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  1. Stonehaven Miniatures has started a Patreon:
  2. I might see if I can grab a few more screencaps from the release video later, it's all pretty cool. It's actually got me wanting to go with the $16 tier instead of the regular $10. I still need to dive into the clear resins. I really want to at some point, just to have some interesting effects. Lord of the Print's Gojira was one I thought of printing in clear blue at some point, it would make for a cool effect on the spines and eyes.
  3. The vast majority of Patreons are either supported in house or by Atlas Supports these days. Atlas Supports are... inconsistent for me. They're a company or group of people not a single person, which is how they are able to cover so many patreons, and it shows. The style of supports feels very different for say Titan Forge than they do for Archvillain. Honestly, I've seen some awful support work on some of the Titan Forge stuff. Artisan Guild started doing their support work in house. At first they were fine, but their latest Thieves Guild release is, in a word, awful. And not for the usual 'too light' supports that failed, they are horribly over-supported. I pretty much destroyed one print trying to get the supports off. To my knowledge, 3DprintingPro only does RN Estudio's supports these days. But at the end of the day, who does the supports doesn't really matter to me. At this point I've taken to doing my own supports for most stuff. If nothing else this has slowed down my accumulation of unpainted mini's. There are a few that I still use their pre-supported files as starting point and just add some helper's to it (Lord of the Print, Archvillain). This is mostly due to the complexity of some of their sculpts. At the end of the day, pre-supported files are a crap shoot. No matter who does them, they can't test for every printer/resin combo or take into account all of the various environmental factors that may affect your printing, only you can really do that.
  4. I'm in for Heroes Infinite in August. Theme is 'Wizards Guild'.
  5. Full preview of Titan Forge for August, I am hoping there will be a version of the elephant without the armor and platform: The whole set is pretty awesome, but this one is probably my favorite, it also has an unmasked version: Also full preview of Cyberforge's space Egyptians/Stargate: An actual stargate as terrain is included: Also, they had some cheeky fun:
  6. Titan Forge for August is a Fantasy Wakanda theme. I keep thinking about dropping them, and then they are a like "Hey, buddy, where do you think you're going?" Cyber Forge is doing Stargate for August. Sticking around for that, as usual.
  7. So the base for Lord of the Print's Brachiosaurus has been chopped up. It's 8 pieces. Good support work (and hollowing) you could probably print it in 4 goes on a small printer. Also, rider-less head and a few other fixed parts are included. This is going to be a lot of resin when I get around to it.
  8. Hooboy yeah. Just downloaded the pack. There are 96 files in the Brachiosaurus folder. To be fair, there are so many files because they cut it up in multiple different ways to accommodate different size printers. Still crazy, looks like for small printers You have to print about... 5 pieces just for the main body, not including the legs. Just a guesstimate, but printing the Brachiosaurus by itself, not counting the platforms, canopy, and all that, would probably take at least 15 prints on a smaller printer. Also, I seem to missing a head without the rider. And uh... I can't print the base as is... Rotating it on it's side and cutting in half might work? PS: Looks like they are going to chop up the base. The missing head is also going to be taken care of.
  9. I haven't downloaded them yet, but that Brachiosaur, platforms and all, is somewhere around 100 parts according to the scultper.
  10. Well, Dragon Trappers Lodge has my attention. The whole release looks pretty awesome, but this dragon has not one but TWO miniguns on it and a megaman-esque dwarven gladiator to go with it.
  11. Artisan Guild is doing Thieves Guild for next month. Hooded and hoodless option for all except the female hero and the Pinup. The Pinup isn't super risque this time around (basically a swimsuit and thigh-high boots).
  12. I'll definitely be hopping back on for them next month. I also like that they are adding in 'character' mini's again. They used to have a 'hero' that went out with their sets but that stopped a while ago. Also that bust is nice as well. I wasn't overly impressed with the early Steampunk previews from Epic, but the latest is stuff is tempting. But... What in the world is going on with this 'dress'?
  13. Cyberforge is having a big one for their 1 year anniversary. A couple of giant robots, some aliens, modular citizens of Titan City, module troop/soldier looking guys and various characters.
  14. I like the small lizardfolk/draconic variety. But, I do have a soft spot for the Warcraft rodent-like Kobolds. NO TAKE CANDLE!
  15. My state is home to the largest National Forest in the US: The Tongass National Forest. It is also the largest rainforest in the US. Quite a few state and local businesses use it in their name. Text-to-speech systems have a fun time with the name...
  16. I hope everyone likes Dino's (I sure do!) 'cause we're getting more from LOTP next month. I'd be curious to see AVG do a Dino set at some point...
  17. 6" Here's a pic of him (unpainted) with a ruler (and a bunch of other stuff...) on my desk for scale. 'Kaiju Lezard King' (With the misspelling) from Lord of the Print. I got the STL file as part of their patreon and printed it myself on a Mars Pro. The file can now be got on their MyMiniFactory shop.
  18. The value for that volume of resin is very good. I guess my main drag is having to figure out settings for another resin (All the settings they have mentioned are for mono screens), when I am pretty happy with the results I have been getting with Elegoo's ABS-Like (and that's ~$40 per 1 liter bottle). Eh... still, I'll probably hop on for the STL's at least, there's a Steampunk Faery now and not-Horizon Zero Dawn machines that are tempting me. Looks like the next unlock might be a Glinthawk. I'll try and give the resin a good shake down when it arrives in November, if it ends up being great and they can match the demand I may switch to it.
  19. Yeah... I'm honestly more interested in some of those STL files than I am with the resin.
  20. Printed him up a while ago, finally got him printed a few days ago.
  21. More Dino's and Lizards from Clay Beast Creation. Just found them, tempted to hop on for another Long Neck. Like the one from Mini Monster Mayhem, the platform is optional. Also, the chameleon style lizard men are neat.
  22. Huh... well, there it is. That's just so bizarre. It makes me curious if they saw 'MMF+' and thought something... else...
  23. A hopefully easy question I have not been able to search up: how compatible are Vae Victis' modular stuff with Artisan Guilds? How much, if any, scaling is needed? I noticed that VV sells sets of just the modular hands/weapons and the most recent release has some flintlocks and revolvers in it that I thought about doing some mix and match with some AG stuff.
  24. Broke down and hopped on Mini Monster Mayhem for this month. The set includes the previously released feathered raptors along with the hybrids. Which is nice for me as I did not have them yet.
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