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  1. Ahhhh that explains my comment about the base then... looking at it now and i can see that a coat of sealer would probably have sharpened up the effect a little bit... i'm going to try this on my next mini. Allthough it might be hard now, i just took a job at a my flgs and its proving extrememly difficult to keep my hands off of all the basing materials, games, cards, dice, books, etc... the job will actually cost me money...
  2. I came home today to find this in my mailbox!! Happy days!! Thanks Argentee!! Argentee is new to painting minis as am I so I'll endeavor to provide some useful feedback as I know that I really enjoy it when folks critique my work. Upon unwrapping it, the first thing that struck me were the eyes... I still fail to see how people are able to get eyes down onto such small faces without mushing up everything... The detail work on the fan, feathers and bodice shows a good measure of brush control as does the freehand work on the dress and fan.. A couple things that stick out in my mind are: It looks like there was a lot of wash used to achieve the shading in the lower part of the dress and I think overall it takes away from some of the highlights. I think i may be a few minis ahead of you and what i started doing was to try to stay away from washes and achieve highlighting and shading in a more 'painterly' fashion. Don't get me wrong, this mini will fit in fantastically on my game table without question. I might have chosen to paint her hands as flesh tones or some other color to lend some visual appeal. The red on red tends to mute itself I think. As I mentioned the freehand on the fan and lower dress looks great. I've recently started attempting things like this as well. The base. I think the mini could have benefited from a fresh coat of black and maybe a gloss coat on the base to give her a regal or formal look. And this isn't a critique on your work, just something I do, but i like to fill the entire base bottom (if open) with green stuff and then sand flush and paint... i find it adds a tiny bit of wait and provides a nice finished look. I apologize for my photo skills...(i think I'm just going to hire someone to take mini pics for me, they never seem to come out as nice as some others i've seen.
  3. Woo woo, Thanks Argentee!! I got my mini today and I'm very pleased with it... I'm getting ready to take some pics and will write it up shortly. Thanks again sir, I already have a place for her all ready to go
  4. Thanks much everyone.. somehow this slipped by me I think. I can assure you I wasn't avoiding a reply :) I got my exchange mini today and am going to write about it. I really appreciate your advice Sanael. Especially about keeping in mind the context of what is going on with the mini... I hadn't ever thought about how it all looked together...
  5. Yea, this one was a lot of fun... I actually want to pick one up for myself. I much appreciate the background information. Always great to hear stories from the trenches.
  6. with that kind of volume do they send one truck just for that particular pickup?
  7. Just in case i get lost in the unavoidable swarm that is my home during the holidays (although now i have a room fool of paint and nekid minis I might be able to use as a hiding place) I wanted to let everyone at Reaper, and everyone in the forum community know to have a great thanksgiving and holiday season. I'm sure ill poke in but just in case... If im not back by jan 5th send a search party
  8. with that many packages, im curious. Do you schedule a special pickup with a UPS or USPS truck or whatever or does reaper have to take them to the post office in a truck and say "where do you want me to stick these"
  9. I'm speechless... what was this even for... im still sitting here llike 15 minutes after seeing it and i cant fathom why this was ever a good idea to someone
  10. Interesting! (Also interesting that you have adopted the forum name for the Clockwork Dragon, and not his official one - truly you are a man of the people) I didn't think you could make injection-molded tooling with resin masters. Neat. lol... was just gonna say something about that... I may up and move my family to texas... just be closer to the awesome-ness that oozes from the reaper premises
  11. I just want to be able to prime indoors... never tried airbrushing before
  12. Netflix or amazon here... starting to run out of things to watch... I had HBOgo for awhile but we are trying to save money so that went out the window..
  13. these are at least as good as some of the prepainted minis I've seen out there... not really bad if its what your going for
  14. PDFs of those would be cool, I'd have to say that I wouldn't mind those either
  15. Right now I'm using the games workshop stuff (way WAY overpriced ) but i get good results...at least i think i do, its what i originally bought when i started paiinting and i've not run out yet. I plan to try an auto primer when i need to replace my stock and see how it goes.
  16. Yea, this has happened to me with the army painter primer that i tried that one time... In my case it turned out that the primer was partially drying just before hitting the surface of the mini. I would try a different brand and see how it fares.
  17. lol, funny you mention that. I was originally trying to only get the gray down in the lower corner of each lens to look sort of 'coke-bottle-ish' but I must have been hungry or had too much coffee, i couldn't keep my hand steady enough. maybe i should try painting with a magnifier or something
  18. I thought about this after I had done it... I was so focused on doing a good job that I neglected to stop and think about what I was doing.. He had specific ideas about the coloring and such and I'm happy win it mostly... I might have had darker gloves or gun-stock too to add a little contrast
  19. Lol, this reminds me if competitive cyclist. I had ordered a new frame and parts to build up a new ride and in special instructions had asked for some original artwork... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1930943917170&set=pb.1349427374.-2207520000.1352095630&type=3&theater
  20. Very cool, I can't wait to see this completed... and I second the white-gray boots
  21. I really like the metals on Jadeah's 's shield, armor and mail. Nice work.
  22. Well, first time someone came to me to ask me to paint something for them. I've found it on the Paizo website but not sure if it was manufactured by Reaper or not. Was a fun piece to paint although I was going for a brassy look on the rifle and think I missed. It turned out ok just a little different than I was aiming for. Sorry about the lack of background, I finished him up this morning and had to run out the door to deliver him to the client (we were running in a game together today) And, as always, please don't hesitate to critique my work...
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