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    CAV posters

    I'm after thr green butcher on red background banner from reapercon. Called reaper to track it down and got the blow off. Pretty sad because these types of product are easy money for retail sales company that needs profit.
  2. You need to create a user name on battletech, because you need to be logged in to see their pics. That's why I don't normally like to post pics on the forums. With over 300 CAV and over 1000 mechs I can post some pretty cool pics
  3. http://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php/topic,27980.0.html
  4. I've got one Mastadon with Rhino arms: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45371-custom-cav-kdm-rancor/?hl=rancor and one with Starhawk 6 arms: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45597-custom-cav-chimera-in-martian-camo/?hl=rancor#entry632145
  5. Got a little (lot) excited about CAV this month. Found a few deal online, then another, then another, well, just to cheap to pass up... Next thing I know, I bought 82 CAV in April, Oops. Add that to the 230 I already have and it means I need to sell back down to at least 300, because that would be ok (with the insane).
  6. Pretty much what my FLGS said, they want to always stock a starter box with rules and plastic mechs, just like battletech. But would rather order additional metal figures as people want them.
  7. Here's an idea. Create a CAV:SO stater box with all the new unreleased CAV in metal (divide into 2 sets to keep cost down, maybe). This/these will be figures only, no rules. Accomplishes a few things; We don't have wait until kickstarter to get new figures. Reaper doesn't have to wait for kickstarter to sell things for money. Demostrates sales potental ahead of schedule. Hold back a figure or 2 to come in a future starter box with rules. Just spit balling some ideas.....
  8. I don't expect a wall of CAV or Battletech mechs (like back in the day), but after talking with them, there are a few things they LIKED about CAV. 1. Newer than BTech 2. Fewer skews than BTech 3. Easier to play than BTech 4. Faster to play than BTech 5. Not a board game
  9. I think there have been really strong pros and cons presented in this thread on both sides. I stopped by my FLGS tonight and asked them what a CAV kick starter would mean to them. Honestly, I was surprised by their opinion. This is not a new store and CAV was reasonably popular 10 years ago. They were actually very open to the idea of stocking CAV if I would commit to a regular demo schedule. "A good game is a good game, even expensive games sell good if the rules are good." I, of course, assured them I would be getting back to them once Bones CAV were available. They were concerned about having product (books, minis, starter sets) to sell AT ALL.
  10. Just got my first Tiamat.....ordered another few mike later
  11. I see a Tbird layin' down the law :)
  12. Is it too late to get a new CAV model called the "Jackwagon"?
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