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  1. Like many others, I don't have one. Taking notes as well.
  2. Generic Sci-Fi mini's. There's WH40K for sure, and the various not-WH40K produced by third parties, but finding a variety of soldiers, robots, aliens that aren't monstrosities, civilians, etc. ...something that doesn't have a setting or game attached to it is a pain. Robots in particular, both big and small are hard to find. I need something to stand against Khanjira! Also, someone else mentioned big Angels/Celestials to square off against the big demons we have, that would also be something I'd like to see more of.
  3. Uhhh... not sure? probably somewhere in between. I like the idea of hugenormous 'miniatures' but I find them a daunting task to paint. I have a partially painted Khanjira on my shelf as testament to that fact. So, it terms of actually getting them painted? There's also the issue of shelf space, My Mal'drakar is currently unassembled because I do not have room for an assembled one . So, at this time the 40mm/50mm size is probably preferred.
  4. None. Many of them would be perfectly serviceable for the task, at least for D&D/Pathfinder, but I'm not playing much at the moment. They sit on a shelf and collect dust. I'm looking into getting a proper display case so I can prevent the dust part. I do have fun thinking up stories of a Toy Story variety, with them coming alive when I'm not around/sleeping.
  5. Reaper - good variety of styles and themes with consistent quality. Dark Sword - Amazing non-'heroic scale' sculpts. Creature Caster - Big, relatively easy to assemble, daemons/daemonettes. I didn't take part in the kickstarter, but I am impressed by what they have produced for their store. Victoria Miniatures - not-Warhammer 40k guardsman mini's at a good price. Fun to assemble with a lot of options for bits. Also, tanks, and the BFG from Bones KS...2? Bombshell - tough ladies and cute critters. Regrettably, I have not made many purchases from them other than the first KS, but I do have the 75mm Maelee and Barbarian on the way. Stonehaven (!!) - Almost forgot them! I really love the sculpts. I haven't backed all of their kickstarters but most of them. Their retail prices are... high, so I haven't purchased any outside of Kickstarter. Honorable Mentions Scale 75 - Love the paints, I have bought all three 'Metal N' Alchemy' sets. I like the mini's I have seen, but haven't purchased any yet. Redbox Games - Have yet to dive in. I love Tre Manor's sculpts though. Secret Weapon Miniatures - I've been looking more and more into weathering and basing, they have my eye.
  6. Yes, and I didn't just want to, I did for a few years. I started painting with Warmachine/Hordes. I had no one locally who was painting or collecting the mini's at the time, so if I wanted to play I had to supply the armies. And assemble, paint, and make army lists. That got a little depressing. After a while I gave up on playing and just painted. But having 10 guys, all dressed the same, in maybe 2 or 3 different poses, sitting unpainted wasn't very motivating. I liked painting some of them, like the Cygnar trenchers. But painting a whole unit was draining, I don't really like to speed paint so that didn't help. I eventually gave up with a 'What's the point?' sort of way. At one point, I don't remember why, I came to Reaper's site and found their first few 'Bones' mini's. I think I grabbed multiples of each and started doing some painting. Then I started buy metal again, the first Bones Kickstarter dropped not long after and I jumped in. I have taken a few breaks since then, mostly due to life getting in the way, not out of a lack of desire. And only for maybe a few months at most, not years. But I'm pretty much stuck in at this point. I tend to avoid mini lines/companies that are specifically for wargames. I've made a few exceptions on a company and/or mini basis though.
  7. I don't really have one. I'm a bit embarassed to say I didn't really know any names until some of the listings in this thread
  8. I have not, I'd be interested but I've never come a cross any kits for fantasy or steampunk. Though admittedly, I haven't really looked. I'm not sure I have one to be honest. My favorite color is red, but you couldn't tell that from the mini's I have painted.
  9. Illithar

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    Out of curiosity, what browser are you using? I was having this issue with Microsoft Edge but when I tried Chrome it let me stay logged in. I have not tried other browsers yet.
  10. Communication has been lacking, or has changed in a not good sort of way, over the last few months. I've noticed a lot of news has transitioned to the 'Reaper Live' show. While that's not terrible, I don't always have the time or inclination to watch an episode on the off-chance they might have an important bit of information. Or we get Facebook posts. I have noticed that the 'News' section hasn't had a new post in almost 2 months. The latest news on the main page is over a month old. While the new website is nice it has some odd issues and some features have disappeared, such as the preview gallery. I don't want to go on a rant, or be all doom and gloom. Given where I live I have little choice but to order most things online, so I'm not really going anywhere. But, an improvement in communication from Reaper would be appreciated.
  11. I had a hard time pinning this down. 1. Wizards (or spellcasters in general) - They usually have the big robes capes along with small details like scrolls, potions, etc. festooned about their person. 2. Heavily Armored - especially with helmets, no face or eyes to paint woo! 3-ish. I am slowly gaining an appreciation for painting larger 75mm+ 'miniatures'. I have several from Creature Caster that I have been working on. They are both fun and frustrating. Tre Manor Sandra Garrity Bobby Jackson Werner Klocke To name a few.
  12. Yes! I haven't done many, but I recently completed two for some friends. They were originally meant as Christmas gifts but it took me some time to complete them. I only have pictures of one, but it is NSFW. It is 03639 Bella the Succubus. The other was an archer/ranger character. Some years ago I also painted up several Bones 1 mini's for people, later I did some of the Stonehaven Halflings. They were all received well. I may have pics of some of the others somewhere, but they are likely lost at this point.
  13. Nope. Although, as with weathering, it is something I've been looking into. Nooooooope. I have trouble painting mini's for others even when I have chosen them myself. It's like once I know I have to do it I become less interested in doing it. I like it as a hobby, but I do not want it as a job. Just to add: I rarely get asked to paint mini's for others, but the few that have have offered to pay. I have had one person offer to buy a mini that was already painted. I forget what the price was but it was fair. Point is, if I am painting a mini for someone else it's as a gift and I chose to do it. It just... takes me a while to finish it
  14. I do not, but I have been looking into it, along with basing, for some of my mini's. I've mostly been looking at what Secret Weapon Miniatures has, they have some nice tutorials on their site as well.
  15. Yes, although it snowballed into two games worth of mini's... I started into the hobby back when Warmachine wasn't even officially released. There were the starter battle boxes but they could only be found on eBay (I believe they originally came out at a 'con). My dad and I each got one. Overtime I collected an army for each faction Warmachine AND Hordes. Even ones I didn't particularly like. My dad wasn't overly interested in the game, but I liked painting the mini's. However, eventually I realized I would have no one to actually play with and most of the mini's were not terribly good for D&D so I kind of lost enthusiasm for painting them. I was able to sell my Cryx army but the majority of what is left currently lives in boxes/bins. The first Bones KS got me back into the hobby. I think I'm stuck here now.