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  1. I suspected as much. Still, I might keep my eye's on them, a couple seem like they might be useful for things like fur and the like.
  2. The 'Summons' set looks... maybe useful? How well would these work if you used them as a base coat and then went over them with 'normal' paint? I do like their other paints, but I think I might wait for these to hit their USA webstore post-Kickstarter.
  3. I used to. I got into Final Fantasy when my sister played FF7 on my playstation. Shortly after that I started playing it. I played it long enough to max out the in game clock, so I'm not sure how many hours I played. But, it was more than a hundred. I played a lot of 8 and 9 as well. I made it part way through 10 before I realized I didn't care for it. Never really got into things like Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter. I have found I like video/computer games with RPG elements, but not so much pure RPG's. The closest probably being action RPG's, like Diablo, Torchlight, or Grim Dawn. I've played a lot of Warframe with nearly 2500 hours clocked, it's... kind of an action RPG. At least as much as Borderlands would be I suppose. But I have really enjoyed games like Dishonored, Bioshock, or Prey which, while not RPG's, have some RPG like progression systems in them.
  4. I honestly can't think of anything that hasn't already been said or that hasn't already been done. Well, I'd love to see a 'Conan the King' movie with Old Man Arnold in it. Have you read any of Jodorowsky's stuff? It's all so weird. I can't decide if it's in a good way or bad way. I'd be interesting to see any of it put on the big screen, but the utter weirdness would probably work against it today.
  5. Skip if I can but I also have an ad blocker and Youtube Red/Premium (bundled with Google Play Music), so I almost never see them unless they are of the 'baked in' variety. And with those I usually skip them by moving forward in the video. And a lot of others have mentioned, I hardly ever see an ad for something I actually want or would be interested in. Or it's an ad for something I was literally just looking at on a website and either purchased or decided to wait until later. Hey! Not all of us.
  6. What I am watching shifts every now and then I have A LOT of channels that I have watched. There are some channels I go back to for 'reruns' or only update infrequently that I really like but I wouldn't say I actively watch then. Below are some that I've watched recently: The Volgun (SCP Stuff) The Exploring Series (Mostly his SCP stuff, but he's covered a lot of other stuff) The Black Pants Legion (Shenanigans and Battletech Lore) 40k Theories (WH40K Lore) Luetin09 (WH40K Lore) IcarusLives (entertaining Doom mod reviews/playthroughs) Markiplier if I am in the mood for something silly (DON'T JUDGE ME) Jim Sterling or YongYea for gaming stuff. Leonard French every now and then Miniac Reaper Miniatures channel Corridor Crew has some really interesting videos in regards to special effects and stunts. Various Music stuff, mostly Synthwave compilations.
  7. Netflix and Amazon Prime (although like other this is a side affect of the 'free' shipping thing). I watch mostly Youtube these days, although I swing back to Netflix to binge watch every now and then. Although lately I have been thinking of dropping Amazon. I don't order from them enough to make it worth it and I don't take advantage of their streaming. And living in Alaska the shipping deal is well... less than ideal. I suppose I do have Youtube Premium, but that's a side effect of having Google Music.
  8. So, update on this. I dropped the mini into a cup with some 91% IPA in it and left it there until I got home, so about 11ish hours. It has done a very good job at softening the paint and primer and it comes off fairly easily with a toothbrush. The mini was not sealed at all so that probably helps. It's also probably fouled some of the superglue but... well these are fairly easy to assemble if it comes to that. I did end up getting some 99% IPA at the store today, just in case and I have put it in that solution as well. Some of the nooks and cranny's are hard to get to and that might help(?) clean them. Although, this may be a good time to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner... Thank you for the help!
  9. It is one I purchased myself, one of the 3D printed mini's that Kingdom Death has put out. It has some Reaper acrylics and primer on it. I will give it a soak in some IPA and see what happens.
  10. Has anyone tried stripping paint from a photo resin miniature? I have one that I... well I messed up on it and It's not really salvageable now unless I can get the paint off. I've heard Simple Green is safe-ish for regular resin (I have read stories of softening and becoming more brittle after re-hardening), but I am not sure if photo resin would be any different. Are there any other cleaners that I might try or should I just dunk it in Simple Green and hope for the best?
  11. Humans. "It's not a dwarf, it's a short human with a passion for facial hair" "It's not an elf, it's a slender human with elaborate ear jewelry" "Halflings? No sir, that is a human child in a Halloween costume" "Warforged? Pffft... Human in fancy platemail" "Giants? 75mm scale human miniature" "Seriously that's a dragon with... with a mini stuck to with sticky tac" "That is his human rider! And I am not very good at conversions jeez!" "...this is a Squid" "His name is Squid Sorcerer and he is a human mutant!"
  12. No 3D printer. As far as terrible failures in the other categories... I do have a mini where I tried painting bright orange over a black under-coat/primer. I don't know what I was thinking, I probably wasn't. It's recoverable I just haven't had the heart to go back to it yet. So. Many. Coats. Also, not exactly in one of the three mentioned, but I have a mini that I gave up on assembling. It's a KDM mini, Pinup Twilight Witch? (Lantern Witch?), it's a crazy dynamic pose with cloth waving everywhere and a bunch of lanterns on chains. It looks really cool... if I could figure out the attachment for all of the lanterns...
  13. Another hobby lead me here. I started with Warmachine waaaaaay back when the first starter boxes came out. I got Cryx and my Dad got Cygnar. I had been interested in wargaming but Warhammer was a bit much and the starter boxes for Warmachine were cheap in comparison. I collected Warmachine (and Hordes) for a while but it turns out I was the only one around who did so doing any actual gaming with them wasn't so fun. I had to do all of the setup and prep for it. But, I found I actually enjoyed just painting them, as long as it wasn't a unit of 10 basically identical troops. And so, here we are.
  14. I had a very unsuccessful first attempt at airbrushing using the setup my Dad got me for Xmas. Seems like the paint kept drying at the end of the needle. I made a big red mess everywhere (paint). Tried thinning the heck out of the paint with the same results. I want it to work... I'll probably take another stab at it this weekend. Other than that I did some cleaning and assembly of some mini's I received on Friday. Might try to sit back and paint something the old fashion way tonight.
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