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  1. Expanding upon my last request, since Reaper is starting to build furniture and set pieces, how about some instruments of torture to outfit our favorite dungeon or torture chamber? A nice iron maiden (excellent!), a quick stretch on the rack, a brazier with warming tongs and brands, a chair with iron boot, a guillotine. The possibilities are practically endless. And they could be built to display empty, or, with some minor ethical pondering, occupied, either by fresh victims, or, by skeletal remains. Throw in a couple of hooded gentlemen plying whip or pliers, and you have a great set. Wh
  2. Something I would like to see added to the line are prisoners / slaves. Generic guys (and girls) in shackles, that could be found in dungeon prisons, could be used as slaves or captives, or, could prisoners that the party has captured, are transporting, or are interrogating in the castle of some lord would be nice. I'd prefer to see them in a variety of races as well as in both genders. You never know when you might need to rescue an elven maiden, or, when an orc slave kept in a giant's keep might provide you with valuable intel.
  3. Something I think would make a great addition to the line is prisoners, i.e. people in shackles, chains or handcuffs. I would like to see some generic prisoners, that could be used as slaves or captives, wearing simple pants or clothes, that could be used in any number of genres or settings. Maybe the stereotypical old man with wild hair and beard, shackled and foot, waiting to be discovered in any number of prison or dungeons settings and deliver valuable exposition. Also, prisoners in modern prison uniforms would be nice. I would suggest making their hands a separate piece, so that yo
  4. I would like to see a few more terrain pieces that are common to my games. Gas Pumps would be a great piece of scenery. In fact any large pieces of fuel depot or refining equipment would be useful. Gunfights and such at gas stations or refineries are great action scenes, since the whole place is highly flammable and reasonably explosive.
  5. Flying kobolds would be nice. Some bat or dragon wings, possibly slightly more draconic features. Maybe in a four pack of varied poses so you could buy up a swarm of them in a hurry.
  6. I see several people have mentioned giants, and I would like to echo that. A wider range of Frost and Hill Giants would be great. But, I think the line should include some new or different kinds of giants as well. Sea Giants, for instance, with seaweed draped viking or roman helmets. Turbaned or pharoh-ic Desert Giants. Asian inspired River Giants with flowing robes. Kilted Highlands Giants with spiked hair and woad, throwing enourmous rocks. The great thing about Bones is it makes large monster minis attainable in large sizes or big groups. I would love to have a whole collection of d
  7. I think that adding large eagles to the line would be a good addition. Sandra Garrity's 14086: Giant Eagle is a great mini that would be great in Bones. Also, I would like to see some rider or saddle options for the larger monsters, especially the flying ones. The Giant Eagle would be a good example of a monster that would look great with a rider option, as would the 14077: Griffon (also by Sandra Garrity) from the first Bones Kickstarter run. I sure a few dragon riders would be generally welcomed as well.
  8. I would like to see an original, non-copyright infringing five headed super-dragon of indeterminate gender. Possibly one that could be used as some kind of dragon monarch. I am sure someone else has requested it before now, but, it is possible that such a creature would be useful in certain upcoming releases of any number of random or obscure gaming producers / game wizards.
  9. I would like to see a line of Dragonlance-style draconians, or winged dragon men. Ral Partha used to sell them, but now they are pretty much missing form any line of minis. With D&D Next in playtest WotC may bring Dragonlance back (stranger things have happened) and even if they don't, winged armord dragon men make great villains for any number of fantasy campaigns. I have not played Dragonlance since I was in high school, but, I am thinking of running it again soon for my current gaming group. A series of Bones dragon men would make that a lot easier and much much cooler.
  10. A problem with making ethically African miniatures for a fanasy setting is the limitation on the scope of the environment. You can either make ethnically African warriors in african cultural garb (i.e. Zulus, Moors, Nubians) which makes you vulnerable to claims of cultural stereotyping, or, you can exaggerate ethnic physical traits on characters to make them obviously ethcially African but dressed in non-African garb (i.e. typical Western European fantasy garb) leaving you vulnerable to claims of physical stereotyping. Characters of any obvious ethnic group run these risks. That being sa
  11. First I'd like to commend you on your new line, and many of the choices you've made so far. For the first time, my low level adventurers will face a proper contingent of kobolds, and it cost me less than $20. Bravo. I would like to see the Bones line help to flesh out a lot of the common monsters that as a DM I see frequently in a variety of different game systems and world systems. I'd like to see iconic monsters (purple worm, awesome cast) and humanoids that we need large numbers (Orcs, kobolds, skeletons, all nice, but the larger casts, the gnolls, bugbears, ogres and trolls all exce
  12. Ooops, forgot one. Short people are a staple of westerns ( the hotel manager in For a Few Dollars More or Linda Hunt's Stella from Silverado). When the west goes from Wild to Weird dwarfs become commonplace (Billy Curtis as Mordecai in High Plains Drifter or Tony Cox as Eight Ball in the Warrior's Way). How about a few midgets for Chronoscope / Savage World?
  13. I really enjoy the Chronoscope and Savage Worlds miniature lines. I have a few non- specific recommendations for figures to expand selection of western miniatures, rather than specific characters or people to create. All of my suggestions would apply to either male or female figures, if not both. Characters wearing ponchos, as Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name character, or Richard Boone’s John Fain in Big Jake. Closed, concealing the character almost entirely, or, open to reveal a gun, about to be drawn. Characters wearing fringed leathers, as James Caan does in El Dorado, or like Jay Si
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