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  1. See Talespinner's article in the Reaper Craft tab. https://www.reapermini.com/craft/pieper04
  2. Okay, So I meant to post last night on my arrival but the phone was being difficult. Uber to DFW to PHL, shuttle to truck, I-95 to the Blue Route to the PA Turnpike NE extension, Home 1:09 a.m. est. Thank you all a d hope to see you next year with
  3. At my gate in Philly...1 hour until boarding.
  4. Safe Trip! PHL tomorrow for me at 10:41
  5. I love, love love the take on the skin tones, and the coloring of the highlights and differing areas of skin.
  6. Can't hit like enough. Well done!, Love the fire. I hope that was in the wip
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