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  1. Yeah I definitely understand, I lost half of my names and legacy too. But I like naming systems so I had fun making more original ones. :D I went on to become a raid leader for awhile, but I've recently gone on hiatus to paint and spend more time with my family. :)
  2. Hello all! I think I fell off the map entirely and you won't remember me, it's been probably 9 months since I finished any minis. I moved to the north and got a new job in my field, so I haven't had much time all year till now. So bear in mind this is a return to practice and I'm RUSTY haha. So this is Kaabrat'tor. She's my boyfriend's character in Star Wars:The Old Republic and she was a surprise present for him. So the entire color scheme was based off his color choices and not much input by me. It was a lot of fun to do my first sci-fi heroine, but I think I got too caught up in detailing NMM and kinda failed. It was good practice to get back in the game though. I hope you like her! =D Screenshot reference of the original character--> http://i.imgur.com/QWQofb8.jpg Yes I know I ignored her facial scar, I was worried about screwing up at this scale. Next time!! The base is sculpey with my own take on flock detailing, taken from the raid instance in the game known as "Terror from Beyond." Reference image here --> http://imageshack.us/a/img803/327/swtor2012100821384784.png The lighting and textures in this piece were all darker than usual for me, to mesh more with the environment from the game. As always, any C&C is appreciated. =)
  3. I have to also say the dress is magnificent. But I also love her face. You gave her a great, focused expression, a beautiful figure overall.
  4. Very nice! You did a great job lining and shading the details, especially the fur! Nicely done. :D
  5. I love the snake scales on the dragon! It's a natural color/pattern choice for a fantasy creature, and I approve. I think it works really well. And the color scheme you picked for the whole is amazing. Your blending is unbelievable. Beautiful piece! :D
  6. Great job with the gems! Glass textures are hard to paint and make seem 3 dimensional, and you did a superb job!
  7. It's great to see you painting again! Amazing job on the cloak and her face is beautiful! I love the colors you chose.
  8. @ Kuro and Warlady: Thank you both! I'm glad you approve of the face so wholeheartedly, that makes me feel a lot more confident in the features I gave her. XD And thanks Kuro, it's really good to be back. I've missed painting sooo much.
  9. Thanks very much for everyone for the compliments I'm glad you like it! Yeah this was primarily done with Reaper's Ultramarine triad, which are some really clear gorgeous blues. I had a blast working with these colors.
  10. Nicely done, I love the iguana's shading and expression. And the ale (grog?) bottle is amazing amazingly painted. I love how it's transparent but still looks dirty or dusty. =P
  11. Hai guys!! So I took a 4 month hiatus from painting cause work got too intense, and I'm back! I finally finished Hannah Blackruby, which I started in July. >.< As always, any C&C is appreciated. My theme with this one you might notice is water. Melody's an original character I made AGES ago, a water mage, and it was a good exploration into monochromatic theme design. The base is made from Super Sculpey and gap filled with Milliput. On the whole I'm happy with it, although her expression came out more Disney-fied than intended. I hope you enjoy her! =D The WIP thread is here if you're interested. <3
  12. So here's the next iteration. She needs eyebrows and I need finesse. >< Still working on making the color scheme work, trying to figure out if I want to use silver accents or gold. Gold is blue's complement sure, but I imagined this character as a colder ice based scheme. Gold will be too warm I think. Anyway I'm still knocking it out and working out the details. Any suggestions are appreciated, comments, etc. =) ***EDIT*** I finished her, but didn't wanna bump a several months old topic. So for the sake of completion, here she is!
  13. Hey guys! So here's the beginnings of Hannah, a fantastic sculpt by Werner Klocke. I've been waiting to paint her till I felt I could hopefully do her some justice. And here goes. I'm painting her in the likeness of an old character I designed once as a song mage descended from water nymphs. Human form, blue and white garb, water magic, and eventually platinum hair. Her project name is Melody. So far just got the skin and expression where I want them to be. A little rough in the lining and needs smoothing of gradients elsewhere, but I hope you like her so far! =D
  14. I think it's an excellent start, the head looks really good and the proportions seem accurate to me. It's good that you're keeping it thin allowing yourself to flesh it out as you go. Keep going, definitely walk away when you're too frustrated. But also remember that sometimes you need to put on a movie and just bust out some crazy work for an hour and a half to get through whatever's frustrating you.
  15. Hi guys! So I have a WIP for the base I sculpted for the Nature Warden. It briefly covers techniques for sculpting rock faces, how I do flocking, and some drybrushing. I tried to keep it as concise as possible while still getting the information across. I hope you find it useful. =) Click the images to make them twice as big if you need more detail. And please forgive the poor photo quality, these were taken with my cell. >< You always start with a foil core when working with sculpey, and then build up your basic forms. In this case I just started with a lump and began carving away large rock faces in clumps. I wanted a cliff edge. I use wooden clay shaping tools, never my fingers, even for smoothing the clay. Wooden tools are your best friend! No matter how careful you are, your fingers leave prints and oils all over the soft clay. The fallen tree at the back was sculpted by just carving ruts into a rolled pipe shape. On the left is the finished sculpt. Once you get your basic forms sculpted out, it's just a matter of using tools for fine detailing until you're satisfied with the effect. never leave out the details! On the right is the figure placed in the soft clay exactly posed as I wanted her to be after baking. I then removed her from the base and baked it as directed on the box. After the base is baked and cooled, do your last sculpty touch ups. Sanding rough edges where necessary, carving out forgotten details, etc. Make sure your figure still fits in the mold you made, cause sclupey always deforms a bit in baking. Xacto blades make excellent post-cure carving tools. Here the base is primed and ready for painting. I always paint in the same order. Start with the base coat, then do blended general(large surface) shading and highlighting. Then paint in more detailed and specific darker shadows and lighter highlights. For rock and other textured surfaces, finish up with a liberal drybrushing of your lightest or second lightest highlight (shown right). It really brings out the natural sculpy texture and can make your rocks extremely rocky. =P Before doing the groundcover, I placed the figure in her mold and filled the gaps with green stuff. After letting it cure, I was free to paint the base coat of the grassy earth area. Flocking time! Alright this is how I do flock, it is by no means the "right" way or the best way, it just works best for me and the effects I want to achieve. The far left image shows the flock right after it's been dusted over sporadic watered down glue. After I let the glue dry, I tip the excess flock back into its shaker. Now what I do then is to fill my brush with water and some green pigment, and press the brush tip gently to the dry flock on my base. The flock soaks in the water like a sponge and changes its texture to the clumpy stuff shown in the center image. Using this technique, I then continue flocking the base and teasing it around while adding water to it. The far right image shows the finished flocking. If you use this technique, make sure not to move the brush around over the flock or you'll uproot it from your figure. You're just adding water to it. Allow it to dry, which takes a good 15-20 minutes, and it'll be solid enough to paint like any highly textured resin or clay surface. The flock painting is shown here, same steps as always. Base coating, general shadows, deeper shadows, and drybrushed highlights last. I did go back in with a wooden pick and removed some of the flock from the rock cracks as it was looking too overgrown to me. And, the finished piece. Let me add that in my opinion a faster way to achieve the solid flock result is actually to flock a base after it's cured but before priming. Do all the flocking when you do your final carving and sanding, then prime the entire thing together. When it dries, the flock will be solid and paintable. I just forgot to do it that way here. Also, if you're going for a gentle mossy effect, this is not the method for you. This gives groundcover a LOT of texture which is not what you want for mossy coatings. I hope this was helpful! Every base is still an experiment for me, but I like sharing my ideas. If anyone has questions, critiques, anything to add, please feel free! And thanks for looking. =)
  16. I love the sci fi feel you gave her, and her hair color is fantastic. The craters add a lot of interest to the base. Really fantastic!
  17. I like the skin tones on this figure, I think it works very well with the color scheme you gave her. I would have assumed the skin tone was intentional and not a color you were "stuck" with. =) I like the robes very much. It looks like you highlighted the purple with a touch of gold? Or is that just the photo?
  18. Nicely done, I love that deep emerald green on the dress. And you did her face very well, she's so expressive.
  19. I made a new light box and adjusted my lighting, took some better pictures for the most part. Still have some learning to do on that front, but I think these are better. If you have photo suggestions, I am so open to them man. Taking pictures is frustrating. ><
  20. It's no filter. It's overexposure the lighting is causing in the picture taking. I've photoshopped out a lot of it, but not enough. I need to retake the pictures after making some studio adjustments. I'll see what I can do about it tonight. :)
  21. Yeah man I know it. It's my studio, I'm having trouble with the lighting on this one. Hot spots are messing it up and I need to build a new light box. I'm working on fixing it better, I'll update when that happens. Hah, you should have seen the first pics, these are heavily photoshopped for lighting. Also, thanks guys I'm glad you like her! =D
  22. Hey all! So here's my first mini painted with ACTUAL Reaper mini paints. No more artist's acrylics struggling. It was a definite struggle in the beginning adjusting to the new technique and paint consistency. I stipple everything carefully in artist's acrylics, whereas you can just paint smooth arcs in mini paints and achieve better gradients. I LOVE it. The base is as always made from sculpey clay with a bit of green stuff as gap filler (my first use of green stuff!!). I wanted to challenge myself with this mini to avoid the obvious "nature warden" color choice of heavy greens. I really like how she came out, and she was incredibly fun to work with. I hope you like it! Any C&C is always greatly appreciated. =D
  23. Thank you! Yeah it's my red artist's acrylic. It's high quality acrylic and glosses itself somethin' fierce even when it's just a bit added to mini paints. I have Testor's Dulcote I'll seal the whole figure with when she's finished that will take care of all that super shine. ;D I love my dulcote. XD
  24. Update! Here's the latest. Please enjoy! Aaaaalmost there. Just a few things left to detail and I can get her base going. =D
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