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  1. im about to start work on this same mini same paint colors of a event on of the hobby shops by me is doing. the only thing im gonna try diffent this time around is instead of using a metallic paint for the sword im gonna try and do nmm also need to try and find a good hight light color for the dark armor. any help for the nmm and idea for the hight lights for the armor will be welcome
  2. Thanks derek and yea that what I met. The symbol on shield is the crest for a guild I made in world of Warcraft name the Knights of the dawn. It was the first time I've tryed to free hand. I plan on painting another one of these but try nmm on the armor and weapon.
  3. yea basing is one of the thing i still have not got down yet. it was gonna be fore DnD but the group i was with kick me out cause i put my family and work a head of them. i plan on doing another one of this mini and try some new thing for the base just need to find a good way of doing them.
  4. The first mini i have done in over a year. i own a big thanks to Derek for the wip he did. it help me to get the flesh tone right.
  5. sorry ive not been posting any updates. was kick out of my dnd group and lost the drive to paint mini. but im slowly getting back into it again so their will be update of this mini i hope soon.
  6. had to start over after my little cousin flushed the other one. for this one i bent in the arms so when i use it for dnd i dont take up 3 blocks. on this one i tryed the thing u all suggested to me. also desided to leave the head off so i could get in and do all the shadows on the head and neck that i could not before when i had the head on.
  7. nice job on them i play blood angels my self but have to start all over with my army lost mine in a house fire a few years ago
  8. u did a great job on both of them and they look great next to each other. i have that same elf mini just not started yet been busy working my dnd groups minis for the next campaign.
  9. just one of the minis I'm working on this one a friends wizard for a up and coming dnd campaign. this is the mini i had to put a head of the draconid.
  10. thanks for the help metalchaos with wash and glaze for the link for wet blending. i have the hot lead video on it way just waiting for it to get here and for those that have been waiting for a updated pic sorry their has not been i had to stop cause of work leaving me no time for painting and also have to paint mini for my dnd group.i hope to have a new pic of of the draconid i hope by the weekend.
  11. ive tryed wet blending but like nmm i just cant seem to get it right. any tips u can give for wet blending
  12. your the one that did the the whip chain i saw on darksword u did a amazing job on it. i just start not to long ago doing extra thing like the shadows and highlights but I'm still having proplems with the shadowing part, mostly with the white armor. im not gonna do nmm not on this mini. this mini is just for dnd the next draconid i do will one that would enter in the competition. maybe u can help me what would be the best way to add the shadow as wash or as a glaze.
  13. what do u think would be better as glaze or as a wash or as a like a base coat for putting on the shadow and highlights
  14. thanks for the tips on nnm and the for highlighting red skin. one of the thing that giving my trouble is shadowing white but a few people give me some tips on shadowing white. i tryed just using ashen grey but as u can see on the chest it came out bad. that was why i was thinking about changing the armor to dragon blue and shadow and highlight that i have done blue shadowing and highlights. when i first started this one i want to try and do the white cause this mini will be my my mini for when i play dnd i play a red dragonborn paladin.
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