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  1. You are doing a number on the aesthetics of CAV and it bothers people.
  2. So we are talking a 2mm difference in 'man-height.' Infantry size won't change then will it? Also, how outrageously big are my pair of Kraken and truescale badgers now?
  3. Ah.... Nothing says big stompy robots like CAV super-heavies. A more special Emperor?
  4. Not my Emperor(s)! They are beautiful!
  5. People still play every edition of CAV made so far, so play all of them and see what you like. CAV 2 had made it to a decent level of stability and play balance, all things considered, and it is a fun game. Given CAV's track record when it comes to new editions you may end up having to play an earlier ruleset for a while anyways.
  6. I would love to playtest. CAV could have a real shot at a comeback. I would just reccomend dilligent study of all the feedback that this forum and others has provided on both past editions of CAV. The miniatures stand alone, they can and do sell without a healthy game system to prop them up. What will make CAV a real success will be a system that is quick to play, provides depth of strategic thinking, rewards correct tactical decision making and gives players a sense of what the world is about. Remember: Your die-hard fans are what will drive your success or consign CAV: SO to the $5.00
  7. Sorry to stray off topic. I guess I have never fielded forces that required too much in the way of IA. Streamling anything sounds good to me. Also, I haven't really dealt with the huddle, my regular opponent plays Templars and pimps out his rides with ECM/2 on everybody!
  8. It makes sense that the closer to the source of jamming the harder it is to burn through it. However, it would still have effectiveness at range. Give ECM and EST a generic profile like a weapon for each Level, indicating its effectiveness at various range bands against the firing model or target. Or, give a free action that allows a roll to negate or reduce the effectiveness of ECM/EST. Example 1: A Dictator '60 is firing at a Starhawk V. The Starhawk is under a value 3 ECM bubble. The Dictator gets a free action to burn through the ECM using its TC. Example 2: A Dictator '
  9. I figured a section of Barracudas would provide good ECM cover and be able to keep up with the Kraken. Acting like an escort so I could keep everything on the table to start. I will save the Orbital insertion for a section of Kharls.
  10. Thank you for the answer gentlemen, not many people out my way to bounce ideas off of.
  11. So I could take them as a standard rifle section and a flight section, take the insertion upgrade and start the infantry embarked on the transport with both off table. How does that work with the Airborne upgrade, or does it not?
  12. In trying to design a Rach Infantry force with a quick response section made up of armoured infantry teams with Kraken transport, I came upon a problem. The entry for Orbital Gunship Insertion reads 'Availability: All Gunship Models in a Flight Section.' I take this to mean that if they are not part of a Flight section and taken rather as transport for a Mechanized Infantry section I can't purchase Orbital insertion for them. Am I right?
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