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  1. I am hoping to pick up a 4K Mini later this year. But, I do have one simple question for you: Is the resin vat metal or plastic? Information I have seen else where is inconsistent as it's usually mixed with reviews for the regular Sonic Mini.
  2. A ranger I painted up for someone's first ever D&D character. His name is Bad Dog, he was raised by wolves. Also, first real attempt at doing some basing, added some mud to a spare base I had printed and also muddied up his boots a bit.
  3. I wouldn't trust the auto-support function in either Lychee or Chitubox to do the job. Both of frequently leave unsupported islands behind. They can be used as a good starting point to save time though.
  4. Uhh yes you can? I manipulate presupported lychee files just fine, and you don't need the paid version to do it either. If the supports are baked in as part of the STL, then no you can't, but the same is true with Chitubox. Are you sure you are opening the .lys files and not the presupported .stl file? EDIT: Sorry, I feel like my original reply may have seemed a little hostile. But, you can make adjustment to presupported lychee files. I've done it on the free version for a while. The paid version does offer additional options, but the free version offers comparable functions to Chitubox. Admittedly, some are missing such as the features I mentioned above.
  5. HEY! So, I wanted to revisit this issue, as I believe I have found the cause. Even after replacing the LED/Lens array I was still seeing this issue occur on other prints, however I realized that it was only occurring on prints done with Lychee. Or rather it wasn't happening with files using Chitubox supports. So, what's the difference? THESE (Chitubox Pictured) Lychee: I never really thought about the missing 'feet' at the bottom of the supports. I don't think I consciously noticed it until I stumbled upon a Reddit post of someone ranting about how they don't like Lychee. These little cone shaped feet seem to actually improve the reliability of supports, especially if you don't have a fully optimized printer or printing environment. Now, these feet are in Chitubox by default and can't be turned off as near as I can tell. However in Lychee, they aren't, and... they are behind a paywall. You have to have the pro version of Lychee to give your supports feet. There is a 30 day trial and I used that to test that the feat would help. I did my own supports on some files and printed them up and TADA! no issues, no weird failures like shown in the original post. I'd toss up some pictures but I forgot to take any before removing the supports and all that. But... The file from the original post: The file does have the support feat, but a lot of them get eaten up by the raft. And those are the supports that had the odd failure issue. Now a side note about the paywall. Was I bit salty about this being behind a paywall? Yes. But... I may still get it, it's $4ish a month (yay exchange rates) and I pay way more than that in Patreons each month and I've been playing with some of the other features and they are kind of nice to have...
  6. It's always worth checking for free files on either MMF or, in some cases, Gumroad. On Gumroad they're pretty easy to find, as they are lumped in with the rest of the creators offerings, on MMF though they area bit 'hidden': . The 'Store' section is items for sale, but 'Objects' also lists free items. The example above is from Artisan Guilds page, the free items are a set of bases and an Amazon Warrior. Printed Obsession is another with numerous free offerings, such as DOOM Guy, Mando, and other characters.
  7. Print Your Monsters 'Fantastic Plants and Rocks, Vol. 2' is live*. There's a 72 hour early bird window and if you backed their previous Kickstarter you can get a 15% discount code. I hopped in on the 'All In' pledge. *On MyMiniFactory, not Kickstarter, this time.
  8. Preview of the Skelingtons coming from Artisan Guild next month:
  9. How are the pre-supports provided? Are they chitubox/lychee files or are they baked in? I was curious and checked their MMF store and it looks like the supports do not 'survive' the trip there .
  10. Nope, wasn't quite able to, but I did get the heads removed and was able to get the casing off. Fortunately, there are enough intact screws that I can keep the casing in place without having to worry about the missing screws. However, I was able to get the job done. Before: After: Very much improved. I somehow managed to get everything plugged in the right spots on the first try and everything came up ok. I currently have a print job going but it wont be done until early tomorrow morning. All in all, other than the issues with the screws this was not too bad of a process. Having prior experience digging through the guts of a computer helped a bit.
  11. Itty bitty ones on the sides of the Elegoo Mars, they are flush with the two side panels. This is a pic of one of the ones I was able to remove.
  12. Yeah, probably what I will be doing. Still need to swing by the hardware store today though, my hand drill can't hold a charge anymore and plugging it in isn't an option. Also need some proper sized bits.
  13. So now I have 3 stripped screw stuck in the printer. Looks like two of the were stripped when I had it, the other one was so tight I stripped it trying to get it out. I've tried all the tricks that I can, but I can't get the screws out so I can't get the printer open to do this... Going to swing by the local hardware store tomorrow. There's a thing called a 'screw extractor' that I'll look for. Not sure if it will work though, given how small the screws are (they're the flush ones on the sides of the printer). If I can't open it this printer is done. I think the screen is starting to go as well, I've found a few random floaters in the last couple of jobs. I have a replacement screen, but...
  14. Well, with the exception of a handful of prints I have been on a printing hiatus for the last month and a half-ish. Got a bit discouraged due to my Mars Pro having the 'Grid Issue' and I also got distracted by other things. BUT, the replacement LED/Lense array should be delivered today. Hopefully it is intact and fixes the problem. I sent the original request to Elegoo at the end of October, so about two and half month turn around on getting the replacement part(s). I'll take a stab at swapping it tonight, fingers crossed I don't break something in the process. If all goes well I'll be back to printing more consistently, and hopefully greater success.
  15. I'm pretty excited for this one, their first one had a lot of cool stuff in it.
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