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  1. Are you hollowing the print? If so are you flushing it out post print? A lot of things I print these days are hollow and you need to be sure to leave holes for drainage and cleaning, as well as to prevent suction cups during printing. If you are not hollowing this sounds more like an issue with the file itself, perhaps a void or resin trap somewhere. Also, how old is the bottle you have? Resin does have a shelf life, usually about a year I believe. If it is expired it can create all sorts of issues.
  2. In the original toys, not much. Ultra Magnus is usually a white repaint of Optimus Prime with extra armor that creates the look most people are familiar with. The armor is usually Ultra Magnus' trailer in his vehicle mode. In the stories it varies depending on which canon we're talking about. In the original cartoon he was Optimus' right-hand-man, in the 2004 IDW comics he was basically a cop that enforced the Tyrest Accords, a set of rules the Autobots and Decepticons... technically... were supposed to operate by. Kind of like a Cybertronian Geneva Convention. There are lots of other versions.
  3. Hey, it's been quiet in this thread for a while. I thought I share something Big I had printed up recently, Optimus Prime from Wicked. I stumble upon them recently through their other patreon B3Dzerk Studios. They are going to be doing a Megatron this month as well. This was printed on my Saturn 2, I have also decided to dust off my Mars 2 Pro and use it to dabble in some clear resin. I tried out Nova3D's high transparency and it... didn't go well. So I tried SirayaTech's Blu Clear V2 then colored it with some alcohol inks before curing. It could still use some tweaking I think but I like the results so far. The top pick here is being held together by gravity, the main torso, each leg, and head are all still separate. I'm not crazy enough to try and paint him fully assembled.
  4. No. The base itself was a build plate. But, there is a version of it that is one piece that could technically fit on one plate with some extra bits along with it, like the arms and the shoulder spikes. It also does not come pre-supported and probably wouldn't fit in my wash and cure anyway if I did my own.. Plus the angling would be kind of weird. Other than that I was able to fit everything but the two tail pieces on one plate. It was about 2.25 plates.
  5. It was about half a bottle I'd say, maybe a bit more. Everything is hollow except for the two big spikes on the shoulders and the broken bridge on the base, which are separate pieces. Printed using Sirayatech Fast Navy Grey on a Saturn 2.
  6. Managed to get this biggun printed before running out of resin, Lord of the Prints' Titan Tarrasque.4 It's about the same size as their previous 'Not-Gojira', although the base is significantly larger. Like the Gojira I really like the details on this one, broken trees and small buildings left from the town it just stomped through. Everything fit together nicely with minimal seam lines or gaps. Except for the back part of the base, but it was nothing a bit of milliput couldn't fix. Also, interesting design I noticed as I was putting it together. Everything is sort of... backwards? All the spikes are swooping forward instead of back. The spikes on the Thagomizer are also on the bottom and sides, instead of the top.
  7. Lord of the Print has released a new Titan Torrasque for December as a goodbye gift from one of the founders and sculptors, Lakoh. It's a chonker, the base is cut up into four pieces, plus a small piece of terrain. It barely fits on my Saturn 2 plate.
  8. I tried using really high lift speeds initially and it destroyed the FEP and lead to some failures. So I am using the 'two stage motion control' which basically means it moves at a slower speed for the first few mm and then moves faster after it's lifted far enough. I'm not sure if the Mars 3 supports it, but I know the Saturn 2 does. It has to be enabled in your slicer before you can enter any settings for it. Not sure where it can be found in Chitubox.
  9. You'll need to increase you lift height probably, but I don't think you'll need to worry about location on the plate any more than any other printer. These are the settings I use with SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey:
  10. More or less yeah, it's just marketing shenanigans. Even if you aren't painting them, you probably wont notice unless you whip out a jewelers loop.
  11. Resin's marketed as '8k' or '4k' just have higher pigmentation to reduce any light bleed. I've been using SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey on the Saturn 2 with great effect.
  12. Derp. I thought you were just looking for dragons in general. Sleepy reading comprehension :P. I have put together several things from Lord of the Print, and with the exception of the platform on the back of the brachiosaur, I've never had any major issues. They hold together just fine with superglue and any gaps were easily filled. Printing something that big that is hollow is going to have some amount of warping.
  13. @Olaf the Stout Mini Monster Mayhem is another good one for dragons. Vile Steel Dragon Blossom Drake
  14. I have the Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0 All in One. It's been mostly ok for cleaning stuff from my Saturn 2. Really big stuff, or very full build plates may require some special handling, or multiple runs to clean everything. I had a large bust that wouldn't go into the tank unless I removed the basket, so I had to hold there by hand while it ran. Then flip and repeat. Not terrible, but something to keep in mind. I'm looking into getting a bigger wash and cure myself.
  15. The only way I ever see this being a reality is when they make an 'all in one' print solution. It prints, cleans, removes supports (somehow), and cures in one machine. Until if/when the end user never has to come into contact with or handle raw resin themselves, at home 3D printing will remain a hobbyist pursuit. Or some miracle tech is developed for a non-hazardous UV curing resin. Similar to the retail pricing thing, I honestly thought the well would dry up fairly quickly on new patreon/tribes/etc. artists joining the scene. Boy was I wrong. There are a few that have come and gone, but it seems like every time I turn around someone new is on the scene, filling a niche I hadn't thought of.
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