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  1. Just realised that I neglected to show the goodies I received from my generous benefactor! So, allow me to rectify this oversight! The painted wizard is very nice and I have a couple of ideas how to use the giant skeleton thing! Happy days! :)
  2. The bright blue against the black is very striking. I like it a lot! Well done!
  3. If I had one tiny criticism, though, it's that the fur cloak could do with another highlight, just to pick it out. Right now, the back of the model is quite bland compared to the front.
  4. Great job. The face and beard particularly!
  5. The attention to detail and painting in general are excellent, but the cloak is particularly awesome! Well done!
  6. This sounds like fun! But I'm quite new to this, so apologies if I ask for some clarifications! I send the questionnaire to you, you match me with someone else and then we both paint a figure (or not). Then we send the figures to you and you forward them on? Is that how it works?
  7. These last couple of posts are really helpful! Being colourblind I generally steer clear of using anything other than a darker/lighter shade of the base colour as I often can't be sure of the result, but it's made me start to think about colour theory a bit more and whether I can gather some info as to particular paints I have that I could reach for if shading any other paint. Kind of like a matrix perhaps. If shading this then use that, etc.
  8. Oof! Another stunning piece! The patterns just seem to glow, don't they? And the NMM is so good too! I was looking back at the Talisman pics and the gold on that figure is mind blowing!
  9. The standout aspect for me is the subtlety of the shading and highlighting on the robe. Bravo!
  10. Simply phenomenal! The artistry you display is so inspirational! And I'd be front and center at your freehand tutorial! I think I have a fair idea how it would be executed, but what I'd like to know is how do you visualise the pattern before committing to it? Do you look at patterns or do you just make them up. I thinkn that's what I'd struggle with the most. But seeing your work really makes me want to try!
  11. The sculptor was Patrick Keith. He did a fine job, too. I love figures like this, where the pose is actually quite static, but the turn of the head and the slightly wide stance convey a sense of action and energy. I recently started painting some Infinity figures and I found a cracking example of this kind of posing with the Reverend Custodier:
  12. Thanks everyone! The skintone was a particular triumph for me as I picked the palette myself and I'm very colourblind, so I'm glad to hear that I did well! @traxia - the stockings were quite easy, really. I just painted the legs in the skintone, as if they weren't there, and then applied some washes, starting light and getting darker into the recesses. @Kuro & Lizard - I hope you'll post your visions of this figure! She's such a nice sculpt and there are so many ways you could paint her!
  13. Been ages since I painted any Reaper figures, but I came across this figure in my lead pile and decided she needed to be painted. Such an absolutely top sculpt. So, despite being instantly depressed by the red and green versions by Darkstar on this forum, I set to work. My freehand is nowhere near that standard, but I definitely felt the dress needs something, so I did my best. Hope you like. There's clickable versions of these pictures over on my blog - http://colourofwar.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/xiufang-finished.html
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