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  1. Very nice work. I think my favourite part of the figure is the different tonal aspects of the beard. Great work!
  2. Nice work on both wolves you've posted here. My local place didn't have any of these in stock when I was there last, but I'll definitely be picking a couple of them up when they get some in. Without needing to pin and glue arms on, I can actually see myself getting them painted! :)
  3. Very nice work. I had this mini on my "probably to buy" list, and seeing your work here has probably bumped that up a couple of notches. I'm sure my FLGS will be pleased, at least.
  4. Nice work on both of these. I picked them up recently myself and have just done the mold lines and gluing down on the worm. Looks like the paint will (hopefully!) happen tomorrow. I used a scalpel to do the lines though - a file doesn't seem to work well with this kind of rubbery-ish plastic.
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