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  1. I for one will not be utilizing EB in my kickstarter, it sets a bad presedent. I would rather set the prices the same for everybody and use any extra money towards reducing the backers shipping costs. Especially for the international folk.
  2. Yeah I forgot to put the hat in, I can send it if you want
  3. I'm curious where the big jump in line items per order is gonna be. I ordered 34 line items, so I know I'm probably gonna be in the last day of US shipments. Of the 8700 orders left how many are CA, ROW , and US?
  4. Point dispersal has been completed Here are the standings for this challenge (Blue Ribbon) Pragma young link 135 points 2 Pocketcthulhu Kain FF4 195 points 3 Orion2010. Deneb Rhode from Ogre Battke 99 points 4 Wolfie907. Cloud FF7 88 points 5 Argentee. Selena from Harvest Moon 88 points 6 Ben King. Claptrap/assassin from Borderlands 2 88 points
  5. Due to the lack of participation the April challenge has been closed, those that attempted the challenge will recieve points based on their efforts. As to the delay in dispersing the march challenge points, we have everything calculated and are in the process of updating the website to show the new totals.
  6. @Wolfie907- Very nice indeed. I would love to see more pictures. How did the short story turn out? It appears that not everyone was as eager to work on this as you have. Also, I have yet to receive anything for the short story portion of this challenge from anyone. As of right now I am closing this challenge due to a lack of participation. Those that have submitted will recieve points for their efforts when I have a chance to calculate everything.
  7. I'm having some difficulties as of late, sorry about the lack of an update, I will try and get the points dispersed this week.
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know we haven't forgotten about the challenges. We have been under pressure lately working on several large projects. A book of magical items, a campaign setting, an adventure module, and a line of terrain, all of which will hit kickstarter at some point soon . In an effort to reduce the span of time it will take us to get our first kickstarter underway, we are temporarily postponing the monthly challenges. They will pick back up in a few months once we have launched the first kickstarter. In the meantime continue your work on the April challenge and if you have any ideas on themes that you would like to see, please comment below.
  9. Why? Why would they send this out at the start? If that other stuff had come in when they expected it, shipping would have continued and we'd have been none the wiser. We didn't need to know before now, and knowing now isn't going to make the waiting time any less. Shipping has stalled, they told us about it and they've told us why. Given what we know about the overall quality of Reaper's customer service, I'd say there's no-one more disappointed about this than the folk at Reaper. Not necessarily an update saying there would be a delay, but considering they had said they were not going to ship anything until they had everything in hand, when they begun shipping it should have been mentioned that they didn't have everything. I'm not questioning reapers customer service, or complaining about the delay itself. But when I'm sitting here spamming the F5 key on my inbox waiting for a shipment notice, that they know isn't going to be going out because they don't have the product yet. That's where things get a little iffy and an update telling us they were not going to be able to ship larger orders between such and such date should have been considered. I don't mind waiting, but when I'm sitting here thinking that I could ship any moment, when in reality it's not, that's where I was disappointed.
  10. This does raise a couple questions. Not trying to be mean here, but how many shipments do we have to wait for before reaper has everything? The fact that they didn't have everything came as a bit of a shock since I was under the impression that they had everything and was shipping it out based on complexity, not based on availability. IMHO this update should have been sent out in the beginning when they started shipping , not when they have run out of stuff to ship. Needless to say, I am a little irritated. I can only imagine how furious a lot of people might be at the moment. The other question is, what is the status of the second wave? Is it on the boat at sea? In customs? On a truck on its way to Denton?
  11. One of the tips that helped me out the most is to realize the sculpting is just as much an art as it is a science. You use various tools to indent and manipulate your sculpting material, with usually 100 % repeatable results.(i.e. if you press a pick into the material you will almost always get the same results. The art side comes in by determining how many and what type of these indentations to use to get the results your looking for.
  12. Hey everybody, just wanted to give you all an update as to the happenings of the current projects over at the RPGStandard frontline. Update #1: Due to some unforeseen events, the Pathfinder campaign setting project revolving around the miniatures from the recent Reaper kickstarter, has been put on hold. We have strong hopes that the project will resume in several months time, when we have our team back up to full manpower. Update #2: With three of us still left working on projects, we have turned our sights to a smaller project, that we have been developing over that last couple months. This new project is for a book called the "Almanac of the Magi: Artifacts of Power volume 1", this volume will contain a wide variety of magical items, both beneficial and cursed. Ruling will ultimately be designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but will still be easily adaptable to other systems as well. With several months behind us in development, we are happy to announce the future launch of the kickstarter this summer. The volume will be fully illustrated, hopefully in color if we reach our goals. We have plans to take the volume up to several hundred pages, but the overall size, and content of the volume is solely up to our future backers. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  13. Call of Cthulhu was written in 1926, so that might have a lot to do with it. I actually think it helps the story along better than it would otherwise, but I'm pretty biased when it comes to Lovecrafts work.
  14. Miniatures have been ordered and are on their way here
  15. Anything goes time period wise, as far as where to start reading, I personally recommend " the case of Charles dexter ward" , and " at the mountains of madness" though they are much longer then most of his other works
  16. There is a first time for everything, and with 8 weeks to complete it, you should do just fine. As Rob Schneider would say " You can do it"
  17. What I would do with the metal one , is make the flames look like like seaweed and make it like an underwater mini
  18. You can make the story as long as you want, with as many characters as you want as long as you reach the minimum 2000 words. Also don't forget to read one of HP Lovecrafts stories and tell us about it, and how it influenced your story.
  19. I would volunteer to be your partner, but I think u would be a little biased codsinering i am the judge and owner or RPGstandard gaming solutions (tm pending )
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