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  1. shes hot. great work on the mail... the nmm came out great
  2. really, really awesome job. I can't wait until I can paint this well. The wood grain on the bow is really nice. I tried this on a gun stock once and it didn't turn out as nicely as yours.
  3. I've been painting less than a year, when i started i picked up the entire HD line which was 57 paints i think. I have added a few bottles here and there, 10 or so if that. Its served me well but find i'm using a lot of the same colors more than others. i'd say 100 bottles isn't crazy... i would absolutely love to have a full line of reaper though... but thats just my overindulgent self
  4. wow, I had always heard their CS was pretty good, in fact a buddy scored two additional copies of some new collector's rule book that came out recently because it was slightly marred when it arrived. They didnt even ask for the original one back... But it doesn't surprise me... with the reaming they give everyone on the sales end.
  5. Maybe I'll do a couple of those skeletons or other of the Bones that I will have a few of. I have yet to actually paint one so a couple under my belt will be a good way to start me thinks.
  6. So you talked me into it... my apologies for the picture, this was painted for a friend and I was unable to get it back from him for a proper photo session... Thanks for the vote of confidence Sloth...
  7. Thanks Sloth, I think I will... I'm going to try to get the mini back for a proper photo shoot but may have to just use the one above...
  8. yea, I'm a fan of his work too.. I find myself looking through pics to find his work in order to find inspiration... how do you land a staff painter gig now that you mention it...
  9. Really great color choices... the blues and copper tones really go well together, i'll have to remember this. My only point of criticism is (and probably comes down to personal preference) that the snow flocking may actually look better with less. But if you look at my bases I have always been in the less is more camp and it may just be keeping me from looking at this objectively. Like always though, your minis alway please... On a side note... I am working on 14903 Finari and may message you with some questions about highlighting... :) its your own fault really...
  10. a potentially easy fix might be to use some green stuff and sculpt out a bit of her hair so as to cover anyones view of the injured eye :) or (and this is my favorite) paint an eye patch on her...maybe with a jewel or other addornment on it.
  11. wow, i cannot wait to get started on this...
  12. Yes there is... it was night sky blue and primarily rainy gray mixed in different ratios
  13. Thanks for all the comments everyone... I spent extra time on the face/eyes because thats where I think i need the most work right now, I had the thought of putting the grass into the cracks as soon as i saw the base but as for the paint on the base it sort of just turned out that way... at first i was attempting for it to look like the ruin of a once great marble floor. the two "channels" down the center of the base were to be two seperate shades of a gray and the outer portions even lighter gray; then the whole marbling effect throughout only I realized i didnt know how to do it... so I ended up with an old stone look that i was happy with
  14. Really sorry about the quick and dirty photo but this mini was a "commission" for a friend and I had given it too him before I set up a shoot for it. Luckily he also runs a Pathfinder Societies game on monday nights at the game shop where i now work. I took the mini mid-encounter and snapped this with my phone... Given the chance i would have made the strapping on his boots and arms lighter or maybe a dark red... anyway, lemme know what you think.
  15. I use matte medium from liquitex and it seems to work well so I'll say yes. Also... Read the eye article above, don't know how i missed that before... well presented... im going to attempt to do my eyes this way from now on... Thanks!
  16. This is fantastic... I really like the helmet and the scaling on his back... great work...
  17. maybe i need some sort of magnifier... i never seem to be able to get decent eyes.. Great work on the Pally Sanael.
  18. just curious if anyone has some really good reference photots or info on painting a mini, so that portions appear to be glass filled objects... I am currently looking at the Pathfinder alchemist mini and i can see what he did there and am going to try to duplicate it. I'm paingint a different mini but, in fact its a gnome female caster.. thanks for any help .. D-
  19. Sooooo sorry i havent gotten back to this... I finally broke down and got a job at my local game shop... its a far far cry from what i was making as a project manager but at least i get discounts on minis... here is a link to where she got my chest http://www.grizzly.com/products/26-Oak-10-Drawer-Chest/H7716 Be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have
  20. So my wife really outdid herself this year....
  21. this is awesome!!! I'm still a bit intimidated by a project of this scope but I hope to get some inspiration this year and complete a nice diorama. Thank you for sharing, watching the process here helps immensely.
  22. II looked at myself in the mirror once... :) not really, but that always sounds better than saying "I sat around one day and wanted to think of a handle I liked" I just think it sums me up... easy going... laid back, sorta hairy...
  23. Any difficulties separating the mini and original broccoli base?
  24. As soon as you mentioned this I got a very odd feeling... Altering someone else's work feels very distasteful to me for some reason... no, no you'll just have to paint me another one
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