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  1. Mini Monster Mayhem has made a few posts to their Discord now, in regards to MMF Tribes. One, it is indeed less of a hassle and it is much easier to ensure that files get delivered properly. They have also said that there are still issues in the background with MMF that make them not want to switch completely yet, but once the site gets more streamlined that may happen. A big con they mention though is that it feels like much less of a community than Patreon does. It feels more like a 'one and done' purchase. The engagement isn't really there.
  2. So, a bunch more creators have a 'Tribe' on MMF now. Titan/Cyber Forge, Archvillain, Cast N Play, Mini Monster Mayhem, Lord of the Print, Bestiarum Miniatures, Dragon Trappers, Printed Obsession, Daybreak Miniatures, and more. They all appear to have their patreons still up and active (I can at least verify the ones I am currently subscribed to) and none that I know of have mentioned shutting down the patreon. So it looks like these will be running in tandem for the time being. With the exception of one level under Titan/Cyberforge that gets you both sci-fi and fantasy at a reduced rate, I don
  3. Yeah... probably going to be re-subbing for that. Curious that they called it 'Those Woderful 80's', the poll had referenced He-Man. Makes me want to see what they might do with the theme in the future. Also, a teaser from Lord of the Print, the Elder Brine Dragon: Release list: - Drake Brine - Mounted and unmounted - Young Brine Dragon - Adult Brine Dragon - Elder Brine Dragon - Drake Crystal - Mounted and unmounted - Young Crystal Dragon - Adult Crystal Dragon - Elder Crystal Dragon - Basilisk Mounted - Basilisk
  4. Artisan Guild has some volcanic activity near them. They sent up an alert on their Patreon and Discord. No immediate cause for alarm at this time, fortunately. Hope they stay safe. Also, Gnoll on a displacer beast:
  5. I hopped on the 'Fantastic Plants and Rocks', I backed both previous Kickstarters (well, one was an MMF campaign...) and it's cheap so, eh. I'll keep my eye on the rest for now, and see if anyone else joins in. It is particularly awful if you try to browse their mobile page. But, I haven't noticed anything since I switched to using Brave instead of Chrome.
  6. Mini Monster Mayhem release for September:
  7. So the eel mounts for next month will also have a saddle-less version, so you can print them as entirely stand alone critters without it looking odd. Also, epic boss is Cthulhu.
  8. This'll be the first time I drop them, I've been on them for a while, almost as long as I've been printing. First release I have is the 'Inside the Magic Forest' set. But there's maybe one thing in this whole set I have a passing interest in. Ah well, I need to cut back anyway, still going to follow them to see what they come out with in October.
  9. Speaking of Heroes Infinite, it looks like they are going the Loot Studios route, or at least trying to. Latest update shows what they have been working on, it is their own page and site for storing pledges. Also, past releases are supposedly going to be available there at lower prices than elsewhere (MMF). I am kind of tempted to hop on next month, just to see how it works out.
  10. The only thing I have heard about the latest version of Chitubox is that using the sliced files may call for an update to your printers firmware, as they have introduced a new .ctb format that is encrypted. Here's a snippit of info from the Elegoo Mars subreddit:
  11. I will say, supporting stuff that is already attached to the base has it's benefits but it also brings it's own issues. I printed a bunch of stuff from Hero Forge for a friend and, while the underside of the base lets you anchor down the print with as many medium/heavy supports you would ever want, it makes it more difficult to properly support any overhangs or small bits of the character itself.
  12. So, my financial situation is changing (for the better!) and I decided to splurge a bit and pick up an Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0. It just arrived yesterday and I was able to take the time to set it up and wash/cure the piece I had waiting on the printer. I didn't have quite enough solvent to fill it to max, so putting the plate in with the print still on it wasn't an option this time (the piece is one half of the base for Ritual Casting's Cassidy West). The printer does come with a basket that you can put things in and/or mount the build plate on, but if the piece is too big you have an extra
  13. I suppose? It looks to goopy to be seaweed to me. But, I suppose it can go in a lot of different directions depending on how it's painted. It could be blood 😈 (Sea elf Vampire/Bloodbender?). The idea of a magical cloak made of water sounds like a neat idea for a Sea Elf. Also, no previews (yet) but Mini Monster Mayhem is doing Warforged/Constructs for September. EDIT: Also, the Epic Boss for Artisan Guild next month is some kind of corrupted deep sea creature.
  14. Definitely onboard for these myself. With the exception of the Thieves Guild set, the last few have been kind of 'meh' for me, but there are several here that look like they will be fun. Alyssa the Priestess and the Giant Sea Turtle especially. And the pinup as always... Although, I am curious about the... cloak? Cape? that are on Siryus and Nymphea. Is that like a magic water cape... thing? It looks neat, I'm just not sure what the intent was.
  15. Hmmm so, Velrock Art Miniatures is a patreon I have followed for a while but not backed yet. They just announced they are moving the MMF's new patreon-esque system called 'Tribes' starting on September 1st. This will mean better services from MMF to Velrock and MMF is providing some sort of bonus to creators who adopt early. It's nearing the end of the month so I imagine if other creators are going to switch we'll start hearing soon, it will be interesting to see what happens.
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