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  1. I can assure you the screen is in the right way up
  2. Maybe, I'll have to get my hands on some double stick tape. I am also wondering if I can get at the protective sheet by cracking open my printer and lifting off the top section. I probably wont have the time to look at it until tomorrow evening. We'll see what happens. I had time-ish. Just got done ripping open my printer and putting it back together. You can get to the whole screen space by doing this and I didn't have to worry as much about potentially breaking the screen or worry about the tape. Anyway... no sign of a forgotten protective sheet sadly. So at least whatever is wrong isn't due to my own stupidity* (maybe**). I have a print going now. Watch it's going to come out over exposed now because of the fiddling I did. That's how these things work.*** *I'd like that anyway **hopefully ***honestly wouldn't be mad if that happend.
  3. ...oh. I just had a thought and I really do not want to pry up the screen to check. One due to fear of damaging it and two I don't currently have any double stick tape to use. BUT, question: do replacement screens come with protectors on both sides or just the one? EDIT: Yeah they do, just checked the instructional video for it. Crap is that what I did? Leave the underside protector on? Ugh... Well either way I won't be able to do anything until the other replacement gets here.
  4. Wings're big. The one I printed only just barely fits in the buildable area of the Mars Pro. And it's just the left wing too...
  5. True, but I don't think that would happen so suddenly. This same bottle of resin was working fine until the screen was swapped out. I did have another bottle of resin of the same type that I just tried a test print on and it had the same results. So... I dunno. The only thing left I can think of is that the screen is somehow faulty. I'll probably continue using this one, with the massively increased exposure time, until it burns out. I do have a replacement ordered (hasn't shipped yet) and it should be here well before the screen fries. I can still print it just takes much, much longer. I've been working on getting LOTP Blue Dragon printed out. So, let me go get this 22 hour* print going . EDIT: *to be fair, it'd be ~17 hours on the 8 second exposure time, so it's not that bad. Stupid dragon wings...
  6. They should, honestly I it's a bit of reach that that is the issue. No repair shops anywhere near where I am at though, I can guarantee that. Although, if it came down to it and I could get a replacement array I'd be comfortable swapping it out. I had to replace the whole thing a while back as my Mars Pro had the 'grid' problem cause by bad lens alignment. Elegoo sent me a replacement for the whole thing. Glad to hear you got yours sorted! Something did occur to me today though: I wonder if it IS the resin, or more specifically, what I left of this bottle. One downside of Siraya Tech's fast resins low viscosity is that it tends to separate out a lot faster than other resins. The resin will look black after a while but if you mix it, some lighter colored stuff that has settled to the bottom can be easily stirred back in while it's in the vat. BUT, when I had those failures cause by the previous bad screen, there was stuff stuck in the nooks and cranies of those cronenberg monstrosities that I couldn't get out, so I just filtered and poured what I could back into the bottle. This happened a couple of times until it sunk in for me that the screen was dead (REALLY should have tested that right away, but here we are). So, it's possible the mix of my remaining resin is off, requiring the increased exposure times. I have almost used this one up and have a fresh bottle still sealed in the box. Once I'm done with the current one (I hate to waste what's left despite the exposure time issue) hopefully I will be able to print normally with the next bottle.
  7. Nope, this is the same resin I have been using for 2 or 3 months at least. The only other thing I can think of if not the screen (or even the FEP) would be the LEDs inside have begun to fade.
  8. Alright, so after some troubleshooting and other shenanigans, I have increased the exposure time to 14 seconds. As far as the test prints go this is working good. But, exposure times that high feel a bit ridiculous, buuut if it works it works. It's extending my print times significantly, and it will but out my screen that much faster. The conclusion seems to be that screen might be faulty, maybe a bit dim? The UV light seems bright enough but... I dunno. I have a proper print going now, we'll see how that turns out. I also have another replacement screen and some nFEP on the way, I will probably just use the current screen until it burns out and then swap in the new screen and see how things play out. Maybe the nFEP will help as well, who knows? Just makes me that much more tempted to pick up a newer monochrome screen printer.
  9. Ooook... So, ripped open my printer and got the lens, there was indeed a tiny bit of... Something on it. Not resin fortunately, it was cured in place. I got that out of there and blew off any dust with some canned air. I got it all back together and checked everything, all looks good so I have another test print going. Update: Test prints continue to not be great, sadly. Side note: during this whole process I managed to knock a bottle of Goo Gone off my counter. The bottle burst. So I had to clean that up. Whatever bottles they use are not very strong. And my living room/kitchen now smells of citrus now.
  10. Hmmm... There is an odd shadow on a small area of the screen not near the print area for the test print though. It doesn't look like bad pixels and there's no flickering. I wonder if something fell in when I was replacing the screen? I guess I will have to crack it open and see. Either way, it wouldn't fully explain the odd issues I am having. I have been using the same vat and FEP for at least a couple of months, and the stuff I got doesn't have the peel off protector. So, it isn't that.
  11. No good, it is as bad as the previous tests. I will try swapping to a different vat with a fresh FEP in it on my lunch break a bit later today. The current FEP doesn't appear to be damaged or have any issues, but who knows? It's worth a shot.
  12. The screen is in nice and even and connected properly. However, in my frustration I did neglect re-level the plate. Just did that this morning and am running an Ameralabs Town now. Fingers crossed.
  13. So, turns out it wasn't the USB stick but my screen it seems. Started getting some horrible messes coming out of my printer. Fortunately I have a spare screen. Swapped it in, and all is good... Except I haven't had a 100% successful print since. With the exception of one it is all small failures too. I tweaked some supports on one to alleviate it and it fails again but in a different spot! A,spot that didn't have any issues before! Uugggh!! I have burned the better part of a bottle of resin trying to work all of this out. I'll keep troubleshooting, but this is probably the worst experience I have had printing since I started. I think I may try picking up some nFEP along with another backup screen. I have heard good things, maybe it will be less frustrating...
  14. Looks very nice. Still not being an early adopter for untested hardware. I am also waiting for this whole Chitubox situation to be figured out before I go in on another printer.
  15. So I think my USB thumb drive is failing? I've been getting some odd (and annoying) failures with my last 3 prints. I only have pictures of 2 of the 3 prints, seen below. It just sort of... stops for and then starts printing again. With the remainder sticking to the FEP. It has happened at a different point with each point and it's with a different file each time and there are no other apparent issues. Hopefully I can swing by a local shop and pick up a cheap (but not too cheap) thumb drive to test with. I've tried printing this Ogre arm 3 times now...
  16. EDIT: Just realized I put this in the wrong thread. Ooopsie.
  17. URGH there are quite a few patreons that got me tempted for next month. I dropped Great Grimoire for September, but October... Estimated October characters: - Crimson Archer; - Moonlit Warrior; - Blood Moon Shaman ; - Pale-faced Assassin; - Illusive Lady; - Blood Seeker; - Blood-thirsty Beast; - Boogeyman; - Bonus Halloween Model in two stances ( Vamp girl) ; - Bonus Halloween models: pumpkins. Yeah, it's just concept art and that's just a prospective list. But... still tempted, I can wait and see until some sculpts come out though. Dragon Trappers and Archvillain are two I'm not currently on and have me very tempted.
  18. You are able to cancel them by finding them under 'subscriptions' in your MMF profile settings. Which is... A bit weird considering there's also a 'Tribes' section on your profile as well. I haven't done it yet, bit I presume it would be basically instant like Patreon
  19. Mini Monster Mayhem has made a few posts to their Discord now, in regards to MMF Tribes. One, it is indeed less of a hassle and it is much easier to ensure that files get delivered properly. They have also said that there are still issues in the background with MMF that make them not want to switch completely yet, but once the site gets more streamlined that may happen. A big con they mention though is that it feels like much less of a community than Patreon does. It feels more like a 'one and done' purchase. The engagement isn't really there.
  20. So, a bunch more creators have a 'Tribe' on MMF now. Titan/Cyber Forge, Archvillain, Cast N Play, Mini Monster Mayhem, Lord of the Print, Bestiarum Miniatures, Dragon Trappers, Printed Obsession, Daybreak Miniatures, and more. They all appear to have their patreons still up and active (I can at least verify the ones I am currently subscribed to) and none that I know of have mentioned shutting down the patreon. So it looks like these will be running in tandem for the time being. With the exception of one level under Titan/Cyberforge that gets you both sci-fi and fantasy at a reduced rate, I don't see any real incentive to switch at this time. Honestly, I'd probably grab that combo from Titanforge, if I hadn't gotten an early-bird Cyberforge pledge way back. EDIT: A few more thoughts: the only 'big' patreon not on there now is Artisan Guild, which I find sort of interesting. Also, from what I have been hearing it's actually more expensive to be in on the 'Tribes' thing than Patreon (no numbers, just hearsay) but MMF does actually promote things so it may be worth it? Other than that I am not sure what the advantage might be, maybe preferential treatment to the creators uploads? Also, not a one of the creators have said anything that I have noticed, not a peep on their patreon page or on their Discords.
  21. Yeah... probably going to be re-subbing for that. Curious that they called it 'Those Woderful 80's', the poll had referenced He-Man. Makes me want to see what they might do with the theme in the future. Also, a teaser from Lord of the Print, the Elder Brine Dragon: Release list: - Drake Brine - Mounted and unmounted - Young Brine Dragon - Adult Brine Dragon - Elder Brine Dragon - Drake Crystal - Mounted and unmounted - Young Crystal Dragon - Adult Crystal Dragon - Elder Crystal Dragon - Basilisk Mounted - Basilisk - Evil Angel - Evil Guard
  22. Artisan Guild has some volcanic activity near them. They sent up an alert on their Patreon and Discord. No immediate cause for alarm at this time, fortunately. Hope they stay safe. Also, Gnoll on a displacer beast:
  23. I hopped on the 'Fantastic Plants and Rocks', I backed both previous Kickstarters (well, one was an MMF campaign...) and it's cheap so, eh. I'll keep my eye on the rest for now, and see if anyone else joins in. It is particularly awful if you try to browse their mobile page. But, I haven't noticed anything since I switched to using Brave instead of Chrome.
  24. Mini Monster Mayhem release for September:
  25. So the eel mounts for next month will also have a saddle-less version, so you can print them as entirely stand alone critters without it looking odd. Also, epic boss is Cthulhu.
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