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  1. Hi! as a beginner myself all i can say is jump in... i am only on my third mini now and with each project i can see things that are getting easier or mistakes I'm avoiding... there is a plethora of information around... check out the forums and don't be afraid to ask for tips or garner criticism. from what i've seen the community here is pretty darn nice and will give you honest feedback.
  2. hmmm, those three skellies look like they know how to party, I'm gonna go for door number 1
  3. great info, thanks... this made me laugh "I'm a wizard, baby, that's why all the girls love me."
  4. Ahhh, a pin... hadn't thought of that, my initial worry about doing securing it to the base after completion was that there wouldn't be enough of a contact patch to hold tight... I'll have to remember this.
  5. So this is my third project... my first two are here . I wanted to try to base projects moving forward in order to give everything a more finished appearance. So I spent this afternoon getting to this point... I was worried about the mini having the appearance of sinking into the surface so i took some bits of a cut up credit card and affixed them to the underside of the feet.... looking now its a bit high... i may build up the ground a bit or just chalk it up to lessons learned for next time... Please feel free to comment and such..
  6. thanks everyone... Like I said i just try to research what i want to do...
  7. the paint i used on the champion was from the silver metallic and gold metallic triads and they work great but I'm thinking that they are going to end up on my "less is more" list. I'd really like to try some NMM techniques but want to get some more basic experience under my belt first... i browse through pics on CoolMiniOrNot and some of those works are just incredible...
  8. HAHAH I knew what you meant Baphomet, but now that I go back and re-read my response I can see how it might be interpreted ...appreciate the kind words... I try to research a lot before attempting things so I have an idea of what to expect... sometimes i get lucky and it works out.
  9. no other art background other than the mandatory high school art class... are you saying i should stay with whatever i know and not branch out? lol thanks, as for photos... yea... i have a great camera but the lighting in here is the suck I'm guessing.. i need to figure out something, thanks for the tip on the photo forum... hitting them up right now
  10. So I just got into painting minis, i don't even play any miniature games ... yet anyway, but i wanted to post a couple pics to show the first couple completed projects My first attempt, The emperor's champion Second go round, Not quite sure i like so much metallic in one place so i tried something different. Reaper's Torrent (i know its supposed to be water but i think the molten rock looks cool... maybe I'll take 50141: Inferno and try to pull off Ice or water Just started playing around with basing so im going to try to have a more finished looking end product moving forward. Any sort of constructive C/C is welcome... Next project is an Eldar Wraithlord (a buddy here plays 40k so he keeps giving me old minis to paint for him) I expect it to be a little easier since its almost double the size of these previous projects
  11. Forgot to follow this up in case anyone was interested, not sure im a fan of using so many metallic paints on one subject.. or maybe i should have gone with a a more tarnished look for the bright parts... but hey... he is the champion...I've also completed a few minis since this one and ill post them in a different thread for C/C
  12. Thanks. I've been reading the forums a bit as well as checking out various galleries... some of what I've seen is just amazing... let alone taking into account the scale...
  13. So this is my first attempt at painting a miniature and just wanted to get some feedback. It's not completed yet as I'm waiting for a new triad to come in. I haven't spent any money on miniatures but a buddy of mine gave me a couple from his stockpile, this one caught my eye. I just wanted to paint so i haven't looked up any photo references or anything so the color scheme is completely different than it is supposed to be. I don't play 40K, at least not yet, playing with minis is getting me interested. Took these pics with my phone and it made me realize i should probably set up some sort of light box or something as the current lighting probably makes the colors look off. With a box i can use the nikon for some better pics...
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