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  1. Illithar

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Sometimes, I like looking over mini's as soon as I get them and I often can't help but do a bit of work on them at that time. Maybe not prime, but I'll usually affix them to a base and get them cleaned up. But, most of my unpainted mini's sit primed and ready to be painted on my shelf. I wasn't aware of the paint binge for memorial day, but probably not participating in it.
  2. Illithar

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    This one is dangerous... those resin castings they put up as a preview look awesome. Gonna have to keep my eye one this one, might be another 'Here's a $1, I'll see you at the pledge manager' one for me though.
  3. Illithar

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Nope. I haven't had cable in close to a decade. I was never interested in that show either.
  4. Illithar

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Hmmm... that's a tough one. I can't think of many games that I picked up to play and deliberately never touched again. One game I played through once, enjoyed, and will never touch again is Soma. It's from the same developer as Amnesia: The Dark Decent. I'm normally not one for pure horror games, but this one had a sci-fi theme to it that interested me. The game takes place in the deep ocean, there's a scenario in the game that was the first (and for the moment last) time I experienced true primal fear from playing a game. I actually had to stop and pause the game for a bit before continuing. This wasn't cheap youtuber-screaming jump scare shenanigans. Real fear. If you enjoy that sort of this, I recommend this game. If not well... avoid it. But, I did like the some of the themes and ideas it explored, which is the only reason I got through it.
  5. Illithar

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Not playing anything tabletop at the moment, unfortunately. I play a lot of video/computer games though. The most complicated one I play off and on is Factorio. Basically a logistics and build your own massive factory simulator. At time it feels like you make your own problems and then you have to figure out solutions to them. The end objective is to launch a rocket, with a satellite attached, into space. You start with two stone furnace and two coal powered drilling/mining machines. Depending on map settings you can also have the native giant insectoid life attacking you as well.
  6. Illithar

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I recently-ish purchased a crock-pot/slow cooker. I have tried to make mac & cheese in it (it can be done, I know two people who have done it) with the results being a starchy mush that tasted of despair. I got a recipe from one of the two people that have done it successfully. I have not had the opportunity to try it yet though.
  7. Illithar

    Bombshell Babes 4

    After a bit of sleuthing I was able to find some bigger pics of them. #1 https://images.app.goo.gl/61C7AXMNGPrLedpQ7 (unpainted) #3 Medieval Maelee https://images.app.goo.gl/gnENhHCFukJ3B1xC7 (Painted) https://images.app.goo.gl/5TmMmAJvc1VQv4pDA (Unpainted) The rest can be found on their store here: http://store.bombshellminis.com/search.php?search_query=maelee&x=0&y=0
  8. Illithar

    Bombshell Babes 4

    Hmmm... I may just throw $10 at them to get my foot in the door for the pledge manager. At the very least I'll get the Tribal Maelee.
  9. Illithar

    Bombshell Babes 4

    FWIW, it was mentioned up thread by @Smokestack that they are using the same resin as their Kritterkins line and @Clearman mentioned liking the resin.
  10. Illithar

    Bombshell Babes 4

    I might go in for Tribal Maelee and Helpersaurus, that's about all I could swing at the moment. I would like do more but... the KS is only 9 days, that's probably the shortest I have ever seen.
  11. Illithar

    bones and spray sealer?

    I've used both Testors Gloss- and Dull-coat on mine without issue.
  12. My stuff got here today. I just got done digging through it all, so far I seem to have everything... and a little more. I backed for Paint set B and got Paint set A as well. Also, all of my paint bottles seem to be labelled properly, so there's that. The only issue I have found is with the Mossbeard Treeman's right arm, the socket for the hand is... a bit warped? I'm pretty confident I can clear it up and get the right fist in there, just kind of odd. There also appears to be some leavings from the mold around the wrist area of this arm. That said, this guy is huge! I love it, just not sure where I'll find room for it... Same goes for the Roc, another biggie I'm not sure I have room for. I think it and Mossbeard were at least half of the wait of my 9.6 pound order. All in all though, I am very happy with what I got. Time for some washing and boiling.
  13. Illithar

    New Previews!

    It looks like a few of them have made it up. The Plague Doctor, The two Townsfolk, one of the wizards, the Cleric, and the Barbarian. OH, also the two skeletons. Looks like the only ones that didn't make it were the other two wizards.
  14. The Stygian Barge is one I regret not getting. It's like the BFG from Bones 3, I remember thinking "that's neat but I don't need it". And then I saw it and now I'm thinking I was a fool. Also, the Dreadmere expansion. Argent is another one, it being smaller only makes it a little more enticing, if only because it would be easier to find room for it. And, as others have said, there's a bunch of stuff in the Lost Valley and Fan Favorites that I wanted, but not $50 wanted, like the Mammoth and the Ankylosaur.
  15. I just confirmed with my local post office that packages shipped via 'Parcel Select' are, ironically, shipped up on the barge. In a container. So, assuming my box got on Wednesdays barge (likely I think, it got to Seattle on Friday) it should be here by Saturday and in my hands by Monday or Tuesday. Not sure how long it takes for it to get unloaded and sorted by USPS. SoonTM