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  1. Such an awesome piece of work Alastriel is. I was feeling pretty good about my skills this week until I saw this, lol. I love looking at the forums so many ideas, no space in my head...<pop!>
  2. Worked on her after dinner last night and again some this morning... "happy" with my progress but I'm always finding problems with my own work and i find myself jumping around with seemingly no plan of action; i think this may be due to the fact that this is the biggest thing i've ever attempted to paint. If I had the choice at this point I would probably opt to paint this is pieces (more than just body and head that is) Also, I got skiddish at attempting this with no primer so i ended up using some army painter; it ended up with a pretty rough texture (due to me not taking enough time on the primer-ing) its not TOO bad but it was bad enough to almost make me leave it and call it a statue. but here is what I have so far... no real rhyme or reason to whats been completed or what i'll do next... Although I will probably continue to lighten up the breastplates, a little to brown then what I had in my head..
  3. OK, so I'm having trouble uploading any pics... get an error after the progressbar fills to 100 percent that "no files have been selected to upload"... EDIT: Nix that, seems to work now
  4. LOL... I've opened the box and filed some mold lines... ill wash, dry and fit tonight with some starting pics and commentary tonight when i get home from work.. actually walking out now so until later...
  5. So... I got my bones a few weeks ago, if not a month. but with the new job i havent had a fraction of the time to jump in... but tonight I'm goint to start in on Nethyrmaul... a strange choice I think, considering the sheer number of minis I now have to paint. I'll post some pics later but I wouldn't expect any leaps and bounds... I intend to take it very slow and enjoy every second of it... Haven't yet decided specifially on coloring yet but i think I'm going with an iguana look to the scales and a dirty white/ yellow-teeth/brown look to the protruding bones. any advice or general thoughts are always welcomed... EDIT: it must have been the size of the pics that was hindering the upload. Anyway, I don't seem to be suffering from the "lean" that I've seen in other Nethy wips. Mold lines arent too bad, there are a couple spots where the detail of flesh around bone isn't stellar but all in all this is an awesome sight! Everything dry fit here and its apparant ill need to fill some gaps but again its not too bad. I definatley need to reshape a couple wing "fingers" should be easy from what i've read. I really don't know how I'm going to paint her yet, i've been looking at alot of iguana pics and there are a few I ceep going back to. Questions for myself at this point are : Am i sure i want to paint this assembled? Should I pin when assembling? Tonight I'm just going to clean the pieces and take care of the mold lines.
  6. Sir Dan Fortesque!!! its been a long time! I was fortunate enough to begin my career working on this stellar piece of software... ahhhh such a different time then.
  7. oh boy! oh boy! Subject: Bones Kickstarter on its way! (#707) Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Mind your Manors x1 Forces of Nature x1 Frost Giants x1 Fire Giants x1 Ebonwrath x1 There Be Dragons x1 Demons x1 Deathsleet x1 Undead Giant x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Red Dragon x1 Jabberwock x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Hydra x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 C'thulhu x1 vampire x1 Vampire and 16 adds...
  8. Likewise... I have a feeling I'll be in the last batch or so because i had a lot of addons but you guys have been awesome during this whole undertaking. pat yourselves on the back... just not right now. :)
  9. I went a little hog wild with the addon's .. i think I'm going to be in with the last group of shipments
  10. So I finally managed to convince someone that I should work for them and am now back to work in my chosen field, downside is now i don't get that fantastic discount at GameKastle... the other downside is that I don't have near the amount of painting time i used to... haven't had a sit for longer than 3 or 4 hours in months... anyway... this is what I started to work on for a pathfinder campaign I'm currently in. As i sit back and look at it now I may start over... the shadowing on his torso looks a little drastic... but I'm not used to doing this much bare skin so maybe its just a learning process...
  11. yea, i ended up mounting the rack to the wall adjacent to the window so that it doesnt get any of that light...didnt want to risk it
  12. Wanted to ask a question about sunlight... I am re-arranging the area where I paint and my desk is now right in front of a window... as are my paints... They are pretty much shielded from direct sunlight however. will they still dry out?
  13. woo woo... my bones cant get here quick enough... Vampire x1 $100 C'thulhu x1 $10 Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 Hydra x1 $15 Nethyrmaul x1 $25 Jabberwock x1 $10 Red Dragon x1 $10 Clockwork Dragon x1 $15 Undead Giant x1 $10 Deathsleet x1 $10 Demons x1 $15 There Be Dragons x1 $15 Ebonwrath x1 $10 Fire Giants x1 $10 Frost Giants x1 $10 Forces Of Nature x1 $15 Mind Your Manors x1 $10
  14. I've been lucky enough to finally get a job back in the video game industry... only took two years... Hate you EA... anyway... it's kept my mind off of the impending box of joy that will be arriving soon... uh oh... i don't have as much time to paint any more...
  15. wow, really sorry to hear it Argentee. I never knew my father so its hard for me to even imagine what your feeling... my condolences to you and your family.
  16. omg im so jealous... while i am lucky to have a largely unused room for my modeling / painting... the only desk i had available at the time was that of a child's size. I can't even sit at it normally... its a tiny bit too small
  17. I a big fan of the stripes you gave him. I might have went over all his fur once with a dilted wash of his primary fur color to have the stripes look subdued but thats a matter of personal pref i think... awesome job! I hope mine come out as good
  18. I remember those days... my boy is 7 now and the thing that i love now is seeing him work out strategies games or figure out complex (for his age) puzzles... i love to see his mind work
  19. Santa Clara Ca area? shoot me a note I'll hook you up with the painting group at the LGS I work at.
  20. I'll have to check into this Gimp that you speak of...
  21. Actually its white... thought i set it correctly. used the camera to set it and took a pic of the background alone, then the camera said it set the wb accordingly, maybe ill try it on auto. as for lights, i have two 8inch "clamp" lights pointed on this spot. I suppose i could grab another next time im at home depot, and ill try to fix the WB for next time. Appreciate all the advice fellas.
  22. Can someone please tell me what filter removes the mistakes? lol, anyway... at the very least it makes me think about focusing more on my brush control..
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