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  1. This miniature was my entry for Sotavasara.net (finnish miniature forum) painting-competiton. I'm very satisfied, because there was many great pieces, and still this got 3rd place in single fantasy-category. Well so... Usually I ask constructive criticism only from other finnish painters, but because I think that many countries may have own "minipainting culture", I thought it would be interesting to get criticism also from other people.
  2. I wonder which actions i should declare before i measure. Because the beta rules version 1.01 don't say it clearly (or i didn't find where it read). I though you can measure anything before you do anything, but pg.1 says "Declare, then measure". So, should i declare for example my shooting target, before i measure? And if i should, which other actions need to be declared before measure? And secondly, can i bring my models to base to base contact with normal move, or does it need charge-move?
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