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  1. I was at Reaper Con a couple of weeks ago, and the reflection you are seeing is in the glass case. Now, Martin's paint job is magnificent... but the wings aren't that reflective.
  2. :-( I wasn't able to make it Saturday. At least I have a cool, big, bad worm miniature for it. Perhaps it's just as well... My highlights did not turn out at all like I wanted and I'm not really happy with it. It will likely get repainted after some other projects get completed. Maybe next year we can do it again with a different mini?
  3. April 17-20 http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48462-reapercon-2014-dates/ I intend to have enough Dwarves painted to enter the Warlord Tournament, so I'm not in a particular hurry. Need to get on the army list builder and figure out which models I'm taking. Edit in: Actually, reading through more of that thread, it might be the following week end.
  4. Just keep paying it forward. While I'm sure folks would appreciate a free munchie or mini, you really shouldn't feel like "paying back" requires a financial output on your part. Just be a part of the community that you so enjoy and appreciate. Share a smile. Share a joke. Share a laugh. Share that cool painting technique you just over heard someone else talking about. I understand that doesn't have the same feeling of "doing something" for the community, but it's really what community is all about. Now, it is your money to do with as you please, and I have no doubt people will enj
  5. First class tomorrow is Noon. My understanding is the Con starts 1 hour before the first class, so 11:00 AM. According the following post, the shuttle is going to run continuously from 8AM-10AM, and then every two hours: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48753-reapercon-shuttle/ So if I get to the Hilton at 11:00, there won't be a shuttle until Noon... which is when my class starts. I'll still have to catch the shuttle and go through registration. Obviously I can just drive straight to Reaper, but that is not recommended as parking is very limited. Also, I'll be com
  6. I'll be there tomorrow for the Basic Blending at Noon, and was planning to park at the Hilton since parking is so limited at the Reaper site. Any info on how this shuttle is going to work? Is it doing a continuous loop or does it run at certain times?
  7. Just finished my worm this week end. I might tweak it a bit before the con, but if I don't have time I think it's good enough to show.
  8. Of the six players in my gaming group, three us bought in at Vampire level.
  9. Excellent! While a prize would be nice, I'm not holding my breath given the quality of painters I've seen in the community. I'm just happy to be a voice in the chorus and participate :-)
  10. I read the first 6 pages, jumped to the last to realize it is currently 16 pages long. I also got the Vampire kickstarter with a lot of extra dragons, and Kaladrax will be the first one I'm painting. If it's not too late, I'd like to join in. Is it possible to have more than one entry? I also got the Orcpoloypse upgrade, so I have a bunch of green-skins to get painted as well. However, I suspect I'll make time to get more than one dragon finished before the end of the year.
  11. Soooo glad I chose to pick up "Big-K" in the Kickstarter. Kind of wishing I had grabbed Cthulhu too, but my reasoning for not getting him still stands: I was already spending a lot of money, and I just don't have anything for it to do but collect dust. Kaladrax will be the center piece of rising undead army.
  12. I got into gaming minis from scale models, so priming was a given. It's just part of what you do if you want a good looking paint job: prep, wash, prime. If you always do it, then you never have a problem. For that matter, minis are easier... no wet sanding between primer coats ;-)
  13. Very nice detail. I have to admit: I'm already thinking about something to do with that left hand. I might try to VERY carefully dremel and then file out the whip so she has two open hands. Like Suden, I'm considering leaving the wings. Maybe she could be some kind of voodoo summoner surrounded by little minions. Better yet, and power illusionist hiding in plain site as a carnival act. Hmmm... maybe I need more than one as well. I still haven't painted the Sci-Fi Sophie I got from the Christmas promotion because I haven't decided what to do with her yet.
  14. I would love to get a hold of some Macro... I mean Robotech miniatures. The Valk... I mean Veritechs were certainly the stars of the show, but I'd especially like to get some destroids and battle pods. Bring on the Glaug... I mean Officers Battle Pod. Oh, and a Quedluun Rau!
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