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  1. So both Tytan Troll and Mini Monster Mayhem are doing 'Advent Calendar' style releases along side their usual monthly releases this month. Tytan Troll is one a day until the 24th, Mini MMM is every other day starting on the 6th. All of it will consist of previous releases.


    Also, MMM's release for January is going to be a 'Remix' release of updated/reposed versions of older sculpts. Not full redo's, mind, they are doing this so they can take a bit of a holiday break and still have a release next month.




    Ritual Casting for December (also comes with a NSFW version of her on a gym/locker room bench doing some arm curls with a free weight). RC is also taking a break in January.

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  2. Artisan Guild is also doing barbarian's for December, so that's three doing barbarians. Not that I mind, I'm already on Titan Forge and Artisan Guild, and I like both sets of offerings. I just wish Titan Forge offered unmounted/wild versions of the mounts. No official previews yet other than Lens screencaps for Artisan Guild though, here's a few:

    image.thumb.png.62475d12fd5df7e9f82735efa2cd2e49.png image.thumb.png.69b437e60fea68dd6e62d9795e43e223.png



    Gotta say, I was kind of excited for Archvillain revisiting the their 'Frostburn Horrors' theme. But the previews eh... just not speaking to me. The owl bears are neat, and the dragon is cool, but nothing I'm urgently wanting.


    Mini Monster Mayhem on the other hand, has my attention. That's some cool looking stuff. I'm still debating on jumping on at the last minute for this month, that Balrog looks so good and I know it's going to be at least $25 at retail...


    I'll keep an eye on Dragon Trappers Lodge, the theme sounds fund, but I don't see a preview up yet.

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  3. 5 hours ago, haldir said:


    Yah my Tday/Christmas sales last year were pretty high. Granted, there was a bunch I wanted last year.

    Something worth keeping in mind (at least if last years schedule holds true this year) there isn't much of a gap between the Black Friday sale ending and the Xmas/Holiday one starting. Maybe a week or two at most. Helps to avoid the Fear of Missing Out on the sale if you can't buy now.

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  4. On 11/17/2021 at 7:29 AM, Gadgetman! said:

    if the Mars 3 uses the .ctb format, then FormWare can also be used.  

    But that's a commercial product. (Personal license is $154.95 )  

    You can get a 30 day trial, though. 

    (Full-featured. It just stops working after 30 days)

    The Mars 3 requires you use Chitubox 1.9 (free or Pro) for slicing, sliced files from other software will not work. I don't believe it's a change in format but some kind of encryption applied to the file. Chitu Systems is supposedly going to release an SDK to allow developers to put the same functionality in their own slicers, but that hasn't gone so well. 


    So, you can do supports in other software, export it as an STL, then load that in Chitubox 1.9 and slice it.


    It's worth noting that this isn't an Elegoo decision, any manufacturer that uses the Chitu boards is running into this with the new generation of printers. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    Cheers, but I was fortunately able to get 20lt of 99% isopropyl alcohol delivered for less than $5 more than what it would have cost me to buy 20lt of methylated spirits. So I got a little lucky there.


    I’ll keep the methylated spirits in mind in the future should I run out of isopropyl and not be able to get more, but with 20lt I think I’m set for a good while now.

    Wow, yeah that should hold you for a while. I've gone through maybe... 4 gallons (~16 liters) denatured alcohol since I switched from Water Washable resin. My usage has also gone way down with the wash and cure a couple of months ago, the washing process is much more efficient. I've had the one can for a while now, I just top off the wash jug after I do the drain-and-filter.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    Question regarding washing and curing.


    I have an Elegoo Mercury X Wash and Cure station. I've read you should have 2 containers of isopropyl alcohol. Basically a "dirty" container where the minis first go after being printed to get most of the resin off, then a second "clean" container to rinse them in after having most of the resin cleaned off.


    So do people with wash units put them in there, then give them a second dunk and clean in a second container of isopropyl alcohol to make sure all the resin is off?


    Also, how long should I be curing my minis for? 3-5 minutes seems to be the rough timeframe I've read, with longer times for bigger/thicker minis.

    Since getting a wash and cure station (I have an Anycubic but the principle is the same) I've only ever done one 'wash'. You might want to drain and filter the wash solution every now and then, but I haven't needed to do a second wash since I started using one. Also, just throwing this out there, but denatured alchohol (AKA methylated spirits in Australia I believe) is a heck of a lot cheaper (for me at least) and works just as well. 


    Curing times will vary by the resin you are using, but I have never gone to 5 minutes. I use Sirayatech Fast Navy Gray currently, I cure it for 2 minutes once it's dry after the wash.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Olaf the Stout said:

    I bought mine through Amazon simply because if there are issues with it, getting a refund through Amazon will be so much easier than if I had to deal with the company directly or another 3rd party.

    As did I, I order all of my resin and printers through them. 


    Truly, I hope my fears are unfounded and the Mars Pro 3 works out great for you. I personally just don't feel like taking the chance right now, and I don't really need 4k just yet. I am going to give the industry another year at least before I start buying in to higher resolutions.

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Olaf the Stout said:

     What issues did you hear about? Potential Z-axis wobble and the whole Chitubox fiasco were the only things I was aware of.

    I've seen reports (and videos) of the whole arm flexing, not just wobbling, when the plate lifts. Also the build plate not wanting to stay in place/leveled. The whole build quality of the printer seems poor compared to previous printers. I could let the chitubox thing go and just deal with it, but potential physical issues with the printer itself isn't something I am willing to gamble on.

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  9. Well, I have gone ahead and ordered a Mars 2 Pro to replace my Mars Pro. I debated on getting the 3 but there are just too many issues I am hearing about*, plus the Chitubox lock, and the the Mars 2 Pro was $100 cheaper. Also, it looks like the extra vats I had bought for the Mars Pro will fit it as well, so that's nice. If all goes well, I also know someone who will take my Mars Pro off my hands.


    Hopefully, it'll be here by the end of the week.


    *I am hoping, but not confident, that at least some of the issues have been ironed out with this second wave of printers.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:



    From Patreon Onepagerules:

    Maybe these settings might help?



    It just changes the question I think: How was I printing at 8s before!? All evidence so far points to the fact that it shouldn't have been working, but it was, and now it doesn't.


    Also side note about those print settings: 10 burn in layers? You're holding it to the plate not building a foundation for a house.


    Thanks for all of the help. Really, but I'm just done trying to fix it at this point. I'll deal with it for now. I am going to shop around for a new printer (Probably a Mars Pro 2 at this point). But, we'll see.


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  11. 14 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    And the printer is an Elegoo Mars Pro?



    To be honest I'm exploring buying an upgrade at this point. I've been wanting to get in on the 'mono screen' action for a while anyway. The Mars Pro 2 is still available and feels like a solid choice. The Mars Pro 3 seems to have some kinks to work out (and its out of stock everywhere) so I'll hold off on that one, much as I'd like a 4k printer. Although, I've been pretty happy with the results from the 2k screen on my Pro anyway.

  12. Welp, resin arrived today. Setup a new vat with the nFEP, cleaned the build plate, and still the same issues at the old exposure times.


    I can't think of any variables at this point that isn't the screen. I won't be able (or willing) to test that until the current screen burns out. Which...I guess won't be too long with the higher exposure time.


    EDIT: Heck with it, I am swapping out the screen.

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  13. New screen and nFEP arrived safely and the bottle of resin shipped. Once that arrives I'll put the nFEP in a fresh vat and try a test print with the new bottle of resin. In the mean time I'll probably just try to use up the current bottle, I can still print with it and I'd rather it didn't go to waste.

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  14. 10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Video for HI.

    No use for them but people who like Eldar will.




    @Illithar I'm in the same boat, tempted by the Gnolls.

    The question is how many gnols does one need?

    Already got a lot of them.


    I did the same.

    No use for scifi.


    Chat with them and tell them what you do like and dislike.

    If enough people tell them, they might change that.

    So far I've noticed they take suggestions quite well.

    Yeah, I am working on convincing myself to not back them next month. I am trying to cut back and it is NOT helping. The sculpts are great but I don't need them. I may pick up one or two at a later date though.


    I feel disappointed at every turn when I hear about a Patreon doing a 'Sci-Fi' release or a new Patreon dedicated to 'Sci-Fi' and it turns out to be just 40k proxies. They can't call them that, gotta avoid GW as much as they can while still making their stuff, but UGH. Patreon's like Cyberforge didn't start that way, but now every release they do at least half of it is 40k with the serial numbers filed off. A handful of pieces are generic enough that I could say that they weren't 40k Space Marines and most people wouldn't question it, but the latest stuff are Ork's, next month even has a Warboss. It also seems that Archvillain is looking to branch out into Sci-Fi at some point (My guess would be as a separate Patreon, kind of like Titan Forge/Cyberforge). They sent out a survey asking about it, I basically responded 'go for it but if it's just 40k stuff I am out'. Seriously, I do like Fantasy and there are some great original sculptors out there, but damn it I want some original Sci-Fi stuff too. *desk flip*


    Thank you for coming to my Ted Rant.


    10 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

    Seriously dislike having to e-mail someone to cancel the account.  Got a rapid reply so that's not too bad but man, automate that broccoli.

    From what I can tell, the other sculptors with their independent sites, Loot Studios* and Print My Mini's, both had the same setup. Not sure why.


    *Side note: is it possible at all to get Loot Studios stuff after month it was up for backers? I've never subscribed but I've seen some of their stuff that I wanted to pick up, they have an MMF store but it hasn't been updated in months.


    In better news Ritual Casting for next month looks pretty awesome. (Note: this is the censored version that Ben uploads for the public post, I added the poorly drawn briefs just in case.)


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  15. Well... everyone (Reddit and Elegoo) are telling me it's either A) temperature or B) something's wrong with the resin.


    know it's not temp. It hasn't gotten substantially cooler in my house than it was 3 weeks ago, if anything it's probably a couple degrees warmer, but still in the 70s.


    I guess it's possible something is wrong with the resin, but I just can't imagine what happened halfway through one bottle and some how also the the second one that was still sealed inside it's box, on the floor and untouched. 


    I guess I'll just put up with it.

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  16. 9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Have you contacted Elegoo Support themselves?

    I've had good experience with them when I got USB troubles.

    Hmmm no I haven't. I'll give that a shot.


    Good news though, the other replacement screen and nFEP finally shipped. Hopefully that will be here next week.

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  17. On 10/20/2021 at 7:54 AM, Glitterwolf said:

    I thought so, but it would be something I would start to doubt if nothing worked.


    No tips on youtube?

    I've learned a lot there about printing.

    Not that I have found. I did some googling early on and only really found steps that have already been tried or suggested. I am on the Atlas3D discord and they tried to help. That's how I got to the 14s working, but no explanations can be found as to why it suddenly needs to be so much higher. I may try the Elegoo reddit. I did reach out to them when I was having other issues before my screen fully failed. They might have some suggestions.


    I'm still leaning towards the screen being faulty at the moment. but there always could be something else being missed.

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