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  1. I would like to see the IMEF expand as well. There are a decent number of troops, and a good selection of special and squad weapons, with the flamer and the heavy rotary cannon. How about some missile launchers or grenade launchers? There is a medic, how about a comms trooper? How about a hand scanner, ala the Colonial Marines from Aliens? The Bulldog is awesome, and I am dying for it to be released in Bones. How about some arm or weapon options for the Bulldog? The autocannon is nice, but a rotary gun, a laser, a missile pod? And some female troopers would be a good addition. The sni
  2. I see a lot of people in this thread asking for different cultural sets (Mezoamerican, Greek, Egyptian), and in general I think those are good ideas. When I look up the tag "Japanese" in the online store, I see that there are a number of samurai and ronin style minis already available, and one ninja. That makes me think that this is a popular culture for fantasy gaming, but, that the line could use a number of additions. For starters, there is only one female mini in the line, Mika, Female Samurai (SKU 03058). She has on distinctlively Asian style footwear, but otherwise is not
  3. Why not break out the translucent bonsium and make a Will O'Wisp? Fairly basic monster, don't think there is one in the line yet. Be nice to replace the little led candle I use now. And while you are making things out of "light", maybe some torches or lanterns or spell effects? The modular hands on the dragon man from Bones 4 would make a good template for a spruce of custom hands with effects or lit items.
  4. Very nice. The paint job is excellent, and I am really impressed by the water work you did on the bases.
  5. These guys are great. The basing is very dynamic, your color scheme really pops, and I love the runes on the shields. Excellent.
  6. Very nice blending, especially on the belly scales. The display base is beautiful. You might try underlighting him for any future pics, to remove the shadows caused by his wings.
  7. The leaves are a beautiful touch. I love the depth you have given the materials, especially his hair and beard braids.
  8. Great looking minis. I love the eyes you did on your Terror Fish and your Maw-Face-Teeth-Thingee. They really stand out and make the whole miniature pop.
  9. I run the occasional Wild / Weird West game, and one thing that is lacking from the Western line is a range of bad guys. There are a few character bad guys (Deadeye Slim, Lobo Sanchez and Jeb Lawson), but not a collection of rank and file bad men. There are more undead and anthropomorphic animals in the Western line than there are dudes with bandannas over there faces and guns in their hands. In the fantasy line, there is a range of "Bandits" who are extremely useful. The Western line could benefit from a similar set of Banditos. Three to six minis, male and female, in hats, dusters, and f
  10. The Bones 4 Core Set included a single winged dragon man / half dragon / draconian, complete with a sprue of hand selections. This guy is great. It took me longer to figure out which configuration of hands and equipment to give him than it did to put all the rest of my sets together. Once he is released for general purchase, I plan on acquiring a dozen or so more of him, and using them to run a Dragonlance revival for my daughter and her junior high friends. In that light, I would love to see more winged dragon man options. Different body styles to represent more dragon variants and colo
  11. I bought my first D&D boxed set on my 13th birthday way back in 1983, and Keep on the Borderlands was included. I have run it a couple of dozen times since then, and have been giving it a lot of action lately. Of course, it was the playtest module for D&D Next, and I ran it with a couple of different groups. When my oldest daughter turned 13, I started a game for her junior high friends, and sent them in to get their feet wet and learn how to use their characters. This year, I started the same process with my second daughter, now that she is in junior high. Now that my oldest daug
  12. Sharp. I need one. To keep the other dozen odd ogres I have company.
  13. Reaper has done a great job fleshing out the Kobold, Goblin, and Orc lines in Bones. How about expanding the Hobgoblins, Gnolls and Bugbears lines? The hobgoblins rolled out in Bones 3 were great, but there are only four, and there are three pewter options that don't look at all similar. A leader type, a spell caster, some spearmen, maybe a banner bearer and a musician or two. Similarly there are four bugbear poses, all melee fighters. Unlike the hobgoblins there are a few option more available in metal, but again the aesthetic is wildly different. Again, leader and spell caster would be
  14. Speaking of monsters totally missing from the Reaper line, adding a male and a female Rakshasa would be a good addition to the Bones line up. And, while we are on the subject of tiger people, a weretiger (or weretigress, we have no female lycanthropes to date), and an appropriately sized tiger (Perhaps SKU 03668) would all all be welcome additions. You could put them all in as a reward level together. "Earn Your Stripes" or something punny.
  15. Speaking of monsters totally missing from the Reaper line, adding a male and a female Rakshasa would be a good addition to the Bones line up. And, while we are on the subject of tiger people, a weretiger (or weretigress, we have no female lycanthropes to date), and an appropriately sized tiger (Perhaps SKU 03668) would all all be welcome additions. You could put them all in as a reward level together. "Earn Your Stripes" or something punny.
  16. I love the new Duergar in Bones 4, and look forward to collecting a larger number of them, including a few more of the large-size spell effected duergar. However, I can't help but point out that duergar have TWO inherent spell-like powers, Enlarge and Invisibility. We have a enlarged duergar, how about an invisible one? Cast in clear resin, like the line of invisible adventurers, (who conspicuously are missing an invisible dwarf as well, I might add. If you are going to turn the cleric and the warrior invisible, you know you are going to need to turn the dwarf invisible as well, he's the l
  17. In answer to your question, the obvious argument to be made against toy store snakes is that giant snakes available through toy stores tend to be made of a "rubber" material / latex foam that is very soft and pliable, or, from vinyl. Neither is particularly good for conversion work, and both are difficult to pose in any way that does not result in a foot long snake taking up a large portion of your board. In addition, the level of detail is lacking on most toy snakes. Even realistic ones do not have the level of detail we have come to expect from fantasy miniatures. However,
  18. I agree. And speaking of champions, in addition to the 77268: Squog Warriors (2) and 77269: Mudcroak, Squog Shaman that we already have, I would love to see a Squoq King, Chief, or Leader of some kind. Some kind of big, diabolical looking frog dude with a headdress and wicked looking weapon, perhaps all bloated up with air to give his terrifying battle croak. Or, a Squoq Queen, if that is how Squoq's roll.
  19. I would in fact, like to see a number of big monsters added to the line up. A big crab, a giant slug or snail, or, a huge, character-gulping fish. Something big, the size of a dragon or giant, or even as big as 77375: Mashaaf . Perhaps a roc or a giant, dragon-sized bat. An enormous bat, possibly with a vampire or lich rider, would be a really cool, original option for a lot of campaigns or for tabletop strategy games.
  20. I would like to see a really big "giant snake". Like "cover of a Conan novel" big. 03676: Giant Snake and 03679: Giant Cobra are both great minis, but I mean something the size of 77183: Frost Wyrm if not larger. Something to the scale of 77395: Cadirith, Demonic Colossal Spider. The sort of snake that could make a swallow attack on a character or his horse, and still keep fighting. Not only would this be a great opponent for general fantasy and pulp use, but, it would be an excellent product for a villain in all those Mousling campaigns, and a lot easier and more useful than releasing a
  21. I was looking at the new line of furniture and dungeon dressing, and I was thinking that using the translucent fire effects and water effects would be helpful. A fireplace for instance, could be either cast in two pieces, one in regular bonesium for the actual stone hearth, and a second piece of flames, so that the two could be put together or left apart for an unlit fireplace. Or, it could be cast in one piece of translucent bonesium, with the stone portion needing to be painted like the current water weird. Flaming braziers, buckets of water, boiling cauldrons, campfires, beds of coals, f
  22. I would like to see a few more humanoid spell casters. I really like 60175: Oloch, Iconic Warpriest, and 14597: Toghra the Despoiler, Gnoll Warlord in Bones is a step in the right direction, but I would like to see even more monstrous spell casters. 03699: Hobgoblin Sorcerer or 14569: Goblin Shaman would be a nice addition. Perhaps an orc wizard in robes with a hood and shoulder plates and a skull topped staff, or some bugbear priests. Female versions of some spell casters would be appreciated as well.
  23. Another nice addition to the line would be a skeletal dragon of playable size. Kaladrax is a beautiful sculpt, and a excellent display piece, but he / she / it is a bit much to put on the tabletop. A skeletal dragon mini, of roughly the same size as the other bones dragons that are currently available ( Deathsleet, Cinder Blightfang), would be a welcome addition to the line, speaking as a DM. Also, I think it would be a nice touch to throw in a phylactery mini, just to make scene building and dioramas easier.
  24. Also, while doing a search of the works of Tre Manor in the store yesterday I stumbled upon; 03489 Black Orc Warriors. It is a crime against dungeon mastering that my tribe of Bones Orcs is missing these two fine specimens! If these two Orcs were to go into production, I would buy at least five of each, to match the numbers of the other Manor sculpted Orcs I received as part of my first Bones Kickstarter pledge. Right now, my players are stuck facing only 25 Orc warriors. With your help, that tribe can reach 35 in no time flat. In fact, I would nominate any of Mr. Manor's fine work, an
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