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  1. My stuff is officially out of UPS's hands and in USPS's hands as of yesterday. It has left Federal Way WA and will be here... June 17th according to USPS . Hopefully it wont actually take almost 2 weeks to get here from there, it isn't that far.
  2. Looks like my box o'bones is being passed off to USPS today, so it may be in my hands by the end of the week *crosses fingers* In the mean time, I have finally got around to painting my Khanjira. He's coming along nicely I think. It's... weird, painting something this big.
  3. AHA! yup, all the way back on page 363. He's a bit bigger than I thought he would be (EDIT: Although, I still want a Khanjira sized mecha/golem/robot). and Goremaw is HUGE, really regret not getting one from the KS. Really kicking myself on all of the Giants as well... and the some of the Dragons especially T'raukzul.
  4. I may have missed it but, does anyone have pictures of the Iron Golem/Robot looking guy from the Stoneskull expansion? My stuff left Fort Worth yesterday, no delivery estimate though . From the looks of things, it will get passed to USPS at some point for final delivery. It's the one thing I don't like about living in Alaska, higher costs for slower shipping.
  5. OMG you're amazing! I just got the email! Woo! OH and my box is exactly 10 lbs. apparently. That's the core set, Ma'al drakar and the Stoneskull expansion.
  6. Froghemoth is one of the add on's I wish I could have gotten. One of many... I'll be making several large orders once these Bones 3 starts showing up for purchase on the Reaper Store. Still waiting in Wave 2 I'm hoping to get a shipping notice today *crosses fingers*. Living in Alaska, it will take about a week to get to me.
  7. It'd be fitting if the mini ended up being some kind of fool or jester.
  8. I wish I had known. I finalized my pledge a while ago, but I had been waiting to add more. I was moving for the last part of May/Early June so I completely spaced it. Oh well, I got the Stoneskull expansion and Ma'aldrakar, the two most expensive things I was after. I'll have some Giants, Corsairs, Goremaw, a cannon, some Undying Lords. Maybe some Space Mouselings... some dragons... some Crusaders... ...air elementals... ..that Solar. Maybe some Mythos and Graveyard stuff... Ya know... just... a few things here and there to get after they go retail.
  9. I just got done moving and have been unpacking and organizing my mini's and a thought occured to me: I need a giant stompy robot/mecha/golem that can stand opposite my Khanjira on my shelf. I want a Pacific Rim-esque giant robot in bones.
  10. They'll be available in their store very soon if that's any consolation. A bit, I did notice that the Treant is on the store already. I will definitely be picking up the full set once it is up on their store.
  11. Maaaaaann... I'm even more bummed now that I wasn't able to get in on this one. This is the first Stonehaven KS that I didn't participate in. Curse you 2015 finances!!
  12. Boiling to the rescue! I got mine attached to the base last night. Even though he was fully assembled I was able to boil the lower legs and get him to fit onto the base and lean him forward. The base still had some issues so I cut and glued some blue insulation foam to the back of the base, he is nice and stable now. Worked on green-stuffing the gaps as well.
  13. I got excited last night so he's fully glued with the exception of the base. I did boil the base as it wasn't sitting evenly out of the box on its own. It does sit flat now by itself. I checked out that post, very nice looking daikaiju! When I was working with it last night I was thinking about cutting down or removing the tab on the right foot to make this work. I'll see about fiddling with that, maybe I'll get a fishing wait and glue that to the underside of the base for stability.
  14. I got my Bones today YAY! First thing I dove into was getting Khanjira put together. I have him all put together except for attaching him to his base. The two feet aren't quite lining up for me, I can force it but then the base gets a bit warped and he slowly starts to fall backwards. Any ideas? Has anyone else assembled the big guy yet?
  15. Woo! UPS finally gave me some info. Box is 13.7 lbs. and is scheduled for early delivery next Wednesday. A day later than my original estimate but convenient as I have a D&D game that night.
  16. Oh, no worries! I'm just glad it is on the way. The puzzlement with the tracking info is directed at UPS not Reaper.
  17. Welp, my tracking number is working!...ish. UPS isn't giving me a delivery estimate or how much the box weighs, but it is in transit and it just arrived at Memphis TN. Judging by the 'Transit Days' map I should have my Bones by Tuesday.
  18. I got my e-mail yesterday with a tracking number but it doesn't work. No e-mail from UPS either...
  19. As a Wave 2 domestic that wasn't one of the... "glitches"? I was hoping I would be seeing a shipping notice tomorrow, so I am a little bummed. BUT. It's only 2 or 3 days a most. And since I live in Alaska and with the long weekend my box o' bones probably wouldn't have arrived until next Friday at the earliest anyway. Assuming UPS Ground for the shipping method anyway... How are the boxes being shipped anyway? I know it's UPS (if you don't have a PO Box) but what method? Ground? 2nd Day? I understand if mine gets shipped via UPS Ground given that the cost for anything else is pretty crazy to Alaska, but I am curious. Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere.
  20. Understood. But it's the only way we can tell where they are in the Wave! Anyone who is Wave 2, what where your pledge manager lock in dates if you don't mind posting?I locked in on 1/3/14Wave 1 or 2? And have you received an email? Wave 2. No e-mail yet. Also, I am not using a PO Box and am not international.
  21. Understood. But it's the only way we can tell where they are in the Wave! Anyone who is Wave 2, what where your pledge manager lock in dates if you don't mind posting? I locked in on 1/3/14
  22. I got my 2x completionist Elves in on Monday. Some of the sculpts I was on the fence about I actually like a lot more now that I have them in front of me, such as the Monk/Martial Artist. I really like the Necromancer, probably my favorite of the Elves. And HOLY CRAP are those frogs tiny. The little Treant is really cool too. I will also say, as others already have, that the Trolls do kind of steal the show. I love the Berzerker. One of my friends that was looking at them thought the Rock Thrower looked like he was playing basketball, might be a fun conversion. One thing that bugs me though, the Elven Archer seems like she would be really tall compared to the others if she was sculpted standing instead of the kneeling/crouching pose. Maybe it's just the longs legs...
  23. I wonder when they will ship the 2x completionists...
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