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  1. I believe the option is on the far right of the top toolbar in Chitubox. It has two options, one is to repair, the other says something like 'inverse selection', I don't remember for sure. Not sure what the second option does either. I am not at my hope computer at the moment. I can't speak for how well Chitubox repairs files, I've only ever used 3D Builder or Lychee/NetFabb. But, I'll note, I was able to run the repair process on the succubus file in Chitubox, but it seemed to only make it worse. However, this could be because of the very large number of holes/errors found in the file. I can share a screenshot later tonight.
  2. The 'holes' it is referencing are flaws or errors in the geometry itself. This can cause issue with slicing and printing that can lead to print failures. Lychee uploads them to NetFabb for fixing, 3D Builder in Windows, and Chitubox, also have repair functions. Although Chitubox does not auto-detect for errors, Lychee and 3D builder do. This is specifically the 'whole' or single piece version of the pre-supported file (the pose with the whip). The parted out bits also have issues, but Lychee/3D builder can repair them. The whole piece is too large a file with too many errors for anything to fix it. EDIT: I did also mention the issue on 3D Art Guy's discord.
  3. So uh... make sure you repair the pre-supported succubus pose two from 3D Art Guy if you plan on printing it. Maybe the others too. EDIT: If you can, 3D builder is having issues trying and Netfabb has a 100mb limit.
  4. So... just encountered something interesting. I've narrowed it down to it NOT being a file issue and NOT a slicer software issue. I was printing a couple of pre-supported files from Artisan Guild and had a file fail completely twice, seemingly right after printing the raft/platform. The first time was a 'well that's weird' moment. My first thought was a leveling issue, but the other piece on the plate printed perfectly. So, I cleaned out the vat and filtered the resin and tried again. I checked the print part way through, the other two things printed fine, but again that piece failed, looks like in the same way as there is nothing on the plate. So both times it was not the only thing on the plate, but it was the same piece. I just went back and opened the sliced files in Chitubox, BOTH times it looks like that one piece has been lifted slightly from the build area. So... there's the problem. I tried re-slicing the file by itself and recreating the previous two print files just to try and replicate it. No issues, everything is flat on the plate. So, somehow I managed to lift that one piece both times when creating the previous two print files. Probably when I was adjusting the layout.
  5. Too. Many. Good. Patreons. I'm gonna have to cut some to jump on some others... probably AVG and maaaybe Heroes Infinite depending on what they do for next month.
  6. Ooooo I am sorely tempted to hop on, especially for only $7. That robo/cyber-wolf is pretty awesome.
  7. You'll have to download Lychee (It has a free version). It can output .ctb files for printing, but it's project files are not compatible with Chitubox (and vice versa). I've been playing with Lychee more an more lately, I find placing manual supports in it is better/easier than Chitubox. Also hasn't crashed on me once.
  8. Old school not, I prefer the sneakernet method of getting my files to the printer than over a network. I dread the day I am asked to install network drivers for these bloody things. I deal with enough printer shenanigans at work...
  9. 3DPrintingPro has a new video reviewing the latest (1.7.0) Chitubox version. The biggest thing he's got is that it's crashing hardly ever, the new features are nice, but no crashes is better. He also mentions that he will be doing a video over Lychee as well, which I would really like to see.
  10. I ran into that as well with one of Lord of the Prints files. I basically just kept trying and trying until it finally worked. I had hoped that was an isolated issue...
  11. Toyed with Lychee a bit tonight. I have Lord of the Prints recent-ish Barbarian supported and sliced entirely in Lychee, I'll lave him to print when I go to work tomorrow. It may be that I am tired and unfamiliar with it, but I found myself getting frustrated and lost in the UI. However, I do like it's support placement methods and auto supports seem better than Chitubox. It does still miss islands though, I also found it flagging things as islands that were not islands. The file had been repaired so I don't think that was an issue. One thing I really appreciate though is that it does take lift speed time and distance into account when estimating the print time, which is something Chitbux does not do. At least not prior to 1.7.0, I have not sliced a file in the latest version yet.
  12. I voted for the Frost Metal Clan, as before. But, eh, I'll be happy with what I get I am sure, they've yet to disappoint me. Also, looks like Archvillain Games is going to be switching to Lychee files for their pre-supported stuff. It natively supports slicing into .ctb files, so the switch over shouldn't be too rough. Guess I have a reason to get more acquainted with it now.
  13. Not really a big horror buff, but I do like Dark Comedy. I'll enjoy Sci-Fi horror as well, if the theme grabs my attention. Dark Comedy: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Ash Vs. Evil Dead series. Sci-Fi Horror: Aliens Underwater Virus
  14. Go to Settings --> uncheck the 'In the support mode, the selected model is automatically placed in the center of the perspective'. Also, Chitubox 1.7.0 is out. Added easier tree supports. Not sure what else it did. I'll be messing with it.
  15. Those two are also teaming up in October to offer a pack only available to subscribers of both Patreons. So far what is on offer looks neat. They have previewed some Vampires. There is also going to be a couple of dragons I believe, a Vampire Dragon and a Werewolf Dragon. I've been on Archvillain for a while, I might jump on MMM this next month after seeing what all of what is on offer.
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