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  1. Roman centurions Gladiators Greek hoplites (athenian and spartan) German & Celtic warriors Scythian archers Persian Immortals
  2. Sooooo... I just saw the paint job for Red Petals Su, and she's blonde?! Not to be too geeky, but Su is Asian. Please redo her in a more fitting color scheme (and send me the blonde one for being awesome enough to spot the faux pas) Also the entire Chronoscope line's... thingie... is off by two shades so you better send those along with it. thnx
  3. Alright. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe when Pinnacle releases Weird Wars: Rome we'll see some more from Reaper (they usually do Savage Worlds minis).
  4. Maybe I'm just missing them, but does Reaper do Classically themed minis? You know Greek phalanxes, Roman legions, German and Celtic hordes, Parthians etc.?
  5. My introduction to Reaper Mini's came via Savage Worlds. The only true gaming store in my city closed more than a decade ago and in it's place was left two stores focusing on CCG's and wargames (well, warhamster). With the use of mini's for SW, I quickly found that I needed something to bring to the table top other than cannibalized figures from Hero Quest and Space Crusade. Seeing as Reaper already makes the mini's for SW comming here was a natural step in my ever on-going quest to rid myself of capital wealth
  6. Thanks. All of the replies above have been informative. I asked because Rockstar Games managed to get a deal going last year, where customs was added to the shipping cost. And it was nice not having to pony up the extra cash when the post man came around (I just had to get those Red Dead Redemption playing cards for my Deadlands game). And you really should get an EU office. Imagine, Reaper Mini's: multi-national conglomerate
  7. As a newcomer, and a future costumer I hope you can answer the following. Is costums included in the € pricetags? Or does Reaper have a EU branch where they send out packages? I ask because custom tarifs are fairly steep the side of the pond.
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