relic Knights Kikcstarter, and is sprayed with Army painter Skeleton Bone and then highlighted with MSP Linen White and Pure White. Primary colours of the Zero are MSP Pale Green, Ghost White and Pure Black. The white was washed with Army Painter Blue Tone then highlighted generously with MSP Pure White. The green was washed with Army Painter Green Tone twice and then highlighted with Pale Green with detailed highlights made by adding a little MSP Linen White to the Pale Green. Black is my usual Pure Black highlighted with MSP Dark Elf Skin and Dark Elf Highlight. The "club" head is painted MSP Alien Flesh, washed with Blue Tone and then highlighted with a mix of Alien Flesh and MSP LED Blue, while I had originally thought to set that up as a glowing device I didn't like the look and returned it to the current appearance. (Yay using thin coats of paint!) The hair is MSP Imperial Purple highlighted with Army Painter Alien Purple and MSP Amethyst. Leather is MSP Tanned Leather washed with Army Painter Soft Tone then highlighted with Tanned Leather and a little Linen White.
  7. Technically true, but it's one of those quirks of paint ingredients. Anything with the basic white pigment included throws me almost every time, normally I just glaze midtones to fix it after. That paint is as thin as what I had been using all afternoon, and it's a great demonstration of the strong opacity of that white pigment. Chuckle, the physical thickness, or width, of the paint at each highlight.
  8. How did you find him to assemble? The words "not pretty" might best sum up my experiences with him so far. My personal copy should arrive Monday and I get to give it a go from the start (and not have to sculpt a hand..), but I'm curious how you found him.
  9. She looks a lot better with her snow in place. (The rest of you will have to trust me until Miss Tea gets the new photos done.)
  10. Listen to Derek. :) The problem with the highlights on the cloak is actually the thickness of them (duh). As a speed painter Dark Elf Highlight is the answer. I use it undiluted and paint fine highlights, think of it as more like little dashes of freehand than a normal highlight. You can apply slightly thicker highlights with Dark Elf Skin and then put the dash of Dark Elf Highlight through it if you want a more detailed look. I also recommend investigating hatching, its not the most gentle technique always, but it allows a range of textural cheats to speed up things. :) Good to see you coming back to my standard :p
  11. As one of Miss Tea's regular DM's I can safely say that her characters a fairly safe... except the rogue... the rogue needs new friends that are not Cloud Giants.
  12. That's my issue as well. (And yes hopefully the cart stays.)
  13. Is this happening now? Because the site is loading really badly for me at the moment.
  14. Everything is in the right place and it looks good. The next step in improving is moving on to having a smooth finish for the paint. :)
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