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  1. Dr. Propaganda

    Do Epic Mimics have Souls?

    Beautiful work. I especially like how you painted the framework to look more bone-like, giving the whole piece a more organic feel. Excellent.
  2. Dr. Propaganda

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Prisoners. People in handcuffs. Guys, and for that matter gals, in prison jumpsuits. Myriad of uses in dozens of campaigns. Throw in a prison guard, with a shotgun and a key chain. Rioting prisoners would also be a great way to expand the line (shiv, molotov, shotgun).
  3. Prisoners. Slaves. People in chains. Lots of campaigns and modules have slaves or hostages or people in shackles, and it would be nice to have a few minis to put on the board. A male and a female, in minimal clothing, with chains and cuffs on their wrist would show up in prisons, torture chambers (which we now have Bones furniture to equip), cells, jails, chain gangs, slave caravans, pirate ships, etc. Throw in a jailer or slaver with a whip and key chain, and you got a three mini set that make a great bonus level in a Kickstarter.
  4. Dr. Propaganda

    Mossbeard (Bones 4 Kickstarter Mini)

    Great Job! The texture contrast between the wood grain and the static grass is spectacular.
  5. Dr. Propaganda

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: The Giantess (RBJ Game Company)

    How big is she? Is that horse to scale for 28mm? Can we see Sir Forscale hacking at her ankle? Great figure. Love the skintone.
  6. Cool. Very old school, Lost and the Damned bunch of baddies.
  7. Lord of the Gnolls (SKU 02704), Pazuzu, (SKU 02206) and Demonic Lasher (SKU 02716)Are all very nice sculpts. But, like Demon Lord of the Undead (SKU 77316) and Minotaur Demon Lord (SKU 77376), I think it is time for an upgrade. While you guys are working your way through redesigning all the demons for Bones, don't forge the Big Guys. Lord of Gnolls is about the same size as the current standard gnolls, he should be at least the size of an Ogre, if not bigger. Pazuzu might not need to be huge, but, giving him at least a wingspan wide enough to really take off would be good. And Demonic Lasher had ought to be Frost Giant size to say the least. I have a regular sized Graz'zt, having an ogre sized one would be nice. The recent Bones 4 Carnivorous Pudding and Fungal Queen make good stand ins for other famous demon lords, but it would be great to finsih off the Court of the Abyss in true to scale form. Why should the Outer Gods get all the love?
  8. Dr. Propaganda

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    I would like to see the IMEF expand as well. There are a decent number of troops, and a good selection of special and squad weapons, with the flamer and the heavy rotary cannon. How about some missile launchers or grenade launchers? There is a medic, how about a comms trooper? How about a hand scanner, ala the Colonial Marines from Aliens? The Bulldog is awesome, and I am dying for it to be released in Bones. How about some arm or weapon options for the Bulldog? The autocannon is nice, but a rotary gun, a laser, a missile pod? And some female troopers would be a good addition. The sniper is great, but having some front line gals to bulk up the numbers would be great, especially if they had some special weapons options. How about some stationary guns and teams? A machine gun nest, a mortar crew, both would be good for building battlefield encounters. And, should all my other wishes come true, throw in a cameraman (or drone) and a press attache, like from Starship Troopers. Got to keep that morale up! Let the folks back home know that the fight against the Kulathi menace is going well!
  9. I see a lot of people in this thread asking for different cultural sets (Mezoamerican, Greek, Egyptian), and in general I think those are good ideas. When I look up the tag "Japanese" in the online store, I see that there are a number of samurai and ronin style minis already available, and one ninja. That makes me think that this is a popular culture for fantasy gaming, but, that the line could use a number of additions. For starters, there is only one female mini in the line, Mika, Female Samurai (SKU 03058). She has on distinctlively Asian style footwear, but otherwise is not especially samurai-like, with her not-katanas, midriff-baring armor, and non traditional sashimono back banner. She is a beautiful mini, but, adding a number of more traditional samurai options for female characters would be nice. Also, there are dozen or so options for guys with swords. How about some Kyudoka archers? Maybe some Ashigaru spearmen? Guns tend to be beyond the scope of my fantasy table, but, perhaps even a man or two armed with the teppo flintlock? Even more than martial options some spellcasters would be nice, which guess would be men and women with staves, or scrolls, or wands (or fans, magic fans would be a nice touch) in traditional medieval dress. As a DM, my primary concern when looking at a line of minis is to have a good selection of bad guys. Having six players pick out their characters is one thing. Being able to table a credibly threatening force is another. The current Japanese line has one obvious bad guy, the Jade Regent (SKU 60097), and one guy who looks bad but could just be in an Oni mask, Hiroku of Okura (SKU 02505). Obviously the other samurai could be used as bad guys, but, since this is wish list, I would like to see a more sinister looking force developed. Taking a page from Hiroku, this could easily be accomplished by sculpting a line of samurai in Oni masks. Say four poses, variety of weapons, all clad in fanged horned masks over their helmets. Giving them a leader or a caster similarly clad in Oni masks would tie together a group that could be tabled as a cohesive force. And finally ninjas. What good is a Japanese fantasy line without a plethora of ninjas? Edo, Male Ninja (SKU 03081) is a great mini, who would be a great edition to the Bones line up all on his own, but, I don't think you should stop there. Ninja (SKU 80032) could benifit from being produced in Bones new grey material if not Bones Black. Reiko, Iconic Ninja (SKU 89036) is a good looking mini, but, why not have more than one? Ninjas present such a wealth of distinct weaponry and equipment, that there should be any number of options for outfitting them, form swords and bows to chains and blowguns and shuriken. And what game would not benefit from the occasional ninja attack? Not just Japanese fantasy environments, but general fantasy, weird west, steampunk, superhero, modern, ... ninjas are like bacon, you can put them on anything. So, in conclusion, Bones would be a great place to flesh out and fill in the Japanese line. You could do a whole Bones 5 Expansion based around Japanese fantasy minis, with new characters, bad guys, ninjas and regional monsters and probably do quite well with it. I know I would buy one.
  10. Why not break out the translucent bonsium and make a Will O'Wisp? Fairly basic monster, don't think there is one in the line yet. Be nice to replace the little led candle I use now. And while you are making things out of "light", maybe some torches or lanterns or spell effects? The modular hands on the dragon man from Bones 4 would make a good template for a spruce of custom hands with effects or lit items.
  11. Dr. Propaganda

    Lizardmen group on swamp base

    Very nice. The paint job is excellent, and I am really impressed by the water work you did on the bases.
  12. Dr. Propaganda

    Bugbear group picture (18 pictures)

    These guys are great. The basing is very dynamic, your color scheme really pops, and I love the runes on the shields. Excellent.
  13. Dr. Propaganda

    77555 Viridus "Autumn Monarch"

    Very nice blending, especially on the belly scales. The display base is beautiful. You might try underlighting him for any future pics, to remove the shadows caused by his wings.
  14. Dr. Propaganda

    07015: Jalarak Leadbarrels, Dwarf Brewmaster

    The leaves are a beautiful touch. I love the depth you have given the materials, especially his hair and beard braids.
  15. Dr. Propaganda

    Lidless Eye: More Random Bones 4, July 3rd edition

    Great looking minis. I love the eyes you did on your Terror Fish and your Maw-Face-Teeth-Thingee. They really stand out and make the whole miniature pop.