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  1. I've skimmed the thead but didn't see anything - has anyone tried Gunze Mr. Surfacer spray primer? Or the similar stuff from Tamiya? I'm wanting to batch paint a bunch of my Undead Bones, and so a spray can that works would be perfect (I'm in Australia, so most of the options in the OP aren't available)
  2. Something a bit different for me today. A few years ago now there was a time before Zombicide and Borderlands 2 when my gaming group spent quite a few evenings playing through those D&D Boargames. I've shown off the odd critter from Ravenloft and Ashardalon here before, but this guy is from the other side. A model purchased to represent one of the player characters. I actually created a huge list of (mostly) Reaper Miniatures to better represent the player characters as I was never particularly enamoured of the PC models that came in the boxes. One such character was the Half-Orc Thief. Needing one of those, I browsed the Reaper online catalogue and saw this guy, a lovely Tre' Manor sculpt. Shortly afterwards, he was mine. Since I'm no fan of broccoli bases, I had to base him on something plastic and round. A Proxie models 40mm round base was the best and most appropriate thing I had, if a little large, but with his stature and wide-legged stance, this was the smallest thing I could fit him on. The most important thing was to work out a palette that worked for a rogue, was somewhat realistic (for a fantasy trope) and wasn't completely boring. That means an all-black outfit was out. It might be the "obvious" go-to for a rogue or thief in some ways, but I also thought it's the sort of thing that's very likely to attract lots of attention if he were to be walking down a street or sitting in a tavern. Kinda like a sign saying "YES I AM A THIEF", or a guy in a ninja outfit sitting in your local Starbucks. So I wanted to use some colours. Secondly, this guy is a Half-Orc, not a weedy Elf, so I wanted to go for muted, natural colours instead of rich, opulent colours. The result was dark grey leggings, a brown leather padded jerkin, and for a spot colour, red-brown gloves and boots. Pouches in dark grey again, and a natural woodland green for his cloak. The sort of thing that would be dark and dull enough to provide some camouflage in a town or out in the bush. His dual-wielded daggers are painted in the Vallejo colour called "Metal Black" (Or Black Metal!) - which is a really dark, true gunmetal colour. No shine, no highlight, no picking out the pommel or crossguard in bronze, or painting the little skulls on them in bone or gold or whatever. They're bloody rogue's daggers! Anyway, this guy - like so many other figures - sat half-painted and mostly forgotten for a couple of years before I chose him a couple of weeks ago to get done and dusted. Within a day, he was finished. Since we're not playing the D&D games at the moment and haven't played Pathfinder in a year or more, now he goes into a glass cabinet until needed at some point in the future. At least he's done, though!
  3. Hmmm. seems to be something different. Hippocampus (according to google images, anyway) seems to have the hindquarters of a fish. The model I have is best described as a horse-bodied Unicorn (including mono-horn), though with scales. Thank you! That's it. It's this model (not hers - I'll photograph hers and get it up later today or tonight.) Now I just need to ID the manufacturer (and possibly the sculptor) Thank you all so much for taking the time to help. Gotta love this community! ...and here we are. Thanks eBay! Ral Partha KI-RIN 02-951 Not a worry mate - I appreciate the help either way. :)
  4. Hi all, My wife recently finished painting an older miniature that I bought her years ago. It's basically a "Water unicorn", but I'm trying to ID it before posting pics (so I can post it nicely as a finished, painted model, rather than as a "please ID this figure" post. I was hoping that some of the D&D experts here might be able to tell me the D&D name and perhaps the "Reaper Miniatures" name of such creatures so I can find and ID the model. I'm not 100% sure it's a Reaper model (it's pretty old) but it's either Reaper or possibly Ral Partha. I don't think it's old enough to be Grenadier, but who knows? many thanks!
  5. Another old Troll today. This figure is one of Michael Perry's efforts that redefined the look of Warhammer Trolls back in 1992 for 4th Edition. So leaving that narrow era of 3rd that "purists" feel is "Oldhammer". With 4th Edition WHFB, the armies began to be overhauled and have their looks unified in many ways, putting an end to the "rough and ready" and slightly chaotic look that forces and their ranges had previously. The old C20 trolls were retired and replaced with the new "Stone Trolls" and "Swamp Trolls", sculpted by Michael Perry. Although the Swamp Trolls were superseded a few years ago by the plastic River Trolls, four of the original six of these Stone Troll sculpts are even still available today, some 23 Years later, including this guy.That's one hell of a distinguished time of service on this model. I first started on this guy 5+ years ago, at the same time I started on the other blue C20 trolls. As with the "Hill Troll", this guy got "left behind" and was never finished. Since I managed to finish the Hill Troll a couple of weeks ago, it motivated me to pluck this part-painted guy off the desk and finish him off. All I'd done was the base, the basecoat in blue with a wash and drybrush on his cracked back texture - no details. I've gotta say that I really enjoyed finishing him off, and if I weren't in the midst of a self-imposed moratorium on starting new models, I'd be all over the rest of these which I've got tucked away somewhere. As you can see, this guy is much larger than the older models. As KoW uses regiments of 3 and 6 in size for Trolls and I already have 6 of the older models ready to go, if I manage to use him in a game before I paint up some more, he can be used as a Troll Bruiser (Hero).
  6. You've done a great job on this model. Clean bright colour choices and brushwork. The glowing stones and colours give him a kind of World of Warcraft Boss Mob feel as well. I could just imagine facing this guy in somewhere like Stonecore!
  7. Cool tents. It's always nice to see some well done scenic pieces in the painting forums. :)
  8. Nice work. I also expected to see Rocky, perhaps in some fishnets and a corset when I clicked onto the link but the freaky looking Lovecraftian horror that awaited instead is still pretty damn cool, and you've done a very effective job on it.
  9. Great work on the mouses! I wanted to try this game but I just couldn't get into the head space of a game where cats are the bad guys!
  10. Very nice work, Sky. Great job as well on creating the feel of low light across the entire model in what I can only assume is low tide on skull beach, what with all of those sea urchins around!
  11. OK this is just very cool. Great work on the fur tones especially, though your blending elsewhere is also lovely. Dog Viking FTW!
  12. These rats look very cool. I like the contrast between the cold tones of the actual rats and the warmer tones of the terracotta/brick style flooring that you've chosen.
  13. Great work for just your third miniature. Well done!
  14. That's a very evil (and hot!) looking hellhound. Great work!
  15. This is a cool looking model. What stands out for me is the transition between the tones of the upper and lower body and also the subtle mottling pattern. Great work!
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