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  1. You know what Bones does not have, or, for that matter the entire Reaper catalog is missing?  A two-headed dragon.  That seems like an oversight.  There are hydras, and and awesome five headed dragon tyrant, but, a two headed dragon is nowhere to be seen.  I think a two headed dragon would be cool.  I know evil dragons come in colors / flavors, and I suppose any color of dragon could be two headed, but, if'n I had my druthers, I would want the two headed dragon to be modeled after Narthrax, SKU: 77279, ostensibly the blue dragon of the lot, because lighting sometimes forks, and blue dragons breath lightning, and well, that makes a certain amount of plot sense to me.  But really any old head style would be great, preferably in Bones, and somewhere in the adult dragon size range.

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  2. Halfling dog riders.  Half a dozen to a dozen or so characters of mixed genders, classes, and equipment types who can act as Outriders, or Dog Scouts, or Cavalry.  Big, saddle wearing war dogs, possibly lightly armored.  As a bonus, you could make the mounted halflings also as miniatures on foot. And while you are at it, how about a halfling gypsy style vardo wagon?  The wagon could have a few hard points for mounting modular components, such as boxes, bags barrels, and such.  This would allow each wagon to appear different.  I would love to run a campaign about a team of halfling outriders, and I know it is kind of a niche request, but, hey, if you never ask, you never know.

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  3. How about a line of Mephits?  Or, if mephit is a restricted term, microelementals?  Meta-elementals?  Familiar to goblin sized meta-elementals cast in a variety of translucent bonesium colors.  Clear for steam.  Blue for ice and water.  Black for smoke.  Orange for fire.  You get the idea.  Not only would they be great little monsters, but they would be good for elemental familiars as well.

    Speaking of translucent bonesium, how about casting some angels in clear, or yellow or light blue translucent bonesium?  This would allow us to have angels with wings or blades made of "light."

    Image result for diablo 3 angels


    And well, wings of fire or a sword of pure radiance would be pretty slick.

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  4. I also agree with this "ecosystem" approach to KotB.  When I have run the CoC in the past, especially recently for my kids games, I like to make the players move from wherever it is they are from (not a Borderland) to the Borderlands.  This allows the players to stop at frontier cabins and settler's steads along the way to get the lowdown on the area.  Local farmers and shepherds can tell the players of stolen cattle and marauding humanoids burning down homesteads and carrying away prisoners and livestock to feed their growing numbers.  This helps to motivate the characters before they even get to the keep.  Instead of going to the local tavern to find a reason to adventure, characters come inside the keep looking for rumors about the Caves.  Get a local scout to point them in the right direction (perhaps handing them a handy player's map) and maybe put up a wanted poster promising a bounty of a silver piece per humanoid ear delivered, and they are off to the races.

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  5. The newly released Argamite Explorer (SKU 50346) and Korkosan Explorer (SKU 50347) strike me as very reminiscent of characters from the TSR classic Star Frontiers, and I love them.  I know Star Frontiers has been out of print for 25+ years, but please don't let that stop you.  Add on as many Argamites and Korkosans as you can as well as any mantis looking aliens in similar space suits you come up with.  Throw in a line of humans in matching suits with a variety of weapons and equipment.  Make a dozen of so walking-worm evil aliens in foot soldier, scientist and officer poses.  And of course, a motley collection of mixed race space pirates from all of the above, armed with las-gun and vibro knife, ready to storm space liners and cargo haulers alike.  I will buy them all.

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  6. And since everyone seems to be on board with the IMEF expansion, I would like to see the Kulathi expand as well.  You don't want them to spend the majority of their time being used against some other company's alien invaders!  There are a good number of Kulathi infantry now, but no support weapons, no officers, no specialists of any kind.  And what will they do when facing a Bulldog?  Well, they got six limbs, so they should have a six legged bug-walker, with a mounted heavy gun.


    Other Alien races would also be great to expand upon, but are lacking in foot soldiers.  Except for the Grays; there is a decent line up of Grays, although not too many that are seriously battle ready.  I would love to see a heavily armed force of Grays that I could put up against my IMEF troops X-COM style.

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  7. Prisoners.  Slaves.  People in chains.  Lots of campaigns and modules have slaves or hostages or people in shackles, and it would be nice to have a few minis to put on the board.  A male and a female, in minimal clothing, with chains and cuffs on their wrist would show up in prisons, torture chambers (which we now have Bones furniture to equip), cells, jails, chain gangs, slave caravans, pirate ships, etc.  Throw in a jailer or slaver with a whip and key chain, and you got a three mini set that make a great bonus level in a Kickstarter.

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  8. Lord of the Gnolls (SKU 02704), Pazuzu, (SKU 02206) and Demonic Lasher (SKU 02716)Are all very nice sculpts.  But, like Demon Lord of the Undead (SKU 77316) and Minotaur Demon Lord (SKU 77376), I think it is time for an upgrade.  While you guys are working your way through redesigning all the demons for Bones, don't forge the Big Guys.  Lord of Gnolls is about the same size as the current standard gnolls, he should be at least the size of an Ogre, if not bigger.  Pazuzu might not need to be huge, but, giving him at least a wingspan wide enough to really take off would be good.  And Demonic Lasher had ought to be Frost Giant size to say the least.  I have a regular sized Graz'zt, having an ogre sized one would be nice.  The recent Bones 4 Carnivorous Pudding and Fungal Queen make good stand ins for other famous demon lords, but it would be great to finsih off the Court of the Abyss in true to scale form.  Why should the Outer Gods get all the love?

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