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  1. Hiking over the Tooth of Time at the Philmont Scout Reservation we slept out under the stars near the peak. As the sun rose I could see the full spectrum. I couldn't believe it but there was a small green line of light between the yellow and the still dark portion of the sky. It was wild. After seeing the point of the Kolinsky Sable that Derek Schubert was using for his expressive faces class, I've been tryin to get my hands on one.. Created a character with Pathfinder 2E, it was an interesting way to build a character.
  2. See I have such a terrible time with a single favorite Good Food Cooking Rain on Hot Asphalt The scent of a REAL Rose Bacon Fresh Cut Grass The chlorinated whiff of an indoor pool Campfire Crisp Fall Morning A Snowy Morning Leather
  3. Frank Castle looks Great! I've liked a great many of these pieces you have done. You have picked up the comic book essence of many of these characters. Love the story about the shell casings. To al those that have served.
  4. That left-handed smoke shifter I bought for camping 🤣 How about least used the basing pads I won at the ReaperCon auction a number of years back. With meat sauce, and I mean MEAT sauce. hold the pasta. Not currently eating carbs so no pasta. The other would be Chicken n Broccoli Fettucine Alfredo. I make a mean Alferdo.
  5. As with Corsair I remember using Testors paints. So, I can agree with acrylics. The use of Windsor Newton Inks for washes. Recent, I think collapsible cups with scrub puck in the bottom for my travel kit is cool.
  6. https://www.reapermini.com/craft/pieper04 Check out Talespinner's craft article for making terrain with spray foam.
  7. The Rancor head in the back to mount as a trophy head for my game room. As for the 105th anniversary from yesterday I thought the WW1 armistice was 1917 so that would been 106 years. I miss counted.
  8. For all that have served thank you.
  9. Today, other than thanking my wife for her service, no. We did participate in the county Veterans Day Parade last Sunday. No I do not know the 105th a anniversary for today.
  10. Good Food at cheap prices. A tool on the shopping list that has been discounted.
  11. Early in my career in construction I was laid off a number of winter seasons. It's been a long time since.
  12. May it be filled with Friends and Family!
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