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  1. This'll be the first time I drop them, I've been on them for a while, almost as long as I've been printing. First release I have is the 'Inside the Magic Forest' set. But there's maybe one thing in this whole set I have a passing interest in. Ah well, I need to cut back anyway, still going to follow them to see what they come out with in October.
  2. Speaking of Heroes Infinite, it looks like they are going the Loot Studios route, or at least trying to. Latest update shows what they have been working on, it is their own page and site for storing pledges. Also, past releases are supposedly going to be available there at lower prices than elsewhere (MMF). I am kind of tempted to hop on next month, just to see how it works out.
  3. The only thing I have heard about the latest version of Chitubox is that using the sliced files may call for an update to your printers firmware, as they have introduced a new .ctb format that is encrypted. Here's a snippit of info from the Elegoo Mars subreddit:
  4. I will say, supporting stuff that is already attached to the base has it's benefits but it also brings it's own issues. I printed a bunch of stuff from Hero Forge for a friend and, while the underside of the base lets you anchor down the print with as many medium/heavy supports you would ever want, it makes it more difficult to properly support any overhangs or small bits of the character itself.
  5. So, my financial situation is changing (for the better!) and I decided to splurge a bit and pick up an Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0. It just arrived yesterday and I was able to take the time to set it up and wash/cure the piece I had waiting on the printer. I didn't have quite enough solvent to fill it to max, so putting the plate in with the print still on it wasn't an option this time (the piece is one half of the base for Ritual Casting's Cassidy West). The printer does come with a basket that you can put things in and/or mount the build plate on, but if the piece is too big you have an extra bracket to mount the plate higher. But, not enough solvent, so into the basket it went. I am actually pretty surprised how well it cleaned it, the piece is hollow and I was curious how well it would take care of that. But, the holes are large so I think the solvent was able to flow through the inside and clean it. It came out great and the curing process was also pretty simple. The curing space is also larger than my little Mercury. My only con so far would be that it is noisy, regardless of which operation you are doing. Not really a major issue depending on where you have your printing setup, but I think it is worth mentioning. All in all I am pretty happy at the moment. I am going to reorganize and cleanup my printing space, it's gotten overly cluttered. Having the wash and cure will help me consolidate a bit and hopefully my whole process will be smoother going forward.
  6. I suppose? It looks to goopy to be seaweed to me. But, I suppose it can go in a lot of different directions depending on how it's painted. It could be blood ๐Ÿ˜ˆ (Sea elf Vampire/Bloodbender?). The idea of a magical cloak made of water sounds like a neat idea for a Sea Elf. Also, no previews (yet) but Mini Monster Mayhem is doing Warforged/Constructs for September. EDIT: Also, the Epic Boss for Artisan Guild next month is some kind of corrupted deep sea creature.
  7. Definitely onboard for these myself. With the exception of the Thieves Guild set, the last few have been kind of 'meh' for me, but there are several here that look like they will be fun. Alyssa the Priestess and the Giant Sea Turtle especially. And the pinup as always... Although, I am curious about the... cloak? Cape? that are on Siryus and Nymphea. Is that like a magic water cape... thing? It looks neat, I'm just not sure what the intent was.
  8. Hmmm so, Velrock Art Miniatures is a patreon I have followed for a while but not backed yet. They just announced they are moving the MMF's new patreon-esque system called 'Tribes' starting on September 1st. This will mean better services from MMF to Velrock and MMF is providing some sort of bonus to creators who adopt early. It's nearing the end of the month so I imagine if other creators are going to switch we'll start hearing soon, it will be interesting to see what happens.
  9. Stonehaven is doing Gnomes for September, it will be these 8 plus 2 more. They are also hoping to add a few more to the DM's Chest.
  10. Absolutely, I really like what he does. It's his stuff that makes me really want a 4k printer. Also, I thought I'd share an 'oops' from one of the very full build plates I did for this one: One of the arms got a little too friendly with an armor plate and I didn't notice until after it all got printed.
  11. I've just about finished printing her up. I just have the base and drone bits to print. Something to note: every single armor piece is a separate bit. Which is basically all of the red bits you can see with the exception of the guns and the helmet. Also the armor for the lower legs is basically one piece that fits over the leg proper. So that's been some really full build plates. Looks like she's going to fit together nicely as well.
  12. The hobbyist is willing, but the printer is small, resin supplies are low, and shelf space is limited.
  13. So I was finally able to get my hands on some SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey and I've been loving the results I am getting from it. But, big river has now decided the SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey and only SirayaTech Fast Navy Grey, will not ship to Alaska. For... reasons. I contacted big river and they were only able to shrug and 'forwad the feedback to the appropriate team'. I also contact SirayaTech with a 'what gives' but I haven't gotten a response yet. I have a work around, but I am bit salty all things told. I really like this resin and wanted it to be my primary resin going forward.
  14. White Werewolf Tavern concept preview for next month:
  15. Picked up a few of those as well. They have a Patreon now as well.
  16. So, I came upon an article (I'm not sure if I can/should post a link to it here or not, but it's on 'All3dp.com') that goes a bit more in depth on DLP tech. It is generally reserved for the dental and jewelry industry as it can accomplish greater in clarity in fine details. From the article: "Instead of a screen illuminated by a light source, the Photon Ultra uses a light projector at its core. Although the resolution of the Photon Ultra is rated at 720p (80 microns), Anycubic claims the print quality to be even better than that of 2k/4k monochrome LCD screen printers (50/35 microns). While DLP printers are similar to LCD-based masked stereolithography (MSLA) printers in that there are perceivable pixels โ€“ and the layer cure times are not dependent on the number of models on the plate โ€“ there is one major difference: LCD printers converge all the light to a pixel, which can cause bumps and shadows on the edge of models. Projector-based printers reflect light to a pixel via micromirrors, with little to no light convergence and with the effective โ€œpixelโ€ size being scalable, can achieve crisper black-white contrasts. As such, intricate details, thin lines, and small-size texts come out much clearer on DLP printers (a reason that DLP technology is commonplace in the dental and jewelry industries)." Anycubic is claiming 20,000 hours of use before the projector needs maintenance, 1.5 second exposure time per layer. It's also not locked in at the 405nm UV light and can be adjusted so a wider range of resins can be used. It's almost falling into the 'too good to be true' category for me, but at the same time I guess it is a proven tech having been used in a different industry for at least a little while. So, still intriguing, who knows, maybe we'll all have DLP printers in a few years?
  17. Ooooo neat, reminds of Captain Nemo's car from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I ended up not having the funds at the time to hop onto that one. I am curious how that resin is going to work out though.
  18. That's a good question. It uses a digital projector, so essentially the 'screen' and UV light source are the same component. This is how a (full color) DLP projector works: So there's no actual 'screen' to burn out really. So as @Cygnwulf mentions, the light source/screen should last much, much longer. Very possibly longer than the life of some of the other components in the printer. I'm skeptical about how well it actually prints. I saw the print in the video, but I'd need to see more to be convinced. The build quality of the printer itself isn't all that encouraging either. But new technologies being introduced that can be competitive is always nice. I would never back a Kickstarter for something like this, but I am eager to see how it performs once it is 'out in the wild'.
  19. *Urge to buy Wash and Cure station intensifies* They've come way down in price too, and it would make my printing area a lot more tidy/clean...
  20. I've been printing for a little over a year now with just a little Mercury curing station, I bought it mostly as a splurge* when I picked up the printer. It's nice to have but a UV lamp and a foil lined box would do about the same. The nice thing with the Mercury is that it has a timer and shuts off automatically when it's done, so no worries about over curing on accident. I haven't been really tempted to get a washing (and cure) station, if only to make cleaning easier on some prints with finer parts. It also helps reduce any contact with the resin itself. Cons of getting any of them is it's more expensive than doing it 'by hand'. They all have times and everything that lets you sort of set it and forget it, but if you are mindful and careful during cleaning the cost might not be worth it. I don't remember who but I think at least one person around here has a wash and cure station, so they can probably give you some more specific info on them. *right... like the printer wasn't a splurge ๐Ÿ˜‹
  21. Absolutely NOT I don't even know what would make you insinuate such a thing! In fairness though, their style has always had a bit of WoW-ish style to it. I've actually used the WoW art style to describe what 'Heroic Scale' means in world of miniatures to people outside of the hobby. Artisan Guild kind of hits that style pretty good. This set is particularly on the nose though, especially with that face, and those eyebrows are gonna take an eye out!
  22. Looks like Artisan Guild is doing Sea Elves Alfar for next month.
  23. Yup, I've always like his style, good personality and detail without feeling overwhelmed by clutter.
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