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  1. couple more sessions and I should be complete with mine... question though (as i treat all my projects as learning ops) I was trying to highlight a cloak using a juicing/glazing/multi-transparant-aggregate-layering system (whatever you want to call it) and the last couple layers really appeared chalky almost white (the actual pigment being reaper's Meadow Green. the well contained a couple drops of the paint, a couple of water/flowaid did i thin too much? Also, sometimesi read that when people use this method, rather than water they thin with matte medium... what is that? :) and how do you use it?
  2. How did you package? When i get to the point that i'm shipping mine off, i want to make sure its safe...
  3. looks like your using a florescent bulb... tends to turn pics yellow from my experience... grab some daylight bulbs... knock it right out
  4. Nice, I was a physics major in college but i promise to give you honest feedback anyway :)...Flames can be rough, I've only been painting a few months and probably not too far ahead of where you are in number of minis painted. You will be surprised how much you pick up just from looking at photos and talking with others. The only experience I have with fire was more volcanic like, crusty lava with hot spots within the cracks and such... the coloring you have here looks good, I always try to remember that the hot spots will actually be the white, yellow-orange and the cooler spots orange to red... I always want to do them the other way for some reason. I might have done additional highlighting on his robes also... you definitely have the concept... Looking forward to seeing more from you guys, I just started playing Pathfinder and I love playing with a mini or two that garner a few comments..
  5. those gems are very well done... the only thing I would comment on is that as a whole, it seems sort of muted... I might have chosen either a slightly brighter red-tone or brought all the highlights up more... might have given it a lil more 'pop' but definitely a good piece of work.
  6. Likewise... can we just get a webcam set up on the reaper floor and maybe one in the factory too ? Can't tell you how giddy i get when i see a kickstarter update
  7. I play pathfinder now and love it, along with buying a crap ton of books, i had picked up the beginners box... didnt really dive into it before i started playing with the fellas but i found a great use for it... yesterday i ran my 6 year old through the Black Fang quest with a couple NPCs... he dug it. I had to sort of help him figure out his character sheet and stuff but other than that he had fun... but the first thing he said when the first encounter occurred... "these would be better if they were like the ones you painted" If i was Paizo™ I would get together with reaper and make a special edition beginners box with some nice minis instead of those paper ones...
  8. I was sort of in the same situation, i had always wanted to pick up and try a pen/paper game but never really got around to it. I found a group about a month ago and jumped into pathfinder and i love it... Since its my first pen/paper game i don't have much to comment on the rules.
  9. From Kickstarter update #69... The pledge manager will accept your input for about 10 days. After that we’ll lock you in at your pledge level. We need to get moving on the final orders so we can get these figures done by March. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you before we shut it down. I'm guessing this is from the time that you get the email from reaper that the pledge manager went live... Other than that I don't know that any time frame was spoken of.
  10. When i started painting (a few months ago) i picked up both reaper HD sets 1 and 2... granted I'm a newb, but i haven't really needed anything more aside from some additives (flow aid, matte medium etc) I've been really happy with them. I have also used some of the army painter "primer" because it sounded good, at that time all i had to paint was a warhammer vehicle and thought i would save some time priming it green. It could have been the humidity but I had a bad experience with the primer.. came out sort of chunky and didnt adhere to the model in a smooth way if that makes sense... I definitely followed the instructions as they are a a little different than any old primer... I would go with the reaper paints.. but thats where all my experience lies..
  11. started in on mine yesterday... it was a great excuse to go hit up my local game shop. I usually get the evil eye from the wife if she knows i'm headed that way... was able to spend a few hours last night cleaning, basing, priming and was able to get a good face put on... :)
  12. It's time that shelf had a name. If you need help, look at the thread title... i prefer to call it the green room
  13. character deaths? bah... I'm in the first part of my first adventure path and I cant stop rolling crits left and right... I'm guessing this is akin to beginners luck? Maybe my dice still have the factory mojo on em...
  14. I've only been painting a few months but i've got about 15 or so unpainted minis hanging out... i open everything after i purchase it and then (if it doesn't get painted immediately) it sits on this one particular shelf, and sometimes if i don't have a specific project going on I grab a coffee and ponder the shelf... eventually something jumps that I can get excited about. Most of the shelf is some 40k minis that i splurged on early on, before I realized i didn't really like war hammer that much
  15. LOL, I started putting some up today...
  16. i may have to learn to DM/GM just so i can pull this sucker out and say ok ladies... roll initiative...
  17. I'm going through the same sort of thing, but i think i got my issues worked out. the things i worked on with mine that seemed to help a good deal were the White Balance, are you able to set that manually? (I had to go through my camera's manual) seemed to help a lot. What sort of light are you using? is it daylight, florescent bulbs? Daylight is great as long as you can diffuse it.. otherwise you'll get some harsh shadows from what i've seen. One thing that helped too was to just play with the settings on the camera and take a lot of pics and see what looks nice..
  18. yea, I'm gonna make mine a little more... meaty. yes, thats the right term. This is one of my favorite pieces, just looks really fun to work on.
  19. This was my second choice and I opted against it because i had a quick vision of the mini's hand just crumbling from the inside out as the the bit sank down into it...lol
  20. a broken Katana... So I bought and painted this up during the week http://www.reapermin...detail/IG_785_1 and used it today during a pathfinder game, just as we were wrapping up getting ready to go, the katana snapped off just at the hilt. Gluing it alone seems like it may leave me forever worrying about that join... the blade is too small to pin so what I ended up doing was wrapping a little green stuff around the join and sculpting it as if the hilt was a lil thicker... Just wondering what others would have done in a similar situation... just in case...
  21. you should take a small sword from one of the reaper blisters or a few arrows, and place them strategically on Tia's rump... or maybe one out of a head's jaw. Or possibly a skeletal fore arm sticking out between a couple teeth...
  22. Appreciate all the info... As for post processing I'm not really using anything... I have been pulling the photos off the sd card and importing them straight into iPhoto. I'll be sure to try some pics without the ring and see what we have... really appreciate the info..
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