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  1. Apron looks good. Not sure I want any cuts from his shop. Looks like it's been quite a while since it was washed
  2. Jasper, You are just so prolific with your progress on all your projects! Great stuff
  3. May it be filled with Friends and Family! Happy Birthday!
  4. Wow very nice! Great color the burlap looks spot on!
  5. Wow! Really well done the skin tones and shading and highlights on the skin are great! The whole piece looks so smooth. 1
  6. 72Moonglum, I love the piece. You said you thought you Avartar and this piece were from Ral Partha/Citadel. I may have to track them down. As always your paint job on these classics are impressive.
  7. Randy, I'd probably use100 Cutting and craving bit
  8. It's strange, I'm not seeing photos in your posts any longer aku-chan. 😥
  9. So we had more participants than November's Paint and Take. I didn't get pictures of all of the painted figs. Attendance was still down. We'll keep offering the table for future MeapCom's.
  10. A little less space than last time working on getti g some more tables and chairs.
  11. Our box of goodies arrived on time.
  12. Talespinner, That is so awesome that you were able to pull the file into Z-Brush and change the spear to and AXE!!😍 Love it! Popcorn need Popcorn to watch the progress.
  13. So, this weekend is the Spring 2022 MepaCon, My wife and I are hosting another Paint and Take table. I have a box of goodies arriving Friday from Reaper to offer participants. Here's to a larger turn out at the Con over all and more participants for the Paint and Take. Look for updates starting Saturday Morning.
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