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  1. Hoping to finish 2014 Santa Dwarf for the wife's Christmas Village.
  2. Sure it would if I could find a break in the rush of life to do it.
  3. It looks like it maybe a VICEROY ENFORCER (NEUTRON )SKU: 50350 but repositioned.
  4. Home Safe and back to Work. So after flight delay an hour plus at the gate to board, we sat on the plane for another hour while the plane's maintenance crew had to roundup a specific screw to hold on a maintenance panel. Flight itself was smooth. but landing 2 hours late meant having to wait over half an hour as the Philly ground crews unloaded the plane. Climbed into my own bed at just after 3 a.m. Which in turn made for a lazy day yesterday. Today was the first day of school for my sons. It will be interesting to see if this evening runs smooth.
  5. Find him and he can mark my box off.
  6. Doing my own wiring for some electrical work in the house I use cut off sections or 12/2 wire stripped of insulation in my wet pallet.
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