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  1. I like the small lizardfolk/draconic variety. But, I do have a soft spot for the Warcraft rodent-like Kobolds. NO TAKE CANDLE!
  2. My state is home to the largest National Forest in the US: The Tongass National Forest. It is also the largest rainforest in the US. Quite a few state and local businesses use it in their name. Text-to-speech systems have a fun time with the name...
  3. I hope everyone likes Dino's (I sure do!) 'cause we're getting more from LOTP next month. I'd be curious to see AVG do a Dino set at some point...
  4. 6" Here's a pic of him (unpainted) with a ruler (and a bunch of other stuff...) on my desk for scale. 'Kaiju Lezard King' (With the misspelling) from Lord of the Print. I got the STL file as part of their patreon and printed it myself on a Mars Pro. The file can now be got on their MyMiniFactory shop.
  5. The value for that volume of resin is very good. I guess my main drag is having to figure out settings for another resin (All the settings they have mentioned are for mono screens), when I am pretty happy with the results I have been getting with Elegoo's ABS-Like (and that's ~$40 per 1 liter bottle). Eh... still, I'll probably hop on for the STL's at least, there's a Steampunk Faery now and not-Horizon Zero Dawn machines that are tempting me. Looks like the next unlock might be a Glinthawk. I'll try and give the resin a good shake down when it arrives in November, if it ends up b
  6. Yeah... I'm honestly more interested in some of those STL files than I am with the resin.
  7. Printed him up a while ago, finally got him printed a few days ago.
  8. More Dino's and Lizards from Clay Beast Creation. Just found them, tempted to hop on for another Long Neck. Like the one from Mini Monster Mayhem, the platform is optional. Also, the chameleon style lizard men are neat.
  9. Huh... well, there it is. That's just so bizarre. It makes me curious if they saw 'MMF+' and thought something... else...
  10. A hopefully easy question I have not been able to search up: how compatible are Vae Victis' modular stuff with Artisan Guilds? How much, if any, scaling is needed? I noticed that VV sells sets of just the modular hands/weapons and the most recent release has some flintlocks and revolvers in it that I thought about doing some mix and match with some AG stuff.
  11. Broke down and hopped on Mini Monster Mayhem for this month. The set includes the previously released feathered raptors along with the hybrids. Which is nice for me as I did not have them yet.
  12. Elegoo just put up an announcement video on YouTube for the Mars Pro Ultra 4k. 6.6 inch 4k mono screen and new design for the machine itself.
  13. MMM Dino's for June: Long Neck Stegosaurus (Honestly reminds me more of a ornithopod, but eh I'm not looking for paleontological accuracy in my fantasy dino's) Ankylosaurus Apex Rex Hybrid No previews for the Hybrid Raptors yet, curious how those are going to turn out.
  14. No renders yet (except for the T-Rex posted earlier), but the rest of MMM's offerings for June has me intrigued.
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