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  1. Elegoo just put up an announcement video on YouTube for the Mars Pro Ultra 4k. 6.6 inch 4k mono screen and new design for the machine itself.
  2. MMM Dino's for June: Long Neck Stegosaurus (Honestly reminds me more of a ornithopod, but eh I'm not looking for paleontological accuracy in my fantasy dino's) Ankylosaurus Apex Rex Hybrid No previews for the Hybrid Raptors yet, curious how those are going to turn out.
  3. No renders yet (except for the T-Rex posted earlier), but the rest of MMM's offerings for June has me intrigued.
  4. I'm also kind of wondering about how the FEP starts to behave. I remember seeing some things about adjusting the lift height on a Saturn due to the FEP being a bit more flexible in the middle. This is absurdly bigger, I wonder how larger prints will behave. I feel like the inside of hollow prints will be almost be honeycombed with supports. And you're gonna need a bucket full of your Solvent of ChoiceTM just to clean them.
  5. They also have itch.io as well, not sure if the throwbacks stick around but the Welcome Pack is also on there. Also, Artisan Guilds Epic Boss loyalty reward for next month is a Fire Giant:
  6. The scarab beetle guys are the only thing tempting with AG next month, but I honestly don't know when I'd ever get around to printing/painting them. The hairless cat style for me is really off putting for me too. This is their second go around with Egypt as well, they had a much earlier set with some mummy/pharaoh/Anubis looking guy and some other appropriately themed stuff. Dragon Trappers Lodge has me tempted as well but... printing/painting time etc. Edit: Also, Dragon Trappers Lodge is running a 60% off sale until the 31st.
  7. I haven't thrown money at them yet, but 3Dartdigital has some pretty cool looking modular mermaids coming up next month. Maybe some more under sea stuff to go with them as well? Also, Satyrs/Beastmen for Artisan Guild next month. They've been teasing in video form, but it looks like more 'centaur' style models for the cavalry: Aaaaand Cyberforge is doing Not-Overwatch and some Not-WH40k Terminators for next month:
  8. We're getting to the point were the differences in detail will probably not be visible to the naked eye and any amount of paint layers will probably obscure details that small. A Saturn sized printer with almost 1 million pixels per square inch would be pretty awesome though.
  9. So EPAX is going to be releasing a 5.5" 4k mono screen printer (or has it for pre-order anyway). I watched at least one review of it from 3DPrintingPro and it looks nice. It's significantly more expensive than the Sonic 4k Mini, but has better build quality. Depending on where things are at in a few months I may pick one up.
  10. Even as someone who likes the subscription model, I can see where he is coming from. There is are more than a few patreons that are bad about post-patreon retail release. There's still several things that I missed from a couple patreons that they had up 5-7 months ago that can't be found to buy anywhere. And many patreons hide nearly everything behind a pay wall, so getting idea of what they have on offer or coming up can be difficult for a non-patron/backer.
  11. Mine are on a harddrive and backed up to Google Drive. Most things are also available for redownload via MMF, itch.io, Gumroad, etc. I organize them by vendor/artist and then usually by month or set. But there are exceptions made depending on how and what the vendor releases things.
  12. 'What are they making' is the biggest one. When I first hopped in I was initially interested in getting stuff to print for tabletop, but things have changed (even before all of... *gestures vaguely* that) and I don't game in person much anymore. I always like the painting side so lately I have been gravitating to Patreons that give me interesting things to paint. Also related: Value. How much am I paying for what I get. This is a bit more abstract since it's not about X number of files for Y price. But it's basically, is the offering worth the asking price? Ease of Access: This has been less of an issue for me, but seeing some stories from people I can totally understand the concern. I do have one Patreon in particular that can be a bit slow on the release, but they do have post-month access options like MMF and itch.io, so I'm not too worried. Another one I just has you request access to the Google Drive folder. They then have to grant access and the folder is shared with you. Regardless of it being Google Drive or not, I can only see that becoming an issue if/when they grown significantly in size. Responsive and Helpful: There's been a handful of times where I have had an issue that meant I needed to reach out to a Patreon to assistance. With the exception of one, the responses have been generally good. The one has left a bad taste in my mouth and does lead me to second guess backing them, even if I am interested in the product. Presentation: Good renders, like good photos of physical mini's, can make or break the sale of mini. Also showing off the printed and/or painted sculpt. But give me still shots! Stop making fancy videos and just show me what you have made! Or at least do some still shots along side the fancy video... Somewhat Related: Teases and WIP posts. It's cool to the see the process of the sculpt(s) coming along or to have an idea of what is coming up in the future. Presupports: Mostly because I am lazy. Lack of them isn't a guaranteed deal breaker, but having someone else to the lions share of the work and I go in and tweak it for my own needs is really appreciated. Side Note: That said, one of the best feelings I have had since starting 3D printing is doing 100% of the supports myself and having the print come out perfect on the first try.
  13. Definitely my thing, I'll be sticking around! Also, RN Estudio is doing 'Sands of Time' for May:
  14. I follow Crippled God Foundry on Patreon, but I have yet to back them. They are making some interesting things for their 'Call the Guards' set next month. We have: NOT-Dirty Harry NOT-Judge Dredd And NOT-Robocop
  15. I. DO NOT. NEED. MORE. DWARVES! I... need more dwarves...
  16. It's shenanigans like this, and some of the 1:1 scale stuff Ritual Casting does, that makes me wish I had an FDM printer. And somewhere to put an FDM printer. And somewhere to put this when it's done...
  17. Fair. But I would just as soon not encourage it either.
  18. I know Sci-Fi isn't everyone's bag, but this is Cyberforge for next month. Some sci-fi mercs, anime-esque mechs, and some Among Us industrial ship crew (one is totally not Ellen Ripley and Jonesy). Papsikels has a similar theme next month and by similar I mean it's totally not the cast from Aliens: I don't, apparently they don't actually pay the sculptors/artists. Just offer 'exposure'. One Patreon I saw was a bit salty about it.
  19. After replacing my screen yesterday I was able to get this guy printed. His left ear had a bit of an issue, but I'll paint it up so that it looks bloody, like he took a sword slash to it.
  20. Surprisingly less painful than I thought it would be. Removing the old screen and cleaning up the old adhesive was a pain, but I got the new one all installed. I have the berserker bunny from Archvillain all printed, I'll post some pictures a bit later.
  21. You could try chopping them off in 3D builder using the split tool.
  22. Hmmm... interesting, depending on what the rest of the set looks like I might rejoin their patreon. Artisan Guild is doing dwarves next month as well and I already have so many dwarves. So these will need to be something special. Also, I have the Easter Barbarian printing at the moment.
  23. Welp. Screen on my Mars Pro is starting to fail, I'm getting partially cured deposits at the bottom of the tank after my prints. Fortunately, I already have a spare, get to mess with installing that this weekend.
  24. That they did. Make sure you have most of a 1 liter bottle of resin handy when you print him though .
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