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  1. Well done! Nothing like a little bit of Mossy Oak to hide you in the woods.
  2. My what lovely "Eyes" you have. No I mean it the eyes look great.
  3. Thank you all. I spent the day with my wife and kids at a small local gaming con. MEPACON.
  4. Over all I would say the scale for the ogre is close when you consider 25mm vs 32mm, but the elephant looks a little small.
  5. I hope this picture offers scale for you
  6. Happy Birthday, May it be filled with friends and family!
  7. So back in November work decided to block the forums. I can see the main Reaper Site and shop but cannot read the boards on my lunch breaks anymore. I had the time today to sit down and get caught up on some of my favorite posts. Andy sorry for the Like Bombing but this and your owl coin posts were the first for me to get caught up on. Amazing work!, and Nice BASS.
  8. Thank you all. I had a relaxing day with my family.
  9. Great Work, I love the bases, the foggy water looks cool. Almost gives the impression of a mist hanging over the water.
  10. And to think that I thought you stopped eating lunch and starved to death
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