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  1. Nearby campus there is a pizza place called the Tavern Which makes a lot of custom personal pizzas, they have a basil pesto drizzle the add to pizza that is the best thing ever and something I have never seen before. Dunno if it counts as favorite weird food combo but it's my answer. ^^
  2. Age of Creation: In the beginning there was the One. It thought to itself of family then from the one He and She were born. In the blackness they made light blossom forth like the opening of a rose at dawn, and they thought it to be right. Next, they set their minds to the world, they thought of the ground and the sky and the seas, and from their lips echoed the song of life. Their voices joined they made the races of the world, and the trees and plants of the land and sea and felt it to be right. But darkness and light settled in He and She gaining wills of their own until where once were three there were now five. She became Ice; queen of ice and mother of the gods, and Blight; Bearer of plague and corrupter of hearts, He became Dracorex; Patriarch of the gods and King of Light, and Oblivion Eater of worlds and King of darkness. And thus, the age of creation ended. Age of Mythos: From Ice, sired by Dracorex, came the first of the young gods, His draconic body glistening copper, his eyes glittering with a cunning unrivaled by all in the world he named himself, Rogue. Next came a goddess cloaked in light and warmth, her brass scales a light to ward away the darkness of night she named herself Love. Third came forth a dragon of platinum, his presence calming the minds of all around him, he named himself Peace. Finally came a goddess her scales of every precious gem imaginable, she named herself Gem. From the world itself came the primal gods, Wild, the hunter, Sea, god of the waves, Farm, god of the harvest, and City, god of the people. And where there were people and wills there came forth the god Insanity, called by some Prophecy, and none know from whist he came. After the birth of her children Ice’s power was diminished as she bestowed it upon her children, fearing her death Dracorex granted her a half of his power but she refused keeping only enough to live. Being moved by the love he felt for his wife he granted her the north and south as her domain, thus her ice covers both poles of the world in perpetual cold. Oblivion and his wife Blight looked upon the children of Dracorex and Ice and were enraged, for Blight could not bear them children of their own, and thus their counterparts would gain great power over them, thus Oblivion sent forth a demon of shadow and death to haunt the young Rogue’s dreams, whispering hateful things and placing darkness into Rogue’s heart. For years this happened slowly building resentment for his father in Rogue’s mind, until on day he thought to himself “I shall act against my father lest he use his power against me and my followers. Thus, Rogue crept into the seat of his father’s power drawing a knife given him by the demon of shadow and death and sliced off a single talon from his fathers clawed hand, claiming it as his own. Only after the deed was done did he realize his folly and was overcome with guilt and fear, he fled fearing his fathers rage using his newfound power to hide himself, becoming the god of thieves and murderers. Next having seen the prized child of the goodly gods turned against them Oblivion turned his malevolent gaze to the other two, Love and Peace. They were a couple living to make the world a good place for their mortal charges, spreading their names throughout the world. Oblivion saw this with disgust and again sent a demon into Peace’s dreams whispering of infidelity and rage and hateful things, blaspheming the name of love, and spreading cracks through his golden heart. Love noticed the change as it slowly happened and tried to save him, but she could not for one stronger than her was pulling the strings. One dark and evil night Peace left to find Love fearing she had ran off to be with Rogue, upon finding her with Rogue, for love was seeking advice from her elder brother regarding her lover, The darkness fell upon him, his heart broke spilling rage into his mind and his eyes filled with blood, his once shimmering scales turned to a dull white and he lashed out at Rogue, but Love ever caring threw herself in his path, Peace’s claws struck to her heart cutting it in two and at that moment Peace died, being consumed by Rage. Thus, Rage god of war and anger entered the world of mortals, spreading war and famine in his wake until Peace can break free. Love after the fall of Peace was distraught her heart torn atwain by the claws of her former lover, in her she felt a stirring of passion and pure sexuality, she also felt a stirring of fidelity, trust and true compassion. This disturbed her as these emotions had always been unified in her heart and soul, in despair she called out to Rogue, confessing a love for him, but rogue could not care for anyone for the darkness in his heart was too strong, but a part of his heart truly cared for Love, thus he retreated saying he would return to her. In the dark of his escape he searched himself and found the darkness within him and named it Venom, god of Assassination and Murder. Taking the black blade, he used to sever his fathers claw in one hand and the golden knife he carved from his fathers claw into the other he cut himself in two and cast away Venom into Oblivion. Feeling his emotions being purified he felt true love for the first time since his fall from his father’s favor. He returned to Love telling her nothing of what had transpired and confessed his love for her, thus the god of Thieves and the goddess of love were wed, and Rage howled from the cage of his madness. Love felt pure joy, joy like none she had felt in her life as her love Rogue held her in his arms but deep in her twined heart she felt despair for she felt something was off. She sensed another’s essence mingled with Rogues, one of pure passion and primal sexuality, one that was not Loves own. Becoming angered she questioned Rogue who denied having seen any other woman. Love took his word and simply wrote off her intuition, but what she could not know was that in her sleep Venom sent by Oblivion whispered in her ear, whispered of passions and sex and of pure lust. Each day love felt the same essence upon rogue feeling a passion and sexuality upon him that did not feel right. Upon telling Rogue about her intuition he left for his escape. She worried for him fearing his betrayal of her to be true. One-night Rogue came to her in a dream and told her he sensed a duality in her and that he could help her. The next morning love awoke feeling only compassion and love. Rogue cast Lust to Venom declaring that since he had made her he should deal with her. Thus, was born the goddess Lust, goddess of pure sexuality and Revelries. and Rogue and Love were both pure and whole and lived forever in love with one another. Gem looked upon the earth and felt the rays of the sun upon her back, to her it felt too warm and too bright thus she retreated beneath the ground being filled with the cold of the earth she reveled in it and was content for a time. After years of this seclusion she began to feel alone. Going to the surface world she came upon a tribe of mountain men whom hunted the mountain sides for meat and berries. When they saw her, they fell to their knees in adoration being forever changed by the sight of a goddess in her true divinity. In devotion to her they offered her anything, and she asked for their company beneath the ground. They obliged and immediately began to carve homes into the mountain side. Over the centuries they began to change becoming shorter and stronger, and growing beards and body hair to ward against the cold of their homes. They spent their days toiling beneath the rock searching for the precious metals and gems in the earth so as to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the goddess their ancestors had once seen and fell in love with. For their services Gem bestowed upon them the gift of Artifice, and taught them to make marvels the likes of which would become legends. Thus, did Gem goddess of the earth become Gem, goddess of wealth, Artifice, and the Dwarves. The mortal children of Dracorex did cover Teros in the age of Mythos ranging from the metallic dragons to the humans and elves. In this Oblivion found insult for he viewed himself and his brother as equals. He wanted his own people to worship him and to offer him sacrifice. Thus, Oblivion appeared to a tribe of elves in Voraldir enslaving their minds to his will, making them bow before him. In the darkness of his wings he manipulated them turning them into mockeries of what they once were. He named this race the orcs. Turning his eyes then to the humans he did the same making a tribe into all the varieties of goblins that live on the earth. Finally, as the most grievous insult he took a hand full of each metallic dragon and took them to his throne where they were infused with his evil. Thus, the chromatic dragons were made, as a scourge to the world. In the age of Mythos dragons did sire children with humans and elves, for such things were possible in this time. From their joining did arise the Dragonkin. An elven mother and a bronze dragon father, both names lost to antiquity, gave birth to a pair of twins. The first a smaller child whom lacked wings customary to his race but glimmered with bronze scales none the less was named Arcanix, his brother a hulking man who truly resembled the common Dragonkin was named Dracali. The boys grew up loved by their family and soon were taught the ways of magic by their draconic father. In this Arcanix truly excelled and helped his brother to learn. As the years went by and their powers grew they became apprenticed to an enchantress of extreme power and from her they stole a spell book containing a spell called Immortale, a spell said to grant divinity to the caster. Fleeing from their master they began the incantation not knowing the consequences. At the climax of the spell Arcanix realized his brother was gone, and further more that he could not recall his name. he finished the spell and power exploded from his surroundings and flowed into him as he ascended to divinity. Catching the eyes of the gods they each laid a curse on the mortal who dared to ascend. Dracorex took his eyes leaving him blinded, Oblivion made an eternal pain fall upon him, Gem encased him in magical crystals that drained his magic, Rogue gave him the curse of knowledge, Love claimed the lives of all he loved, Blight laid a plague upon his family, Venom sent him into an eternal slumber and ice cursed his priests to be frozen solid. Insanity Laughed. Thus, the age of Mythos ended. Age of the Elves: In the mortal world in the land of the elves known as Goloria on the north western continent an elven man sang a song all alluring and beautiful, said to be a rival to the gods themselves. Before him were a score of elves dancing to his song, one in particular a female of his race danced with such fluidity and grace so as to attract the eyes of all in the room, fixated on her beauty and poise. In his mind a voice ancient and powerful whispered simply “go to her” he stood walking with confidence toward her the crowd gracefully parting around them as he continued his song and the man and woman’s eyes met, together they danced and sang the night away their union pulling at the hearts of all who beheld it as their performance went on through the years they fell more and more into Love’s embrace, together they lived and danced and sang completing each other to perfection, they sired children and continued their legacy of song and dance, and when their time came and their last breaths were uttered a light fell upon the world and they were ascended to divinity. Thus, was born Dance goddess of the dance, and beauty, and her husband Lyric, god of the song, and teller of tales. Their mortal children became the bards of the world, living as they did sharing the beauty of their parent’s performance with the world. In the age of Elves two great kingdoms of elven kin did rise, one belonging to Dracorex lord of light, It was named Goloria after its first king, and the second belonging to Oblivion lord of despair, these kingdoms fought one another the fair elves of Goloria Pitted against the Demon Elves of Voraldir. The war was fierce and bloody with many casualties on all sides with the song swords and paladins of Goloria pitted against the Hell blades and Shadow Blades mof Oblivion. Long did the war rage long did elven kin hold fear in their hearts. One particular battle did stain the war when MalVoral high priest of Oblivion did take the field cloaked in shadow and stained with blood, against him the paladins of Dracorex did flee as their hearts felt true dread, in their retreat halving the army of light leaving naught but the song swords of lyric, ten of his high priests did stand to face the emissary of the void. side by side with fifty others who joined their song. The battle lasted three long days and three long nights as joined voices and whirling spinning dancing blades cut through the army of darkness, hopeless it was as on the fourth night Oblivion himself was called forth unto Vorildir his power struck down the song blades and the priests of Lyric. This night, the night music died, was forever a shame to the clerics of light and the warriors of Dracorex as they had abandoned the song blades in their hour of need, gathering the forces of light once more they avenged Lyric and swept the voraldirians back into the desert their master had prepared for them. (Thats all i got in writing so far thought you might all like to read it ill probably be adding a new story once or twice a week)
  3. Thanks everyone ^^ sorry I havent been on recently see my dads explanation.
  4. Hi guys this is KnightyNight, sorry I havent been active in forever, ive jad alot on my plate what with college and work and whatnot. I decided to paint this mini cause why not. So this is the mini all prepped and ready, and after about an hour Here he is all nice and base coated. I plan on having him look red dragony, with red tinged bones. The armour will look like blueish steel along with the sword and dagger, and the robes will be a kind of grey color. Nice talking to you guys again, comments and critiques always welcome NK
  5. I'm pretty sure Reaver has workable hands as his have to have claws added, and the edilon can use weapons eventually.
  6. Sillilial saunters up to the door puts his ear to it and says, "should we have Reaver try to break it down?"
  7. Sillilial is waiting patiently with Reaver at the door playing what looks like tic tac toe in the dirt. He looks up and smiles, "anything of interest?"
  8. Spark of Oblivion Hey guys KN here, I decided that I would like to start posting a fantasy story titles Spark of Oblivion. This has been a concept in my head for so long, it will be nice to get it out. It will be a mystery so no spoilers. -looking at you TS- enjoy Prolouge: His footsteps echoed quietly against the cobblestone walls of the sewers that surrounded him. It was dark, darker than the deepest most shadowy depths of the Golorian sea. he doubted anyone, except the workers and the rogues, had been down here for a long time. He was here for a reason, His god had demanded a trip into the sewers, he had not been given a reason, but one does not question Rogues will lightly. Realizing it would most likely end in riches Araris had been happy to answer his lord's call. While deep in his musing of the riches he would receive for his loyalty, his sensitive ears picked up a low growling coming from around the nearest corner “damn rats” he uttered as he stopped himself short. “I hate rats”. Going into a crouch he languidly stretched his thin dexterous hand down to his black leather boot, where he kept his small silver knife, the blade was finger length and wickedly sharp it had cost him an arm and a leg, but then again silver draconite is far from a common material on Teros. As he Flipped the knife into a backhanded position, he smiled at the weight of his small glittering weapon, sensing the perpetual cold chill that always hung around the little blade. Holding his breath, he listened for the slightest noise, a slight snuffling or perhaps a mere scuffling. He strained his eyes against the dark his extraordinary vision from his eleven mother doing him no good in this almost unnatural darkness. Finally, after what seemed like a small eternity, he heard a small yet audible squeak. He lashed out feeling the knife bite into something furry. Feeling a chill splash on his hand he recoiled. Careful not to trip lest he fall into the filthy water that ran merely four feet from him. A squeal of pain went up from the darkness, and using the noise as a reference point Araris struck out again, and yelped as he felt a sharp pain in his arm followed shortly by a warm sticky sensation. He moved the knife to his other hand, still feeling the fangs of the rat, now sunk deep in his arm twisting his good arm around he sank the chilling blade deep into the neck of the rat. WIth a slight growl from the animal, its jaws loosened and it fell with a lifeless thunk to the ground. Araris sighed, the bite on his arm throbbing with a dull pain. He knelt down and re sheathed his knife muttering to himself. He heard a weak laugh, and spun around. There was a flash as he reached for his boot, but before he could get a grip on the knife he felt a searing pain one that rent at his very soul, followed by oblivion. Chapter one:
  9. Sillilial will stay back and let one of the other better armoured party members go in first.
  10. Sillilial looks around the room quickly, "this could be pride? Or maybe sloth, I'm not sure myself, but given the last to rooms I agree with Sturgis."
  11. Hearing that Sturgis said the gems are good for undead creation sillilial smiles, "Further proof that black I'd bad."
  12. Sillilial looks at the stones "My priest at the chapel always told me black is evil, I don't trust those gems, you should be careful jayelief" -ooc- yes I know that's not how you spell it, that is sillilial pronunciation -ooc-
  13. Then sillilial is holding for the zombie to rush him. He will still signal reaver to attack. -ooc- are we still using same die rolls for reaver? -ooc-
  14. Sillilial will take a step back from the door and signal reaver to charge in to attack with his claws. Sillilial will then take out his mace and squeel KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE. Rolls Claw one Rolls: 10+4=14 Damage:6+3=9 Claw two Rolls:15+4=19 Damage: 6+3=9
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