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  1. Can't hit like enough. Well done!, Love the fire. I hope that was in the wip
  2. Wow you completed it already! That was quick.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday, I hope it was filled with friends and family.
  4. May it be filled with Friends and Family.
  5. Well Done! Vibrant, love the color for the skirt and how well painted they are.
  6. This was part of Privateer Press's Mini Crate subscriptions. They do have a 75mm version of this model as well.
  7. I have no clue what you are talking about.
  8. 3d printer choices. I am still learning as I go. Mine is dealing with how to make what I have work better. Changing out the print bed making changes to the base code driver, and figuring out which slicer works best. I am also looing for a 3d modeling software for me to design in. And mostly look for time to learn and do all of that.
  9. Sweet Mother what a sword! Now would I be... Shiny get it! or Ut oh! Run!
  10. Hey Metalchaos, Another great piece. You have been quite prolific recently. Living vicariously through your posts.
  11. Superb job on another one of these fellows. I love it.
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