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  1. More or less yeah, it's just marketing shenanigans. Even if you aren't painting them, you probably wont notice unless you whip out a jewelers loop.
  2. Resin's marketed as '8k' or '4k' just have higher pigmentation to reduce any light bleed. I've been using SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey on the Saturn 2 with great effect.
  3. Derp. I thought you were just looking for dragons in general. Sleepy reading comprehension :P. I have put together several things from Lord of the Print, and with the exception of the platform on the back of the brachiosaur, I've never had any major issues. They hold together just fine with superglue and any gaps were easily filled. Printing something that big that is hollow is going to have some amount of warping.
  4. @Olaf the Stout Mini Monster Mayhem is another good one for dragons. Vile Steel Dragon Blossom Drake
  5. I have the Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0 All in One. It's been mostly ok for cleaning stuff from my Saturn 2. Really big stuff, or very full build plates may require some special handling, or multiple runs to clean everything. I had a large bust that wouldn't go into the tank unless I removed the basket, so I had to hold there by hand while it ran. Then flip and repeat. Not terrible, but something to keep in mind. I'm looking into getting a bigger wash and cure myself.
  6. The only way I ever see this being a reality is when they make an 'all in one' print solution. It prints, cleans, removes supports (somehow), and cures in one machine. Until if/when the end user never has to come into contact with or handle raw resin themselves, at home 3D printing will remain a hobbyist pursuit. Or some miracle tech is developed for a non-hazardous UV curing resin. Similar to the retail pricing thing, I honestly thought the well would dry up fairly quickly on new patreon/tribes/etc. artists joining the scene. Boy was I wrong. There are a few that have come and gone, but it seems like every time I turn around someone new is on the scene, filling a niche I hadn't thought of.
  7. I've seen this mentioned else where. From what I can tell it has the same warning labels as resin itself: causes skin irritation, wear gloves, use in a well ventilated area, wear protective gloves/eye protection/face protection. Basically don't get it on you anywhere and handle with care. Also, might be flammable? It says to 'Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, and other ignition sources'. And unlike the Tamiya stuff, it requires UV light to cure (which likely has to do with it being more hazardous). I think I'll just stick with Milliput.
  8. I'm not generally one to complain about boob-plate, but some of those dwarven ladies are taking it to the next level. Also, I will never understand building a massive suit of power armor and then leaving the pilot/wearer fully exposed.
  9. They are good sculpts, so definitely worth looking into if it's what you are after. There will be a Sci-Fi specific Welcome Pack as well. I guess I was just hoping for something a little more... original? I'm still going to keep an eye on the future releases.
  10. I was kind of excited to hear about Archvillain starting a Sci-Fi branch of sculpts. But, their first outing they decided to mash together the two most oversaturated aspects of the 3D printing mini world (IMO): Dwarves and Not-40k. yay And I say this as someone who actually LIKES dwarves, I'm just so tired of them at the same time. They are everywhere! And there's enough not-40k stuff on the market to make your own knockoff game several times over. AND SOME PATREONS HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT TOO!
  11. Largest single piece print I have done, Neriah, Guardian of Time bust from CA Sculpts. It's about 8 inches tall. I need to figure out a good stand or base for it.
  12. I'm on their Sci-Fi side and I think they are having some teething issues with it. They uploaded the bundle today and it was missing some stuff, might still be missing some stuff. One character was missing, but is now uploaded. Some of the vehicles have 75mm listed and some do not. I think since they are keeping both sites running in semi-parity until the old one is shuttered might be creating some hiccups.
  13. Alright, so I think I figured out my issues. I poked around a bit at some of the settings other people were using for the Saturn 2 and discovered a new setting that I didn't know was a thing: Two Stage Motion Control. It allows you change how fast the build plate moves when lifting/retracting and for what distance. Previously on my Mars Pro 2 I had been using 'Vroom' speeds, basically really high lift speeds. This created no issues for me and sped up the print process a bit. Well, due to the larger vat and FEP on the Saturn 2 and similar printers doing one high speed creates problems. So you have it move slow for the first few millimeters and then speed up for the last few. And vice-versa when retracting. The profile above was one I found online. I had smidgen of resin left, just enough to try printing Eris' hips one last time. I left it going before I went to bed and tada! Bonus points this shaved about 45 minutes off of the print time. I wont be able to do any further testing for another week or so as the remaining resin I have is basically a thin film at the bottom of the vat at this point. This may also explain why I wore out the previous FEP so quickly. But hopefully I am out of the weeds now with figuring out my new printer.
  14. Alright, so... gotten some prints done. I am liking what is coming out, when it comes out. The details are crisp where they should be and smooth areas are smooth. HOWEVER, I am not happy with the FEP that Elegoo is using. I am having some... interesting issues with it. It doesn't seem very durable for one, I am already on my second sheet after the first one had gotten cloudy. I tried re-printing one small piece (Eris' hips, about the size of a 32mm mini) and the sucking sound I heard was frightening. I'll admit some of the prints and plates I had were full and the prints were long, but the FEP (or nFEP) I was using in my Mars Pro 2 lasted months before I had to replace it. So I think I am going to buy some of SirayaTech's nFEP and see if that treats me any better. And for better or worse I am just about out of Resin at this point anyway. I did get most of Eris printed though...
  15. My Saturn 2 came in on Thursday. It is simultaneously bigger than I imagined and also smaller? It's actual footprint isn't that much bigger than the Mars 2 Pro, it sill fits in lunch tray I put under it. But it is TALL, about an inch shy from the bottom of it's feet to the top of the hood. The build plate and rail setup feels nice, very sturdy. The vat size is throwing me off, I'm so used to judging the amount of resin in a Mars sized vat and knowing 'yeah that's enough'. But now it's more of a '...probably? I'll add a bit more.' Also it hold a lot, not exactly sure how much but seems like the better half of a bottle up to the max fill line at least. I've only run a couple of prints so far, not counting the calibration stuff. I currently have Ritual Castings 'Eris - The Dune Hunter' printing, it will take 3 prints at about 12 - 14 hours each. I haven't tried doing the layout using my Mars 2 Pro settings, but I think it would have been closer to 8 or 10 prints on it.
  16. Well, I have pulled the trigger and gone ahead and ordered a Saturn 2. I actually have things I want to print that can't be done on my Mars 2 Pro (I refuse to scale them down) and also after messing around with the build plate size in my slicer I realized just how much more you can truly fit on that plate. Things that would have taken 2 - 3 prints will take ONE. And with better quality as well, I'll be going from 50 micron xy to 28ish. I should hopefully have it by the end of next week. I ordered some more resin and pack of spare FEP with it as well.
  17. We're a long way form that I think, and it's not just about the software in this case. There are printers out there ($150,000+) that need hardly any supports to print something at all, just islands and that's about it. Auto-supports have improved quite a bit but they still leave a lot wanting in my opinion. Most of them still seem designed under the assumption that they are support relatively simple objects, not complex organic shapes. It's an 'algorithm' or procedural, and if I have learned anything in my adult life it is that none of those things are often as good as something handcrafted. Will we get there eventually? Possibly. But I strongly believe the underlying technology, the printers themselves, will have changed so much by then it won't matter.
  18. I'm sure it will eventually, unless something else comes along in the mean time. The only issue with DLP tech at the moment (at least at the home consumer level) is the significantly smaller print area. Not the end of the world if you are only printing tabletop mini's. But if you want to print large creatures like dragons or large statuettes it simply isn't viable. You can only cut things up so much before it becomes impractical. Right now I'm more interested in a Saturn 8K
  19. Finally 'done' with this one. It was turning into a bit of a 'project car' as one of my friends put it. I kept tweaking and fixing things and I just had to force myself to say 'DONE!'
  20. His patreon is under his full name: Ernest Nemirovskiy. It should be the top result if you search for 'nerikson'.
  21. UV Tools is also good for if/when you hollow prints. It checks for resin traps/voids and suction areas that could be an issue. You can use it to fix them or you can go back to the slicer and try to fix it there. Even outside of that I have had a few objects that had... issues caused by the sculptor that I had to fix in UV Tools.
  22. I don't put silicone mats down, but I did pick up some cafeteria/lunch trays. I have three down in my area: one under the printer, one under the cleaning/curing station, and other in a sort of work space. They help manage the mischief. I have also been using them in my painting space to help keep things in a semblance of organization.
  23. So, my dad keeps tossing requests my way to print stuff for him. However, most of it is outside of the scope of resin printing. Either due to the size/mass or the function. He's looking for tool holders and stuff for hardware; functional things. I can do a few small things but most resins are not meant for that purpose, and those that are are expensive and more difficult to work with. While I would like an FDM printer myself I don't have anywhere to put it, but I did field the idea of him getting one himself. What is a good printer for beginners? Are there any good youtube channels or other resources that focus on them? Most channels I am aware of talk about resin.
  24. So... I did go ahead and hop on Heroes Infinite last month. I didn't get around to printing anything until now than and... uh. So I scaled this one up, way up, 325% up. I didn't notice this when I was putting the supports on to print this. The ammo belt just kind of disappears when it gets to the gun. and the bullets change size as you go up or down the belt. It looks like might have been sculpted straight and then just 'bent' to work into the pose and no adjustments were made. Not to mention there's no where for the casings to come out the other side. Honestly, I still like the sculpt, it's like a Victorian Steampunk Vasquez from Aliens. But it's weird issues like this on sculpts that can really bother me. Thinking more, the belt seems almost like an after thought. Like it was added after it was complete for... reasons. The design of the gun strikes me as more of an raygun style weapon than a slugthrower.
  25. The shelf on the desk. The set of shelves next to desk. The set of shelves in the corner. The tub full of warmahordes in the backroom, mostly (not all) unpainted... ...3 Bones Kickstarters worth of 99.99% unpainted plastic... This is fine.
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