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  1. I did take some pics but had a little mishap with iPhoto and then formatted my SD card... so new pics may be in order... I'm glad you were happy with it, please feel free to give feedback, its the only way I'll improve. god knows I need it.
  2. wow... what mini is that? I'm definatley putting that one on my to do list.... Oops... the Mummy lady mini that Martin painted that is... forgot to quote sigh... nevermind... ill read the whole thread before posting from now on... promise
  3. I'll say, I really want to pick these LTPKs up at some point, being unemployed is making me hold off though...
  4. Really nice work, gives me something to aspire to. I'm curious about the backside of the shield, is that freehand or was the wood grain part of the sculpt? I had toyed with the idea of using some green stuff to add this look to the back of a shield recently...
  5. Some of the minis I use to play pathfinder I based on 28mm bases, slightly larger than an inch and it doesn't seem to cause too much trouble during a game.
  6. I'll have to keep that in mind and make myself take it slow
  7. My latest piece. I think I did a better job on shades and highlights this time around. As for the base, i need to get some materials.. Also tried a little freehand on this one... a couple of the lines are much fatter than what i wanted but once i started I was committed. Lessons learned... Going to stop attaching the mini to a base right off the bat, Im finding it just makes it difficult at times. Colors behave very different from each other with respect to thinning, glazing and such, gonna take more practice.
  8. OK, this makes me feel tons better. appreciate the info fellas...
  9. So, I've been trying to get some practice on my highlighting and shading by using many, many layers of very dilute & transparent paint. My question is do different colors behave differently? For example, today i was highlighting from orange up to a yellow isn highlight and it was fine, moving to the cloak i was going from a blue up to a lighter blue and all of a sudden things got weird... where the yellow would take multiple layers to see any color change, i could see myself laying dow a very light, layer as soon as my brush hit the mini, does this mean i need an intermediary color? maybe to help it blend together?
  10. I'll second the "I'd like more shadow-depth" comment... they'll help make your highlights stand out. And just FYI... every time i take a picture of a mini i just painted, i wish i didn't :) But, i see it as a chance to learn and improve if nothing else... keep it up...
  11. The ONLY thing that sprang to mind when looking at this is that i would have tried to grade the colors in to a white center in the hopes of making it look hotter. :) Hats off to ya...
  12. nice work, I'm fond of that first one, the paint job really does look great. and i'm also curious about the tree in the dryad base, was that part of the mini? looks fantastic.
  13. wow... really cool.. the conversions are awesome.
  14. bah, I hate learning experiences...
  15. Look up GoodReader - you have to look it up by name, and yes you'll have to pay a few bucks for it, but it is hands-down the best PDF reader on the iDevices that I've seen. I have always just used iBooks, whats the difference?
  16. Another lesson learned... I don't know what i was really thinking but i was just sitting here organizing photos and noticed some spots on the mini I just shipped out that should have really been fixed up. can never have too much inspection i suppose...
  17. Got it out in the mail today, I didn't identify myself in the packaging in order to retain the mystery... Some of the challenges I had were, aside from the normal..eyes, faces etc. I was trying to "juice" again and this time i must have really botched my thinning mixture at some point because i totally botched the cloak on the mini, a big white chalky spot appeared on the back... so i decided to redo it. Tried a different ratio thanks to.... someone on one of the other forums and it seemed to help quite a bit. The only other major thing that sort of bothered me was removing portions of the metal base and grinding/filing down the bits under the bottom of the mini in order to rebase... I ended up just biting chunks out of it with my cutters and using the dremel (wear your safety glasses boys and girls). Also, I might have asked this before but do the reaper washes need to be thinned out? The flesh wash seems to work great as is, but the black seems like it could be thinned a bit, do i just thin it with water?
  18. Packed mine up today, I kept changing, and trying to perfect stuff until finally I made myself finish and pack it up. I think I'm way to critical and if i never get it out the door I won't be able to get some feedback. I'll hopefully get it out in the mail tomorrow or the next day.
  19. Appreciate the info... I started, albeit recently, using these little wooden knobs i got from michaels, then i found these egg shaped wood peices that i liked, but the tops tapered and didnt hold tack as well as i wanted, then i moved up to my wife's empty perscription medicine bottles, not like the old skinny ones but much fatter and taller, i filled these with sand to give them some stability and they have been my base of choice so far. I'm gonna do some research and see if i can find one to play with a little Thanks again
  20. Just started playing pathfinder and in the first part of jade regent now, currently using this mini but have the above samurai on its way... i cant wait to paint this guy...
  21. Can you let me know what your using as a temp base? I've been trying to re-think my strategy for when i work and this is almost exactly what I was thinking of. the slightly longer mount might help me keep still when doing those little tiny bits. and I hate you for your set up... I just want to come visit so i can paint there... dont mind me... I'm quiet
  22. Yes . Do hide stuff from the cats... I find brushes all over the house sometimes or, god help her, an in progress mini. It hasnt happened in a while thank god but i was really worried she'd get ahold of my series 7 brushes. Lucky for me she doesn't have any taste and was partial to the michael's brushes i use for dirty work. Great looking space. I would put up a shelf or two for all your works, after i set up my space i shortly realized i wanted one.
  23. I really like that barbarian sculpt, looks like it would be fun to paint. I agree with the others regarding the highlighting though. One thing that helps me (pfft, i still manage to mess mine up though) is to hold it under a light source while I'm painting for quick lighting checks. The only other mention I can offer, and this may just be a personal pref thing, the hilt on the sword too closely matches her outfit. It gives the overall picture a sort of monotone look to it. I may have done the hilt in a dark iron-ish color... And thats one to grow on :)
  24. I'm going to just have all my minis from now on be blindfolded... I'll go through green stuff faster but hey... no eyes
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